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May 5, 2014 - 6:05pm

Angling Road resident says neighbor's dogs killed their chickens

posted by Billie Owens in crime, pembroke.

A Sheriff's deputy is responding to an address on Angling Road, Pembroke, after a resident reported that a neighbor's dogs killed the resident's chickens.

Ed Hartgrove
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Cory Hawley
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When i was in grade school we had chickens, ducks & turkey as pets. I fed and watered them everyday and the were taken care of. Several "neighborhood" dogs broke into the pen and killed every animal there. I came home from school that day to feed them at age 10 and saw blood feathers and bodies. None of them had even been eaten. It was a slaughter. Our neighbors chickens who they raised for eggs were also killed by the same pack of dogs. We lived on Pearl St Rd and it was rural, not in the city. The dogs returned to the scene the next day of course and my father & neighbor decided it was best to do to the dogs was what was done to our pets. Pop Pop Pop. One of the owners of the dogs caught wind of what happened and came to our house and apologized, and asked if he could dig up his dog to take home. The other scumbag who formerly owned a scrap yard and small horse track (i'll not mentions names:)) considered a lawsuit. Of course it wouldn't float, but the fact he considered it was enough to prove what a pile of $#!t he was and probably still is. If i remeber correctly the sheriffs were called and responded, but due to us not knowing the owners of the dogs at the time they really could do nothing more than file a report. Later on when the other idiot was pursuing a possible lawsuit, the owner of the other dog involved voluntarily had his dogs stomach opened by a vet to verify that there were indeed fethers inside the stomach.
So, if I can offer any advice, leave the bodies a day or two and wait for any UNLEASHED dogs to return and have at it.

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