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November 22, 2017 - 11:44am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Pontillo's, batavia's original, batavia, business, news, notify.


As friends and customers have found out her plans, people have told Kathy Ferrara, "This must have been your dream all along" -- becoming owner of Batavia's Original.

That's not the case, said Ferrara yesterday, hours after closing a deal with the previous owner, Jeff Reddish, of Rochester, to buy the popular local restaurant.

"I never planned on buying it," Ferrara said. "I just enjoyed what I did. I did it 100 percent. I was trustworthy. This wasn’t my plan. It was definitely that God wanted me here. I’ve tried leaving a couple of times and He made it really clear that this is where I’m supposed to be. He made this happen so only good things are going to come from that."

Before Batavia's Original was Batavia's Original, it was Pontillo's, Batavia's first pizza parlor and Ferrara started working for Sam and Betty Pontillo 29 years ago as a waitress.

Sam and Betty, she said, took her under their wings and taught her the pizza business from top to bottom. She was trained in every job in the restaurant.

By the time Sam and Betty's sons took over, she was a manager.  

When that business collapsed in 2010, Ferrara was the one who broke the news to the staff.

When Reddish bought the business and the building at 500 E. Main Street out of bankruptcy, it was Ferrara that Reddish called to run the business.

"Jeff Reddish taught me the ins and outs of the business," Ferrara said. "He taught me how to make payroll and meet food costs together. He was a good teacher. He was great to work for, a really good boss, fair, basically let me do things way been doing all these years."

Earlier this year, Ferrara asked Reddish, who owns restaurants in Rochester, if she could become a partner in the Batavia location.

"He wasn’t looking to sell," Ferrara said. "He wasn’t going to put it on the market. That wasn’t in his plan at all. I approached him and he said ‘I’m not looking to sell, but I would sell it to you.’ He’s the one who got the ball rolling and made it happen.”

Local ownership of the restaurant is important to Ferrara, she said. She will have more control over local promotions, support of local charities and organizations, and who she hires as vendors.

"Now that it is locally owned again, that makes a big difference," Ferrara said. "Everybody I’ve dealt with so far, the website designer, maintenance, plumbers, they’re all local. So everything is back local, in Genesee County, so that only helps the community."

She will keep the name, Batavia's Original, picked after Reddish learned he couldn't retain the name Pontillo's. Ferrara said it only makes sense.

"This is the original pizza of Batavia," she said. "It’s the same recipe. We haven’t changed any of the recipes."

The return of Pontillo's/Batavia's Original to local ownership will be celebrated with a ribbon cutting at Noon on Saturday.

Ferrara said she will also continue Sam and Betty's tradition of taking good care of the staff and ensuring restaurant guests get great service.

"Everybody is treated fairly," Ferrara said. "It’s a fun environment to work. I always work around their schedules. The staff is mostly college students and high schoolers."

Being able to do more for the staff of 35 employees is another reason Ferrara was motivated to buy the business, she said. Taking care of employees pays off in better customer service.

"Anybody who comes here to eat will always leave with a good experience," Ferrara said. "Everyone who works here gives 100 percent. I get compliments all day long about the staff. People say they look like they love it here and they do. That’s something the Pontillos taught me, is how to treat the staff. Sam and Betty treated everybody like family."

Photos by Steve Ognibene


November 22, 2017 - 11:40am


As they approach the Thanksgiving holiday, Tim and Amanda Gleba are thankful for being able to “live off the land” on their 50-acre organic farm and, most recently, for the Batavia Town Planning Board’s approval to build a pond for agricultural purposes.

Town planners on Tuesday night okayed a special use permit for the couple to construct a half-acre pond behind their home at 3726 South Main St. Rd.

 “The pond will be used for irrigation and for watering our livestock,” Tim said, adding that working the farm is a labor of love. “It’s a hobby of ours; something we really enjoy.”

Both Tim and Amanda, Batavia High School graduates who got married in June 2016, have full-time professions.

He is a precision machining instructor for Genesee Valley Educational Partnership at the Batavia campus on State Street Road, and Amanda (maiden name, Torrey) is a senior food tech at Perry Ice Cream in Akron.

They farm about five acres of their property, growing organic vegetables and keeping free-range chickens for eggs, Tim said. They are working toward certification through the Northeast Organic Farming Association.

The Glebas also planted Christmas trees that will be ready for sale in about five years, and plan to develop a certified tree farm.

The couple says they are committed to this lifestyle -- and sharing the fruits of their labor with others. They credited Tom Ryan of Ryan’s Rose Organic Farm on Rose Road for helping them in their endeavor.

“We’re homesteaders,” Amanda said. “That was the main thing that got us started … for us to benefit from the land. Now, the community can benefit as well.”

Public participation is possible due to the fact that Gleba Farms LLC is a Community Supported Agriculture farm that offers yearly memberships to people interested in obtaining their vegetables and eggs.  Vegetables include corn, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, squash and pumpkins.

When available (produce is seasonal, of course), folks can come to the farm to pick up their vegetables, Amanda said, noting that membership dues enable them to keep the service going.

The Glebas also sell meat from heritage breed turkeys and American guinea hogs (a gourmet meat), which they send out for processing.

For more information about the CSA, go to

Tim said they will start work on the pond next May or June. The only requirement of the special use permit is that town engineers must approve the design to ensure that elevations and overflow systems are built correctly.

In other action, Planners:

-- Set a public hearing for 7 p.m. Dec. 19 in connection with the proposed re-subdivision by developer Peter Zeliff at Oakwood Estates off East Main Street Road.

The modifications, which have been approved by the Town Zoning Board of Appeals, focus on dividing 35 parcels into 70 parcels, paving the way to build duplexes or smaller single family homes.

-- Approved a request for two signs at the new T-Mobile location at 8400 Lewiston Road, next to Total Tan. The business was expected to open today.

-- Learned that QDOBA Mexican Eats will occupy the building on Veterans Memorial Drive, next to Home Depot, that is being constructed to also house Five Star Urgent Care. The structure is about 25 percent complete.

QDOBA, according to Wikipedia, is a chain of fast casual restaurants in the United States and Canada serving Mexican-style cuisine. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jack in the Box since its purchase from ACI Capital, Western Growth Capital, and other private investors in 2003.

There are QDOBA locations in the Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Rochester areas.

Photo -- Amanda and Tim Gleba at Gleba Farms LLC. Photo by Mike Pettinella.

November 22, 2017 - 10:10am
posted by Maria Pericozzi in batavia, news, fire services.


Around 61 percent of firefighters get occupational cancer in the line of duty, according to an article in the NFPA Journal.

Lieutenant Mahlon Irish, Jr., of the City of Ithaca Fire Department, is one of those 61 percent. Irish was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. Firefighters from four different counties traveled to Batavia on Monday to hear him share his story as a prostate cancer survivor.

“We have proof that there is a link between our job, whether its volunteer or career, as a firefighter, and cancer,” Irish said. “We have proof that’s happening.”

Irish has almost 44 years in the fire service. He spent 30 years as a NYS Fire Instructor, served the City of Ithaca for more than 22 years as a firefighter and lieutenant, and past chief and current member of the Homer Fire Department.

“The risk doesn’t end when we hang up our gear,” Irish said. “Our exposure to some of these chemicals go on for [a long] time.”

Irish educates firefighters about the increased dangers of cancer. He said a lot of the information from studies he shared is relatively new.

“We did not know about a lot of this five years ago,” Irish said.  

Multiple chemicals are released in fires, including hydrogen cyanide, an extremely poisonous gas that was used in gas chambers.

“Because of what is burning today, we are seeing more and more hydrogen cyanide,” Irish said.

Fires 20 or 30 years ago were “natural fires,” mostly wood, Irish said. They are seeing more hydrogen cyanide being released, because of carpets, plastics, TVs, and other objects that are burning.

Irish spoke about the contamination of firefighter’s bodies from today’s fires and how it affects them. He recommended for firefighters that go into a fire, they need to shower and wash their gear right after.

“[Chemicals] still get there,” Irish said. “They penetrate our turnout gear, our undergarments, all the way through t-shirts and gets to our skin.”

Stefano Napolitano, Batavia’s fire chief, said they are looking to enact different methodologies and techniques to reduce the exposure.

“Cancer doesn’t know career or volunteer,” Napolitano said. “Cancer doesn’t know urban, suburb and rural.”

Irish shared his story about issues of being diagnosed, his pre-and post-radical prostatectomy surgery, and the physical, mental and financial impacts of living with prostate cancer.

“I am living with cancer and I made the choice to not let this cancer negatively affect my life,” Irish said. “It has affected my life in some ways I can’t change, but I choose to make it on the positive side.”






Irish showed the audience multiple hoods, comparing them, discussing which ones would protect firefighters the best. 


November 22, 2017 - 1:34am
posted by Billie Owens in accident, news, Bethany.

A one-vehicle rollover accident is reported at Route 63 near Fargo Road, Bethany. A first responder on scene says the vehicle is off the roadway. Bethany and Stafford fire departments are responding, along with Mercy medics. Traffic control will be needed "to slow people down since we have the curve."

UPDATE 1:43 a.m.: Traffic will be slowed down at Little Canada Road and Route 63 per command.

UPDATE 1:44 a.m.: Traffic will also be slowed at Paul Road and Route 63 per command.

UPDATE 1:47 a.m.: Command confirms the roadway will remain open for now.

UPDATE 2:03 a.m.: When Dan's Towing arrives, road will be briefly shut down to facilitate the tow.

UPDATE 2:14 a.m.:  One person is being transported to Strong Memorial Hospital.

November 21, 2017 - 5:58pm
posted by Billie Owens in news, Announcements, GO ART! fiction writing, novelists.
Press release:
GO ART! is hosting the book signing of local author Kathryn Donahue's new book "The Dog Walker's Diary" on Tuesday, Nov. 28. It's at Seymour Place in Downtown Batavia at 201 E. Main St., Batavia.
She will be doing a short reading starting at 6:30 p.m. and the event runs until 8 p.m.
There will be a limited number of books for sale at the event ($14.99 each) so make sure you get here early before they are gone if you are looking to purchase a copy.
Here's the publisher's note about the book:
Donahue’s debut is a diverting delight from beginning to end. Combining the best of two worlds, it blends little amuse-bouche fantastical tales of lion tamers and buccaneers—as told by dogs—with sweet contemporary human romance.
Irish redhead Annie Doherty is not so much a dog whisperer as a dog listener. When she takes the job of walking L.A. literary agent Daniel Ashe’s dogs, she starts leaving him daily dictations of the stories that the precocious canines tell her about their other lives as circus performers or sea captains.
By all rights Ashe should be falling in love with the sprightly Annie, but he was frightened by a redhead when he was a child, so now he’s a confirmed gingerphobe; he pursues a tall, blond ice queen while awaiting his big professional break.
By the time he realizes that he does indeed love Annie, the plot takes a surprising turn and a wicked mystery ensues. Donahue packs a ton of refreshing fun into this clever take on modern romance.
November 21, 2017 - 5:48pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Andrew's Invention, batavia, alexander, news.


The protesters chanted "no more burnt fingers" and carried signs in support today of the invention of Andrew Young Jr., which is a toaster that shoots the toast onto a plate after it's perfectly browned.

Andrew came up with the invention after watching his grandma burn her fingers trying to get toast out of a toaster and entered his idea into a national contest sponsored by Frito-Lay that, if he wins, could lead to a $250,000 prize for the Alexander High School student.

"For far too long, people have suffered with burnt fingers from their toaster when the technology has been invented for us," said the young inventor's father, Andrew Young. "According to Andrew, we can make it happen."

The "protest" today was held to draw more attention to his invention and get people to vote for it in the contest.

To vote, go to and click on the Vote for Andrew button.

Batavia resident Tom Williams, Andrew's Invention supporter said, "I do agree that this protest is long overdue. For far too long, people, especially grandmas, have been suffering from toaster-burnt fingers when the technology to avoid it has been right in front of us. It took Andrew 'Thomas Edison' Young Jr. to bring us out of the Dark Ages."

The protesters want to remind you: You can vote daily and you can vote once each day from every device you own. You have six days left to vote.

Photos and information provided by our news partner, WBTA.



November 21, 2017 - 5:35pm
posted by Billie Owens in GO ART!, mexican food, cooking demo, news, Announcements, batavia.
There will be a demonstration of preparing traditional Mexican Christmas fare by chef Leonel Rosario from noon to 2 p.m. on Second Sunday in December at GO ART!
Rosario is chef at Mariachi de Oro in Medina, which was named the 2017 Business of the Year by the Orleans County Chamber of Commerce.
The event is Dec. 10 and cost is $5.
Participants will get a chance to try their hand at techniques of making traditional Mexican Christmas food and taste samples of tamales, beverages and more.
Space is limited. RSVP by Dec. 8 via email at [email protected] or by calling 585-343-9312.

GO ART! is located in historic Seymour Place in Downtown Batavia at 201 E. Main St.

Feliz navidad!

November 21, 2017 - 5:34pm
posted by Mike Pettinella in news, city of batavia, Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

Press release:

A meeting for those wishing to submit information on potential projects for Batavia’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative is scheduled for 2 p.m. next Tuesday (Nov. 28) at City Hall, One Batavia City Centre.

An update on the goals of the DRI will also be provided. Project information submittals are due Dec. 18.

Downtown business and property owners, developers, arts and cultural organizations, and anyone with an interest in investing in Downtown Batavia’s future are invited to attend.

For RFI forms, visit the City of Batavia’s website –

November 21, 2017 - 5:32pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in news, batavia, crime, notify.
      Cory Jackson

Cory D. "Stacks" Jackson, 34, of Oriole Street, Rochester, is charged with two counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance, 3rd, and two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance, 3rd. 

Jackson allegedly sold crack cocaine to an agent of the Genesee County Local Drug Task Force on two occasions in August in the City of Batavia. 

He was arrested on a sealed grand jury indictment during a traffic stop on Pearl Street yesterday. 

He was ordered held without bail.

Jackson was identified as a suspect during an investigation into the sale, transportation and possession of crack cocaine in the City of Batavia.

Assisting in the investigation was Batavia PD, the Sheriff's Office, and the District Attorney's Office.

November 21, 2017 - 2:15pm
posted by Billie Owens in Stafford, news, Announcements.
Press release:
The Stafford Garden Club together with the Town of Stafford will present the Second Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at 6:27 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 2, at 6: 27 p.m., at the gazebo in Ilette Park, corner of routes 5 and 237.
A procession with dancers, singers, a brass ensemble, and special presenters will march to the gazebo.
After the lighting ceremony, all are invited to join us across the street at St. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish Hall for more surprise performances: Community caroling, brass music, dance, bagpipes, wassail bowl punch and holiday cookies.
The public is invited. Come meet your friends and neighbors as we begin the Holiday Season.
November 21, 2017 - 1:50pm

Press release:

Plans are already underway for the 16th Annual Celebrate Agriculture Dinner which will take place at 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 17, at the Alexander Fire Hall. It is located at 10505 Main St. in Alexander.

This annual event is a celebration of Genesee County’s number one industry – Agriculture. The highlight of the night is a delicious meal using locally produced foods prepared by Penna’s Catering. The dinner is open to the public.

Tickets go on sale Dec. 1 at the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce (8276 Park Road, Batavia). Tickets are $30 each or a table of 10 can be purchased for $275.  Sponsorships are also available which help support agriculture educational events in Genesee County. Only 400 tickets will be sold. Order your tickets now as they will not be available at the door.

The Celebrate Ag Dinner is coordinated by the following partners: Cornell Cooperative Extension of Genesee County, Genesee County Chamber of Commerce, Genesee County Soil & Water Conservation District and Genesee County Farm Bureau.

Sponsors of the 2017 celebration were: Alleghany Farm Services, Arctic Refrigeration, Carolina Eastern - Crocker, Clark Patterson Lee, CY Farms, Farm Credit East, Farm Family Insurance, Five Star Bank, Freed Maxick CPA, Helena Chemical Company, Lamb Farms, LandPro Equipment, My-T Acres, National Grid, Rochester Regional Health – UMMC, Scott Adams Trucking, Tompkins Bank of Castile/Insurance Agency, Torrey Farms, Wendel, William Kent, and Windy Acres Farm.

Farms and businesses that donated locally grown food or other items for the dinner included: Bonduelle, Farm Fresh First, Dairy Farmers of America, Fenton’s Produce, First Light Farm & Creamery, L-Brooke Farms, LaPoint’s Hill ‘n’ Hollow, Jeremy Neal, New York Pork Producers, O-AT-KA Milk, SJ Starowitz Farms, Torrey Farms, Upstate Niagara Cooperative and Yancey’s Fancy.

For ticket information contact the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce at 585-343-7440 or [email protected]

November 21, 2017 - 11:27am
posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, batavia, news, notify.
      Lionel Anderson

Lionel J. "Chicago" Anderson, 45, of Oak Street, Batavia, is charged with two counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance and two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Anderson is accused of selling crack cocaine on two occasions in August to an agent of the Local Drug Task Force. 

Anderson was arrested at his residence last week. 

He was jailed without bail and held for further court proceedings.

Anderson's arrest comes as part of an investigation into the transportation, sale and possession of crack cocaine in and around the City of Batavia.

State Police, Batavia PD, and the District Attorney's Office assisted in the investigation.

November 21, 2017 - 11:14am
posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, batavia, news.

John J. Caez-Gonzalez, 30, of Exchange Street, Geneva, is charged with first-degree criminal contempt, aggravated family offense, and second-degree burglary. Caez-Gonzalez allegedly had contact with several individuals he was ordered by court order not to contact at 7:44 p.m. Nov. 14 at a location on State Street. Caez-Gonzalez was also charged with second-degree criminal contempt stemming from an alleged incident reported at 12:02 p.m., Nov. 15.

Anna R. McCue, 30, of Norris Avenue, Batavia, is charged with DWI and moving from lane unsafely. McCue was reportedly involved in an accident at 6:28 p.m. Nov. 10 on Bank Street, Batavia. The accident was investigated by Officer Christopher Lindsay.

November 21, 2017 - 11:03am
posted by Mike Pettinella in news, batavia, Empire Center, notify.

The City of Batavia ranked favorably when compared to other cities in New York State in taxes per capita and expenditures per capita, despite receiving less in state and federal aid, according to 2016 local government and revenue statistics compiled by the Empire Center, an independent, nonprofit think tank located in Albany.

“While I haven’t taken a real close look at the report, I can say that it does reflect positively on the city’s budget compared to other cities based on the rankings,” City Manager Jason Molino said this morning.

The Empire Center’s report lists the city’s per capita dollar amounts for taxes, debt, revenue and spending and breaks them down into 33 different categories. It has Batavia’s population in 2016 as 15,465.

The city’s assessed value per capita was $35,595 – less than the Upstate area’s medium city average of $40,516 – and its taxes per capita were $803 – less than the $921 Upstate area average. The $803 figure is on the low end of the state’s rankings at 39th out of 61 cities, other than New York City, and 27th out of the Upstate area's 48 cities.

What that means is that residents of 38 other cities in New York and 26 other cities in the Upstate area paid higher taxes on a per-person basis.

Furthermore, Batavia’s debt per capita was $653, well below the $1,640 Upstate area medium city average, ranking 51st across the state and 39th in the Upstate area.

On the revenue side, Batavia received $1,903 per capita in total revenues, less than the $2,301 city average, which ranked 44th in the state. The city received $193 in state and federal aid per capita, again much less than the average of $356 and ranking in the mid-40s across the state.

The report showed Batavia’s total expenditures per capita to be $1,479, more than $500 less than the state city average of $2,051, which resulted in a ranking of 52nd out of 61. Among expenditures, only Batavia’s spending for utilities per capita was higher ($229 compared to $154) than the average.

City Councilman Adam Tabelski said the report's "key indicators -- taxes, debt and spending -- are things that are directly under our control, and the objective data shows that we're managing things well."

According to its website, the Empire Center’s mission is to make New York a better place to live and work by promoting public policy reforms grounded in free-market principles, personal responsibility, and the ideals of effective and accountable government.

November 21, 2017 - 9:22am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Deal of the Day, advertisement.

Reminders of how the Deal of the Day program works:

  • To make purchases, you must be registered. Deal of the Day uses a registration system that is not connected to the registration for commenting on The Batavian (the main user login in the upper left of the home page).
  • Once registered you must sign in using the "sign in" link in this box.
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  • The first person to successfully complete the PayPal transaction wins the gift certificate.
  • You are eligible to buy the same item only once in a four-month period. We use the registration system to track this for you so you don't have to.
  • Only one gift certificate from the same business PER HOUSEHOLD is allowed in each four month period. We do not have a way to automatically track duplicate purchases within a household; however, if we notice such a purchase, we reserve the right to cancel the purchase and refund the purchase money. Each individual purchaser must use his or her own PayPal account for purchases. It's important that participating businesses not be asked to redeem multiple gift certificates from the same person/family at the same time.
  • Gift certificates should be used within 30 days of receipt.


November 21, 2017 - 9:09am
posted by Howard B. Owens in polls.

Today marks the return of our Daily Poll. I hope. I stopped doing a poll because sometimes coming with a good poll question could be time-consuming. Now that the first phase of building our new mobile apps is done,* perhaps a daily poll is a task I can take on again.

*I finished the principle coding on the Android version of our app last night. I hope to be able to release it within a week or so. You can download the iOS version of our app by clicking here.

November 21, 2017 - 7:24am
posted by Howard B. Owens in accident, Le Roy, news.

A two-vehicle accident is reported in front of 47 Lake St., Le Roy, with injuries.

One vehicle may have been a parked car.

Traffic is not blocked.

Le Roy fire and Le Roy ambulance dispatched.

November 20, 2017 - 6:30pm

Super double in central location with great curb appeal and nothing to do but collect rent! Lower apartment is an extra large three bedroom with large room sizes and plenty of storage-would make an excellent owner occupied unit. Upstairs unit is in perfect condition and features 2, possible 3 bedrooms! Basement is accessible to both units and has laundry hookups. Separated utilities and loads of parking!

All mechanicals updated within last 7/8 years approximately. Both apartments are very clean appealing and command excellent rents -- whether it's an investment or place to start and have help paying mortgage its definitely one to look at!

Come check this one out and start your New Year out right Call Lynn Bezon at Reliant Real Estate today or click here to get the full listing.


Top Items on Batavia's List

Executive Chef

Working 50+ hours managing purchasing and cooking. Large restaurant and party house with over 70 years in business. 50k 401k vacation time. Contact mark 5855899151

Large 2 bedroom apartment available 12/1

Large two bedroom apartment with all new paint and flooring, available December 1. All living is on one floor only (no stairs). Rent includes heat, hot water, water, sewer and trash. Apartment rents for $800 plus electric. Pathstone approved. No dogs, no smoking and security deposit is required. It also includes appliances. Call 585-343-3755 for a showing.


Batavia - Upper Large 1-Bedroom Stove, Fridge, Water & Garbage Removal Included. On-Site Parking. Within walking distance to restaurants, stores, etc. NO SMOKERS or PETS, PLEASE! References a must. Deposit required. $525.00 per month plus Electric & Gas Call 585-343-2800 or email [email protected]

Beautiful two bedroom upper

Accepting applications for a beautiful two bedroom upper in batavia. No pets, no smokers. Has washer/dryer hook ups. $800 mo. Includes heat, water/sewer, trash disposal, and private parking. $800 security deposit plus first months rent to move in. 702-250-0705

Apartment For Rent

Upper 1-2 bedroom apartment for rent. Electric, gas, water, basic internet, trash pick up included. Pets considered. Walking distance to downtown. Parking on site.



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