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May 15, 2013 - 8:17pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, Alabama.

An Alabama resident this morning watched his car go up in flames following a one-car accident on Lewiston Road, then he was hauled off to Town Court on a DWI charge.

Joseph Bennett Clark, 20, of Reuben Road, Alabama, reported the accident at about 6 a.m. in the area of 383 Lewiston Road.

By the time the first deputy arrived, his car was on fire. By the time the first Alabama fire chief arrived, it was fully engulfed in flames.

A deputy had a hard time getting identifying numbers off the car once the fire was out, it was so badly burned.

Clark was taken into custody by Deputy Jason Saile and charged with DWI, driving with a BAC of .08 or higher, speed not reasonable and prudent, moving from a lane unsafely and driving left of pavement markings.

Clark reportedly suffered a minor injury as a result of the accident.

(Initial Report)

May 15, 2013 - 4:24pm
posted by Billie Owens in Oakfield, Alabama.

Wires are arcing and smoking at 1966 Lewiston Road. A tree has fallen or is leaning on some wires. A secondary line is down and completely blocking the roadway. Alabama Fire Department is on scene. Alabama Fire Police are shutting down Lewiston Road between Knowlesville and Alleghany. Oakfield Fire Police are shutting down Lewiston at Lockport Road.

UPDATE 4:29 p.m.: Alabama commands says that only tractor-trailers will not be allowed through. Personal vehicles will be handled by fire police. Oakfield has opted to shut down Lewiston at Judge Road. A tree crew from the power company is at the scene.

UPDATE 5:08 p.m.: Roads are reopened. Alabama and Oakfield are back in service.

May 15, 2013 - 5:58am
posted by Howard B. Owens in accident, Alabama.

A one-car MVA is reported at Lewiston and Salt roads, Alabama, with a minor injury.

The driver has been on the phone with dispatchers. A passerby reports seeing blood on the driver.

Alabama Fire Department and Mercy EMS dispatched.

UPDATE 6:01 a.m.: Call back. The car is now on fire.

UPDATE 6:03 a.m.: Deputy on scene reports the vehicle is fully involved.

UPDATE 6:20 a.m.: Sounds like the car was completely destroyed. It's been difficult for law enforcment to get identifying information, such as the license plate number, from it.

UPDATE 6:46 a.m.: Alabama is in service.

May 13, 2013 - 6:43am
posted by Howard B. Owens in accident, Alabama.

A two-car accident is reported on Lewiston Road at Gorton Road, Alabama.

A person is trapped in a vehicle and there is at least one injury.

One vehicle is on its side.

Mercy Flight is available if needed.

A passerby is stabilizing the person who is trapped and reports smelling fuel.

Oakfield is requested mutual aid with extrication equipment.

A deputy reports both vehicles leaking fuel but no source of ignition at this time.

Traffic is being shut down at Route 63 and Maple.

Alabama fire and Mercy EMS responding.

UPDATE 6:44 a.m.: Mercy Flight 5 requested to the scene.

UPDATE 6:47 a.m.: A second Mercy ambulance requested to the scene.

UPDATE 6:52 a.m.: A medic on scene says Mercy Flight won't be necessary. Mercy Flight cancelled.

UPDATE 6:57 a.m.: Patient extricated.

UPDATE 8 a.m.: Alabama assignment back in service.

May 10, 2013 - 8:27am
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, business, Oakfield, GCEDC, Darien, Stafford, Alabama, bergen.

Genesee County Economic Development Center is trying to get initial permitting completed on a proposed expansion of the Upstate Med-Tech Center on R. Stephen Hawley Drive just in case a specific medical device technology company wants to lease the space.

Mark Masse, VP of operations for GCEDC, told the County Planning Board on Thursday that a contractor has a potential leasee and is in negotiations now. Getting certain regulatory hurdles cleared now would help the process.

"If they reach an agreement, the potential leasee is working on a tight time frame," Masse said.

Masse doesn't know yet how many new jobs could be created by the company.

"They haven't gone before the board yet for incentives from us," Masse said. "More information would be available at that point in time, if it gets to that point."

The planning board unanimously approved site plan review for proposed 60,000-square-foot facility.

The board also unanimously approved a site plan review for a proposed 60,000-square-foot cold storage facility at the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park.

Masse said GCEDC still owns the property the unnamed company is considering for the facility and sales negotiations are ongoing.

That company also has yet to come to the GCEDC board seeking incentives, so Masse doesn't know yet how many new jobs will be created by the facility.

In other board action:

  • Did not approve variances for applicants to operate a gift and hobby shop on Knowlesville Road, Alabama, and a country store on Tesnow Road, Alabama. The board encouraged the applicants to seek a zoning change with the town rather than get a variance to existing zoning.
  • Approved a special use permit for a home welding business at 7460 Alleghany Road, Alabama.
  • Declared that a proposed boarding house at 316 E. Main St., Batavia, isn't subject to county planning review. Owner Terry Platt is looking to convert a single-family home into a 12-room boarding house.
  • Approved subdivision and site plan review for 7,015-square-foot building to house a gun store, laser engraving business and indoor shooting range at 8240 Buffalo Road, Bergen.
  • Approved site plan review to rebuild a fabrication business at 1606 Broadway Road, Darien.
  • Approved, with modifications, a site plan review and area variance for a new Dollar General at 111 N. Main St., Oakfield.
  • Approved a site plan review for conversion of a former restaurant and apartment complex at 6309 Clinton Street Road, Stafford, into a four two-bedroom apartment and a single one-bedroom apartment complex.
May 9, 2013 - 8:21am
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, Basom, crime, elba, Alabama.

Felipe Fernandez, 42, of Borinquen Plaza, Rochester, is charged with aggravated unlicensed operation, 1st , and motor vehicle lights not meeting standards. Fernandez was stopped by Deputy Joseph Corona at 11:48 p.m. Tuesday on Pearl Street Road, Batavia, for an alleged vehicle violation. Fernandez was jailed without bail.

Saul Doynsaday Standsblack, 34, of Parker Road, Basom, was arrested on a bench warrant related to an aggravated unlicensed operation, 3rd, charge. Standsblack was taken into custody on a Batavia City Court warrant following his release from the Erie County Jail on an unrelated matter. Standsblack appeared in City Court, entered a guilty plea, and was sentenced to 15 days in jail.

Michael Thomas Coffey, 44, of South Main Street, Albion, is charged with petit larceny. Coffey was arrested on a warrant out of Town of Elba Court.

Andriana D. Green, 19, of Amherst, is charged with assault, 3rd, and criminal mischief, 4th. Green was arrested Wednesday morning by State Police for an alleged incident reported at 2:14 p.m., Monday, at College Village. No further details released.

May 6, 2013 - 5:04pm
posted by Billie Owens in fire, Alabama.

A tree on fire is reported in Swallow Hollow, on a trail off Knowlesville Road near the Orleans County line. Alabama Fire Department is responding.

UPDATE 5:21 p.m.: Five firefighters are hiking on foot to the blazing tree, which is about a quarter mile off the road.

UPDATE 5:30 p.m.: They are now on scene with a smoldering tree.

UPDATE 5:38 p.m.: The tree fire is out and the firefighters are heading back to their trucks.

May 6, 2013 - 12:48pm
posted by Billie Owens in batavia, crime, Le Roy, Alabama, corfu.

Antonio Lester James, 22, of Rochester, was arrested on a bench warrant from Genesee County Court on a charge of grand larceny, 4th. He was arraigned and bail set at $25,000. He was returned to Monroe County Jail where he is being held on unrelated charges.

Kevin J. Weber, 42, of 5 Columbia Ave., Batavia, is charged with criminal obstruction of breathing/blood circulation, coercion in the second degree, and harassment, 2nd. He is jailed on $2,500 bail or $5,000 cash bond. Weber was arrested after a domestic incident wherein it is alleged that he shoved a female into a wall after an argument and grabbed her by the throat.

Justin C. Hofert, 25, of 81 Woodstock Gardens, Batavia, was arrested May 2 by Batavia Police officer Perkins in the UMMC parking lot after it was reported that he allegedly pushed a female while their child in common was present. He was arraigned and released on his own recognizance, charged with harassment, 2nd, criminal contempt, 2nd, and endangering the welfare of a child,

Lakeisha A. Gibson, 26, of 1353 Lewiston Road, Alabama, was arrested on warrants May 2, and charged with criminal mischief, 4th, harassment, 2nd, and disorderly conduct. She had an arrest warrant for the first two charges, and a bench warrant for the disorderly conduct charge. She was arraigned in city court and released on her own recognizance.

Samantha Brooks, 26, of Myrtle Street, Le Roy, was arrested by a Sheriff's deputy April 30 and and charged with petit larceny. She is accused of shoplifting $21.98 worth of merchandise from Kmart. She was issued an appearance ticket and has to return to Batavia Town Court on May 20.

Stephanie Grace Pelkey, 18, of Snipery Road, Corfu, is accused of stealing $38.87 worth of merchandise from Kmart on May 3. She will be arraigned May 30 in Batavia Town Court on a charge of petit larceny.

Joshua Michael Pierce, 18, of Meadowbrook Terrace, Corfu, is accused of stealing $38.87 worth of merchandise from Kmart on May 3. He will be arraigned May 30 in Batavia Town Court on a charge of petit larceny.

Autumn M. Sierra, 19, of Brooklyn, was arrested by Batavia Police and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and not wearing a seat belt. The defendant was arrested after a traffic stop by officer Darryl Streeter after he allegedly observed her sitting on the lap of the front middle passenger of a vehicle on East Main Street. She was issued an appearance ticket and released.

Caitlin A. Hanley, 24, of 8080 Batavia Stafford Townline Road, was arrested May 3 by Batavia Police officer Marc Lawrence on a bench warrant out of Bergen County, New Jersey, for failure to appear. She was arraigned and put in Genesee County Jail without bail, awaiting extradition.

May 2, 2013 - 8:34pm
posted by Billie Owens in pembroke, Alabama, corfu, indian falls.

A man complains of back pain after falling on the north side of the Indian Falls behind the Log Cabin Restaurant on Gilmore Road. He is said to be "struggling a bit" in the water, according to the caller, and fell at the bottom of the falls. Pembroke and Indian Falls fire departments are responding and Mercy Flight is on standby.

UPDATE 8:39 p.m.: A rope rescue extrication team is called in. A responder on scene says it looks like a male and a female are in need of rescue. They are "in the middle of the flow" and it is pretty heavy. The extrication process is expected to be lengthy. Extrication will be made from the southside, where the creek water is moving slower, and the operations headquarters will be in the Log Cabin restaurant parking lot. "It looks likes there's one patient down there holding onto the rocks."

UPDATE 8:45 p.m.: "The male is in the middle of the falls at the base and anyone coming in, I'd like to have water suits on." Law enforcement is called in. Another victim has fallen approximately 40 yards into the creek in a futile attempt to rescue the distressed parties. Now he is in need of rescue.

UPDATE 8:52 p.m.: Alden's Water Rope Rescue Team is called and is responding. The second victim at top of the falls is out, and both victims at the bottom of the falls are now upright.

UPDATE 8:56 p.m.: Emergency responders are staging in the restaurant parking lot at 1227 Gilmore Road, Corfu.

UPDATE 9:01 p.m.: Mercy Flight is called in.

UPDATE 9:17 p.m.: Alabama Fire Department Rescue is to handle the Mercy Flight staging, which will be at the Indian Falls Methodist Church, located at 7908 Alleghany Road, Corfu. The helicopter is to land in a grass field there.

UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: Mercy Flight has landed.

UPDATE 10:09 p.m.: Those in need of rescue from the swift water of the falls are being brought up to within reach of the emergency crews. Pembroke went back in service at about 9:57 p.m.

UPDATE 10:15 p.m.: "The patient is topside."

UPDATE 10:32 p.m.: Alabama reports that Mercy Flight is in the air, heading to Erie County Medical Center.

UPDATE 10:36 p.m.: Alabama is back in service.

UPDATE 10:46 p.m.: "...all equipment from down below is now topside." The remaining responders are picking up their gear and preparing to return to service.

UPDATE 11:05 p.m.: All responders are in service.

May 1, 2013 - 7:24pm
posted by Billie Owens in Oakfield, Alabama, accidents.

A two-car accident with injuries and entrapment is reported at Judge and Alleghany roads. Alabama and Oakfield fire departments are responding. Mercy Flight #7 out of Buffalo is on in-air standby.

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: There are believed to be two minor injuries. Mercy Flight is cancelled, but Mercy medics are continuing, non-emergency, and two rigs are requested. Extrication equipment is no longer needed. Traffic at Route 77 and Judge Road is blocked.

UPDATE 7:42 p.m.: The second Mercy rig is cancelled.

UPDATE 7:54 p.m.: Oakfield is returning to service. Mercy medics are transporting patients(s) to ECMC.

UPDATE 8:04 p.m.: Alabama is back in service.

UPDATE 8:09 p.m.: The roads are reopened.

April 29, 2013 - 9:41am
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, Basom, crime, Oakfield, byron, Stafford, Alabama.

Jamie R. Bachorski, 18, of Webber Avenue, Oakfield, and Matthew J. Vandorn, 23, of Trumbull Parkway, Batavia, are charged with grand larceny, 4th. Bachorski and Vandorn are accused of stealing two small dirt bikes from a residence on Clipknock Road, Stafford, in early July. So far, only one of the missing bikes has been recovered.

Kenneth S. Lathrop Jr., 26, of 511 Ellicott St., Apt. A, is charged with aggravated unlicensed operation, 2nd, and unlicensed operation. A person notified police that Lathrop was allegedly driving without a license. Officer Chad Richardson observed Lathrop allegedly driving a vehicle on Clinton Street and performed a traffic stop. Lathrop was jailed on $500 bail.

Conan T. A. Kennedy, 30, of 1 Spencer Court, Batavia, is charged with parking on city streets between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Kennedy turned himself in at Batavia HD on a warrant issued for improper parking after he allegedly failed to appear. Kennedy posted $50 bail and was released.

Nicholas K. Gray, 19, of 2 Olyn Ave., Batavia, is charged with criminal nuisance. Gray was arrested during an investigation into an alleged underage drinking party after it was discovered there was a warrant for his arrest. He posted $100 bail and was released.

Robert J. Wheeler, 18, of 40 E. Buffalo St, Batavia, is charged with unlawful possession of alcohol under age 21. Wheeler was charged following a report of an alleged underage drinking party at 2 Olyn Ave., Batavia.

Michael Robert Sigi, 20, of Pratt Road, Batavia, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Sigi is accused of driving with a 14-month-old infant in his lap.

Daniel Thomas Henning, 32, of Maple Street, Batavia, is charged with criminal contempt, 2nd. Henning is accused of violating an order of protection by having a third party contact the protected person.

Al Davids, 44, of Bird Road, Byron, is charged with DWI, driving with a BAC of .18 or greater and failure to keep right. Davids was stopped at 10 p.m., Saturday, on Byron Holley Road, Byron, by Deputy Joseph Corona.

Michael John Korczak, 24, of Pearl Street, Batavia, is charged with DWI, driving with a BAC of .08 or greater, speeding and failure to keep right. Korczak was stopped at 3:02 a.m., Sunday, on Sumner Road, Darien, by Deputy Joseph Corona. Korczak was allegedly driving 70 in a 55 mph zone.

Sondra Lynn Olcott, 38, of Webber Avenue, Oakfield, is charged with DWI, driving with a BAC of .08 or greater, following too close and unlawful possession of marijuana. Olcott was charged following a two-car motor vehicle accident at 1:37 a.m., Sunday, at Park Road and Lewiston Road, Town of Batavia.

Julie Anne Wallace, 39, of Ellicott Place, Batavia, is charged with petit larceny. Wallace, a former employee of Kmart, is accused of stealing $39.96 in merchandise while working at the store. She is accused of stealing makeup and costume jewelry between March 27 and April 22.

Ramel Joshua Askew, 19, of Batavia Stafford Townline Road, Batavia, is charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. Askew was allegedly found in possession of marijuana while in his room by College Village security.

Michele L. Difalco, 22, of West Main Street, Batavia, and Melissa M. Morton, 27, of West Middlebury Road, Bethany, are charged with petit larceny. Morton is also charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, 7th. Both women are accused of shoplifting from Target. Morton was also allegedly in possession of pills containing a controlled substance.

Peter C. Ayala III, 29, and Jamie L. Ayala, 33, both of Wood Street, Batavia, are charged with petit larceny. They are accused of stealing $72 in merchandise from Kmart.

Clinton John Sundown, 18, of Skye Road, Basom, is charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. Sundown was charged following an investigation into a property damage accident at 4:07 a.m., Saturday, on Bloomingdale Road, Tonawanda Indian Reservation. Sundown allegedly possessed individually packaged bags of marijuana. Additional charges are possible.

Ted Eugene Kingsley, 40, of Warsaw Road, Le Roy, is charged with petit larceny. Kingsley is accused of entering an unlocked vehicle on Pratt Road, Batavia, on March 28 and stealing $600 cash from a purse.

April 27, 2013 - 3:14pm
posted by Billie Owens in Alabama, accidents.

Two cars and a motorcycle have crashed at 649 Bloomingdale Road, Basom. There are injuries and at least one person has serious injuries. Alabama Fire Department and Mercy medics are responding and Mercy Flight is on notice.

UPDATE 3:17 p.m.: Mercy Flight is called to the scene. Akron Fire Police are called to shut down traffic at Bloomingdale and Sand Hill roads. People are trapped. Extraction equipment needed. Three ambulances are called. Indian Falls rescue called, too.

UPDATE 3:20 p.m.: A second helicopter called to the scene. Bloomingdale at Poodry Road is shut down. Paw Smokes is to be the landing zone.

UPDATE 3:29 p.m.: One patient has been extracted.

UPDATE 3:32 p.m.: The second helicopter has an 11-minute ETA.

UPDATE 3:34 p.m.: Pembroke was called as well and is now on scene.

UPDATE 3:40 p.m.: Six Several people were trapped. Only one still needs to be extracted.

UPDATE 3:45 p.m.: All patients have been extricated.

UPDATE 4:01 p.m.: All patients requiring transport to hospitals are en route. The helicopters and medicshave left the scene. One patient was taken to Lockport, three to Erie County Medical Center, and one to "Children's Hospital."

UPDATE 4:08 p.m.: The Pembroke and Indian Falls assignment is back in service.

UPDATE 4:40 p.m.: Earlier, an official at the scene told Howard it appears that a small white sedan was traveling eastbound on Bloomingdale Road and a motorcyclist was traveling behind it. A minivan was headed westbound. For unknown reasons, the white sedan crossed the center line and hit the minivan head on. The motorcycle got tangled up in the crash and the rider had to lay his bike down. The driver and front passenger of the white sedan were transported via the Mercy Flight helicopters. A third occupant, who was riding in the sedan's back seat, was transported via ambulance. The motorcyclist and the driver of the minivan were also taken to hospitals in ambulances.

UPDATE 5 p.m.: Alabama is back in service. The road is being reopened.

April 26, 2013 - 8:48am
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, Basom, crime, LeRoy, Alabama.

Daniel Thomas Henning, 32, of Maple Street, Batavia, is charged with six counts of forgery, 2nd, and one count of grand larceny, 4th. Henning is accused of using the business credit card of his employer to make unauthorized personal purchases at a retail store on Veterans Memorial Drive. He allegedly signed the name of a coworker to the sales receipts. Henning was jailed on $20,000. He faces possible additional charges in the City of Batavia for similar activity at a store on Ellicott Street.

Matthew F. Vanbuskirk, 23, of Le Roy, is charged with DWI and unlawful possession of marijuana. Vanbuskirk was arrested by State Police related to an incident reported at 4:27 p.m., April 17. Vanbuskirk was arrested at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Rose Elizabeth George, 22, of Council House Road, Basom, was arrested on a bench warrant related to a harssment, 2nd, charge.

April 24, 2013 - 11:28am
posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, Alabama.

An Alabama resident who allegedly fled Genesee County justice and was later arrested in Arkansas is back in local custody, being held without bail.

On March 27, 2012, Benjamin William Muntz, 24, of Knowlesville Road, reportedly failed to appear for sentencing on his convictions for grand larceny, 3rd, burglary, 2nd, and criminal possession of stolen property, 5th.

There were reports of him being seen in Arizona and at one time State Police reportedly feared he was headed back to Genesee County with another man to rob a local farmer.

Muntz was arrested Oct. 4 in Fayetteville, Ark., on unrelated charges and served a short time in prison before being released on parole, at which time he was arrested on the warrant out of Genesee County.

Muntz also faces a possible petit larceny charge in the Town of Alabama and a burglary charge in Henry County, Georgia.

April 19, 2013 - 10:26am
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, crime, Oakfield, Alabama.

Jamie R. Bachorski, 18, of Webber Avenue, Oakfield, and Matthew J. Vandorn, 23, of Trumbell Parkway, Batavia, are charged with burglary, 3rd. Bachorski and Vandorn were arrested yesterday as the result of an investigation into a burglary reported July 5. The investigation began with the report of a barn being broken into and several items stolen. Both suspects were jailed on $5,000 each. The investigation was conducted by Juvenile Officer John Dehm, Investigator Timothy Weis and deputies Timothy Wescott, Cory Mower, Chad Minuto and James Diehl.

Carl Joseph Shelter, 25, of Lewiston Road, Alabama, is charged with unlawful fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle, failure to stop for stop sign, speeding (139 mph in a 55 mph zone), operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver and failure to keep right. Shelter was arrested following a pursuit that started on Feeder Road, Alabama, at 12:56 a.m. and concluded later on the Tonawanda Indian Reservation. He is also charged with uninspected motor vehicle, no/inadequate plate lamp and failure to dim high beams.

April 17, 2013 - 8:20am
posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, Basom, crime, byron, Bethany, Alabama.

Robert Thomas Seager, 43, of East Main Road, Batavia, is charged with felony DWI, driving with a BAC of .08, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, failure to stop at stop sign, consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle and refusal to take breath test. Seager was arrested following the investigation into a property damage accident reported at 9:51 p.m. Tuesday at Putnam and Creek roads, Bethany. (Initial Report)

Autumn Marie Sierra, 19, of 77nd Street, Brooklyn, is charged with criminal nuisance, 2nd, and unlawful possession of marijuana. Sierra is suspected of covering the smoke detector in her room at College Village making it inoperable. Upon investigation, Sierra was also allegedly found to possess marijuana. Also charged was Mona'e Kristin Damon, 18, of Thompkins Avenue, Brooklyn, as well as Oumou Sy, 18, of East 102nd Street, New York City.

Christopher Leo Stone, 30, of Willow Pond Way, Penfield, is charged ith DWI, driving with a BAC of .08 or greater and speeding. Stone was stopped at 1:09 a.m. April 13 on Route 33, Byron, by Sgt. Greg Walker, for allegedly driving 84 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Rodeny Ira Dean, 45, of Bloomingdale Road, Tonawanda Indian Reservation, is charged with felony DWI, moved from lane unsafely, refusal to submit to pre-screen device, drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle. Dean was reportedly involved in a single-car accident at 8:18 p.m., Monday, on Akron Road, Pembroke. Dean's vehicle struck the guy wire of a utility pole, shearing the pole and knocking electrical wires to the ground. Dean suffered minor injuries and was transported to ECMC for evaluation. Additional charges may be pending. The accident was investigated by Deputy Chad Minuto.

April 9, 2013 - 3:24pm
posted by Billie Owens in accident, Alabama.

A three-car accident, with one person injured, is reported at 372 Bloomingdale Road. A utility pole is down, three high-tension wires are in the roadway and a transformer is leaking fluid. National Grid is notified and will shut the power down. The location is between Shanks and Tesnow roads. Sheriff's deputies are on location and Alabama fire and rescue are responding. Mercy medics are there and say a male driver hit a pole and has chest injuries.

UPDATE 3:26 p.m.: Bloomingdale Road is going to be shut down at Shanks.

UPDATE 3:28 p.m.: Fire police out of Akron are called to the scene.

UPDATE 3:34 p.m.: Bloomingdale at Martin Road is also being closed.

UPDATE 4:11 p.m.: A male in his 50s is being taken to UMMC.

UPDATE 5:53 p.m.: The roadway is reopened. Alabama is back in service. National Grid is on scene.

April 8, 2013 - 12:19pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in business, Alabama, STAMP, Project Azalea.

The tech press is abuzz with speculation about "Project Azalea," a  multibillion-dollar computer chip factory that could be built somewhere in the U.S. with state economic directors in New York, Oregon, Washington and Texas trying to find the right package of incentives to woo the company behind the project.

It's all just rumor and speculation, but the company supposedly behind "Project Azalea" is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., a major supplier to Apple Computers.

But here's the headline for Genesee County: Don't count on "Project Azalea" coming to the STAMP project in Alabama.

Mark Masse, senior vice president of operations for Genesee County Economic Development Center said the local IDA hasn't been given any indication from the Empire State Development that STAMP is on the short list of possible locations for "Project Azalea."

STAMP simply isn't ready yet for consideration by the mysterious company behind the project. The planned high-tech park must first become "shovel ready light" so a developer could start digging as soon as the ink dried on any contract for the project.

Business reporter Adam Sichko lists two New York locations as possible sites for the 1,000-plus jobs the project is expected to create: the Marcy NanoCenter, a 430-acre site on the Utica campus of SUNYIT and Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta.

While Texas does pop up as a possible location, The Oregonian says there are three main contenders, with New York still on the list.

The Oregonian also reports that New York is ready to spend tens of millions of dollars to lure the company to Upstate.

Hat tip to reader Joanne Rock for suggesting we look at Project Azalea.

April 1, 2013 - 3:43pm

Press release:

In March, the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) Chapters inducted 119 Career and Technical students from the Charles G. May Center and Batavia Campus. Evening candlelight ceremonies took place at the May Center and Elba High School.

These students met a rigorous criteria set forth by this national organization. The minimum grade-point average for acceptance is a 3.0. Students are also selected based upon credit hours completed, attendance, volunteer service, and membership in other student organizations.

Honorary memberships were presented to Michael Glover, Ph.D., district superintendent of the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership, and David O’Geen, Precision Machining instructor at the Batavia Career and Technical Education Center.

Batavia Career and Technical Education Center


William Burke                         Metal Trades

Miriah Gaudy                          Metal Trades

Christina Haniszewski            Health Careers Academy

Donald Ohlson                       Electronics & Comp Tech

Fleur Remington                    Legal Careers Academy

Matthew Szymanski               Metal Trades

Brittany Taylor                        Legal Careers Academy



Ashley Brotherton                  Health Careers Academy

Aleiah Brunner                       Animal Science

Nathan Burry                         Building Trades

Mitchell Cayea                       Metal Trades

Amber Holley                         Criminal Justice

Kellee Kibler                          Health Careers Academy

Angela LePrell                       Health Careers Academy

Nicole Strauchen                   Health Careers Academy


Tyler Kuhn                             Conservation

Rebecca Meloon                   Cosmetology

Miranda Reed                       Animal Science

Louis Scafetta                       Building Trades

Ashley Stachowski                Animal Science

McKenzie Stevens                Legal Careers Academy

Byron Bergen

Nicole Fore                            Health Careers Academy

Kara Hall                                Health Careers Academy

Andrew McKenrick                 Conservation

Blake Snyder                         Conservation

Alexandra Walker                   Health Careers Academy

Caledonia Mumford

Devan Ayers                          Metal Trades

Andrew Carpino                     Auto Technology NATEF

Nichole Essig                         Health Careers Academy

Brittany Kerr                           Animal Science

Cody McGinnis                       Metal Trades

Ryan Sickles                          Metal Trades


Viviana Gaytan                      Human Services

Le Roy

Alexandra Beswick                Computer Information Academy

Christopher DeFelice             Legal Careers Academy

Emily Morrill                           Health Dimensions

Verneda Peete                       Legal Careers Academy

Brittany Shultz                       Culinary Arts

Oakfield Alabama

Brian Borkholder                    Electronics & Comp Tech

Paige Chatt                            Legal Careers Academy

Chelsea Cleveland                 Health Careers Academy

Brittany Denton                      Health Careers Academy

Jenifer Igoe                            Health Careers Academy

Casey McVay                         Computer Information Academy

Brennan Neidrauer                 Metal Trades

Sadie Schultz                         Legal Careers Academy

Haley Woodrich                      Human Services


Nicole Forti                             Health Careers Academy

Heather Yuhnke                     Cosmetology


Mitchell Allen                          Auto Technology NATEF

Kari Ammon                           Health Careers Academy

Nick Blackwell                        Graphic Arts

Austin Blaszak                       Graphic Arts

Brooke Keller                         Cosmetology

Tyler Lang                              Conservation

March 30, 2013 - 1:47pm
posted by Billie Owens in Alabama, accidents.

A motor-vehicle accident is reported in the area of 7556 Reuben Road. There are no injuries. It's at a sharp curve, west of the Totem Pole store. Reportedly, a female driver was forced off the road and her car struck a pole to avoid another vehicle that was driving directly in her path. The road is going to be closed by the Totem Pole and at Bloomingdale Road. There are vehicles on both sides of the roadway and traffic is blocked. Alabama Fire Department, with a medic on board, is responding along with law enforcement.

UPDATE 2:13 p.m.: Both vehicles are being towed. Alabama is back in service. The roadway is being reopened.




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