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November 4, 2013 - 11:54am

Law and Order: Driver involved in accident on East Morganville Road charged with DWI

posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, crime, alexander, Stafford.

Randall M. Dennis, 67, of Keeney Road, Le Roy, is charged with DWI and moving from lane unsafely. Randall was reportedly involved in a motor-vehicle accident at 5:50 p.m. Sunday on East Morganville Road, Stafford. His truck left the roadway, struck a sign and guide rail before traveling down a steep earth embankment into a shallow creek. The investigation is ongoing and there may be additional charges. Dennis was transported by Mercy EMS to Strong Memorial Hospital with minor injuries.

Byron Gilbert Keller, 18, of no permanent address, is charged with trespass. Keller was reportedly in another person's vehicle on Route 20, Alexander, while it was parked in a driveway. Keller allegedly refused to leave. Additional charges are possible.

Patrick O'Neil Spikes, 32, of Hutchins Street, Batavia, is charged with criminal contempt, 2nd. Spikes was allegedly a passenger in a vehicle driven by a person he is prohibited by court order from being with. The driver was stopped for allegedly driving on a suspended registration, suspended license and no insurance.

A 16-year-old from Batavia are charged with two counts of petit larceny. The youth was allegedly caught shoplifting at Walmart and during the investigation was found to be a suspect in a shoplifting case from the previous day. The youth allegedly stole $276.57 in merchandise on one occasion and an unknown amount on the second.

Elizabeth A. Graff, 32, of Batavia, is charged with petit larceny. Graff is accused of stealing from an unspecified location. She was arrested by State Police. No further details released.

Gary Spencer
Gary Spencer's picture
Last seen: 22 hours 51 min ago
Joined: Feb 18 2009 - 6:57pm

Or is it Dennis Randalll?

John Simmons
John Simmons's picture
Last seen: 4 years 5 months ago
Joined: Sep 20 2013 - 9:20am
Spells his last name with 3L's huh?? Hey yeah never know what it could have been! Maybe the ocifer making the report was drunk on duty, no wun ever knows for certain. I see cops swerving all over the road as they play with their GPS & are talking on their cellphones to their wives and/or girlfriends/boyfriends or playing with something else in their laps while driving but, who would you call to report it? The other cops would just ignore it or would say that they are exempted by the lawmakers.. THEY are allowed to do that under the law because THEY were exempted by the government lawmakers as IS everyone that makes the laws.. It is a double standard countrywide!! They make the laws but, don't have to abide by them & can't be held responsible when they are caught doing something that you or I would be charged with for doing.. Didn't I read somewhere that the government shall make no law that doesn't apply to everyone equally or it could be called un-constitutional or showing favoritism towards a certain group of people & by today's standards THAT would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL anyway, If/when challenged.. Maybe his real name was Malarky DiGressiveismo Benaveneutoman III because that was who the truck used to be registered too But, he wasn't driving it at the time..? :)
John Woodworth JR
John Woodworth JR's picture
Last seen: 3 years 11 months ago
Joined: May 28 2009 - 11:13am

Well John, I would greatly disagree with Police Officers are not held accountable for any wrong doings. What about the County Sheriff's Deputy charged and held responsible for the accident they had when he struck a Newspaper delivery car which was driving against traffic with their flashers on and dropping off papers. I believe that was within the last couple of years and in Bethany or Alexander? Officer's are constantly charged with excessive use of force violations. Look at the Greece Police Department, they try to cover up one of their officer's DUI accident. If anything John, Police Officers are held more accountable and are punished harder than the everyday citizen.

Yes, Police Officers are allowed to talk official business on their phone while driving so, stop with the assumption about girlfriends and wives. They have computers that send pertinent information to the officer about the incident they are responding to or involved with. This is for Officer's Safety. To parked the car and await for information will result in longer response times. Risking the safety of people and officers due to delays. Not mention add to the phrase, "There is never a cop when you need one." Not mention people who get angry because, you took too long to arrive.

Can remember any incidents of a Police Officer being involved in or causing a car accident for using their cell phone.

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