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August 13, 2011 - 7:56am

Seventy-eight young Rascal Flatts fans cited for alleged underage drinking at Darien Lake

posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, darien lake, Darien.

There were four arrests and 78 people were cited for alleged underage drinking during the Rascal Flatts concert at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on Friday.

Collin T. Hayes, 18, of Reservoir Road, Avon, is charged with two counts of trespass after allegedly reentering the concert venue twice after being ejected and told not to return.

Brian K. Barmore, 19, of Gerry-Ellington Road, Gerry, is charged with trespass after allegedly reentering the concert venue after being ejected and told not to return.

Kari D. Barmore, 22, of Gerry-Ellington Road, Gerry, is charged with trespass after allegedly reentering the concert venue after being ejected and told not to return.

Andrew J. Stella, 24, of Forbes Avenue, Tonawanda, is charged with public lewdness after allegedly urinating in the lawn area in view of other patrons.

The following people were issued citations for allegedly possessing or consuming alcohol under age 21.

Tricia J. Sullivan, 20, of Windsor Lane, East Aurora
Colby N. Kittner, 20, of Boncroft Drive, West Seneca
Alexander C. Buscaglia, 20, of Center Street, East Aurora
Aaron M. Kosowski, 19, of The Meadow, East Aurora
Jennifer M. Jacob, 18, of Garrett Lane, Niagara Falls
A 17-year-old, of Lewiston Road, Niagara Falls
Ashley E. Grace, 20, of South Street, Addison
A 17-year-old, of Landing Creek Court, Williamsville
Lauren R. Sauvagean, 17, of Autumn Lane, Lewiston
A 17-year-old, of Madison Avenue, Niagara Falls
A 17-year-old, of Briggsboro Lane, Fairport
Catherine M. Kuhi, 20, of Canisteo Street, Hornell
Jamie F. Hillman, 19, of Hyland Drive, Hornell
A 16-year-old, of Southview Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
A 16-year-old, of Orchard Grove Parkway, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
A 16-year-old, of Feren Drive, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Daniel S. Kelly, 19, of Fulton Street, Hornell
A 17-year-old, of Temple Street, Avon
Rhiann E. Korth, 18, of Genesee Street, Avon
A 17-year-old, of W. Henrietta Road, Rush
Tyler K. Olejniczak, 18, of Indian Falls Road, West Seneca
A 16-year-old, of Brooklyn Street, Portville
A 17-year-old, of Kimberly Lane, Derby
A 17-year-old, of Ludel Terrace, Lackawana
Denise M. Polaski, 19, of Parnell Drive, Churchville
Christopher D. Barrett, 19, of Five Points Road, Rush
A 17-year-old, of River Road, Caledonia
Robert W. Lysko, 19, of Middle Road, Caledonia
Shawn E. Grimm, 18, of Billington Road, East Aurora
A 17-year-old, of Jamison Road, Elma
Ashley M. Strazzella, 19, of Church Street, East Aurora
Macie A. Eberth, 18, of Hall Road, Elma
Lia E. Colvin, 18, of Anne Drive, Alden
Alyssa M. Savage, 19, of Beryle Drive, Cheektowaga
Carissa D. Brittain, 20, of Center Avenue, North Tonawanda
Peter F. Jackson, 20, of Blanchard Heights Groton
Meghan M. Klimchuck, 18, of Dorchester Road, East Aurora
Jessica L. Goodison, 18, of Gleed Avenue, East Aurora
Payton A. Spinelli, 18, of Hillside Drive, Elma
Karianne R. Carrick, 18, of Bullis Road, Elma
Christopher M. Stelmaszyk, 18, of Willston Heights, Marilla
A 17-year-old, of North Blossom Road, Elma
A 16-year-old, of Lakeside Road, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
Sara A. Shembeda, 19, of North 18th Street, Olean
A 17-year-old, of Derby Road, Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada
Megan A. Dwaileebe, 20, of Bates Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Elizabeth M. Colarusso, 20, of Highland Terrace, Olean
Julie C. Wesolowski, 19, of Foxpoint West, Williamsville
A 17-year-old, of Milestrip Road, Orchard Park
Blair A. Pembleton, 18, of Dantroy Drive, Williamsville
Jenna N. Goudy, 20, of Joseph Drive, Tonawanda
A 17-year-old, of Meadow Lawn Road, Orchard Park
Emily M. Lawrence, 19, of Green Road, Churchville
Geana M. Barone, 18, of Country Lane, West Seneca
Kathryn N. Mazurowski, 18, of Mill Road, West Seneca
A 16-year-old, of West Main Street Road, Batavia
Christian A. Worth, 20, of South Nine Mile Road, Allegany
Natalie J. Vetter, 18, of Neubaer Court, West Seneca
A 17-year-old, of Laine Road, Hornell
Joseph D. Mauro, 20, of Pearl Street, Hornell
Kaliegh E. Porcaro, 19, of Sharps Hill Road, Arkport
Caroline M. Hooker, 18, of Moss Road, Hornell
Lydia C. Lindahl, 18, of Cassandra Circle, Churchville
Vincent G. Giglio, 18, of Bromley Road, Churchville
Maxwell P. Wise, 18, of Norway Spruce Drive, Rochester
Taylor T. Jager, 18, of Evergreen Drive, Rochester
Courtney M. VanVolkenburgh, 18, of Whitney Road, Ontario, Canada
Kaleigh R. VanVolkenburgh, 19, of Whitney Road, Ontario, Canada
Erinn D. Rodman, 19, of West Foster Street, Palmyra
Joel M. Sapienza, 18, of Birdsall Parkway, Palmyra
Kaitlyn M. Wegman, 19, of Turtle Creek Lane, Hilton
Ashley T. Whitney, 19, of Country Village Lane, Hilton
Kelly J. Knight, 19, of Old Well Road, Greece
Hannah J. Rader, 18, of Grandview Lane, Rochester
Kassandra K. Magin, 18, of Grandview Lane, Rochester
Jessica L. Nielsen, 20, of Beverly Street, Rochester
Angela M. Andrese, 19, of Eglantine Road, Rochester
Name redacted uponrequest, 19, of Roosevelt Highway, Hamlin

JT Hunt
JT Hunt's picture
Last seen: 4 years 1 month ago
Joined: Dec 23 2008 - 1:58pm
2 words - plastic flask. google that on your "smart" phones.
Steve Ognibene
Steve Ognibene's picture
Last seen: 1 week 2 days ago
Joined: Jun 24 2008 - 2:27am
Somehow I knew they would have the most.
Howard B. Owens
Howard B. Owens's picture
Last seen: 1 day 21 hours ago
Joined: Apr 23 2008 - 3:05pm
I was thinking 64 was about the max human capacity that deputies could write these tickets in an evening.
Joy Bernardini
Joy Bernardini's picture
Last seen: 3 years 8 months ago
Joined: Jul 13 2010 - 11:19pm
If these kids are drinking at Darien Lake concerts, then why not make the age 21 to ENTER the concert? I think kids are confused today and get mixed messages about independence. If they are 16 and have a place to stay, they can leave home, and yet parents are responsible for them until they are 21. How does that make sense? They can go to war and use guns to kill at 17 yrs old. But they can't have an alcoholic drink? Parents now are made to be responsible for college until they are 23? No structure anymore, just a confusing mess. Sounds like the Prison system. They refuse "hostess cupcakes" because there's alcohol in them, but they can have cans with the metal top that comes off, to use as a weapon. Go figure!
RICHARD L. HALE's picture
Last seen: 1 month 3 days ago
Joined: May 22 2009 - 9:50pm
Maybe our City Council is available for a consultation with Darien Lake about this problem. Three...four meetings tops.... I'm sssssuuuuurrrreeee they could come up with a solution.

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