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Rick Franclemont's blog

October 25, 2016 - 8:21am
posted by Rick Franclemont in sports, pembroke, Dragons, modified, football.

The Pembroke football program looks to be getting stronger every year.

Under coaches Funke and Miano, the modified football team finished the season 7-0 with a win over the Wellsville Lions 42-0.

Outscoring opponents 284-6 over the 7 game stretch the Dragons held a 6 game shut-out streak.

The first drive of the first game they gave up 6 points and have locked it down since then.

More pictures from this game can be found at:


October 15, 2016 - 6:13pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in sports, alexander, trojans, football, finney, varsity.

It was Senior night in Alexander Friday and the Alexander Trojans took the field against Finney/Northstar in a battle of the unbeatens.

Finney came out strong, running the ball on every play and moving the chains in small increments, eating up all but about 3 minutes in the first quarter when they finally punched it in.

The Trojans marched down the field and responded 2 minutes later with a Brennan to Schmeider pass for the score and then didn't look back.


Heberlein ran one in. Brennan hit Busch for another 3. McClinic took one almost 50 yards into the end zone. Paolucci hit the extra points.

As the offense was firing on all cylinders, the defense figured out the Finney misdirection plays and shut them down. 

More pictures can be found here:

Congratulations to the team and coaches on the first undefeated season in 39 years and special recognition to Seniors:

Dane Heberlein

Brian George

Derrick Busch

PJ Brennan

Ryan Mileham

Hannah Paolucci

Jacob Bykowski

Nic Caldwell

Zach Jasen

Kyle Perl

Josh Hylkema

Tommy DeSalvo

Dustin Scmeider

Ryan Dunbar

And the Senior Cheerleaders:

Sara Webster

Alexis Earsing

Alynn Franclemont

Dominique Mooney

Yahaira Brown-Diaz

Kaylee MacIntyre

(Hopefully I named everybody!)

On to playoffs....



October 21, 2013 - 3:47pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, nofa, Alexander Tri-town Trojans, Akron Tigers.

The Akron Tigers rolled into Alexander Saturday trying to solidify the standings with only one more week of regular season games before playoffs.

The beginners: (No score / standing are kept at this level.)

Mini Division:

Akron (7-1-0) beat Tri-Town (5-3-0) by a score of 13-0

Scoring for Akron: Ty Nicometi reception from Aidan Smith (no extra point)

Travis Fry touchdown (extra point by Aidan Smith)

JV: Akron (3-5-0) beat Tri-Town (0-8-0) by a score of 26-0

Scoring for Akron:

Jacob Mazza (nephew of the legendary Daryl Mazza) (extra point by Adam Mietz)

Ryan Yager (extra point by Joseph Abrams)

Adam Mietz (no extra point)

Adam Mietz (no extra point)


Akron (8-0-0) beat Tri-Town (4-4-0) by a score of 32-0

Pictured above: A blocked field goal attempt.

Scoring for Akron:

Note -- I am doing my best to decipher the names from the roster, which was blurry.

Touchdown: #34 Jacob Sarow (extra point by #45 Morgan Smith)

Touchdown: #99 Robbie Pequeen (no extra point)

Touchdown: #99 Robbie Pequeen (extra point by #34 Jacob Sarow)

Touchdown: #99 Robbie Pequeen (no extra point)

Field Goal: #42 Dillon Adamczak

Field Goal: #42 Dillon Adamczak

This was the last home game for Tri-Town this year.

Thank You to all the coaches, players, cheerleaders, parents, fans, announcers and volunteers for a memorable season.

More pictures from this weekend can be found here: NOFA 2013 Alexander - Akron

October 8, 2013 - 7:36am
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, youth football, Medina, nofa, Alexander Tri-town Trojans.

Four games this weekend, two going to Medina and two to Alexander. The rain held out, but a soggy field led to muddy jerseys and slippery runs up the middle.


Scoring for the beginners were:

Alexander - Tyler Marino (Extra point by Tyler Marino)

Medina - Kaedon Hangartner (Extra point by Kaedon Hangartner)

Alexander - Clayton Bezon (Extra point by Clayton Bezon)

Alexander - Tyler Marino (No extra point)

Medina - Sawyer Kingsbury (Two-point conversion caught by Kaedon Hangartner)


Going into the game Medina was 6-0 and the Tri-town trojans were 4-2. Alexander threw everything they had at Medina and prevailed, breaking the Medina unbeaten streak.

Scoring for the mini division:

Medina - Aiden Pitts (Extra point by Aiden Pitts)

Medina - Joshua Wilson (No extra point)

Alexander - Nick Kramer (No extra point)

Alexander - Connor Scott (Extra point by Matthew Jasen)

Alexander - Connor Scott (No extra point)


It was all Medina on offense and defense today.

Scoring for JV:

Medina - Brian Fry (Extra point Brian Fry)

Medina - Brian Fry (Two-point conversion throw from Zachary Blount to Carson Dusett)

Medina - Interception by Brian Fry returned for a touchdown (Two-point conversion from Zachary Blount to Aron Seefeldt Jr.)

Medina - Brian Fry (No extra point)

Medina - Fumble recovered by Emmanual Taylor, who ran for a touchdown (Extra point by Brian Fry)


Medina Varsity squad held Alexander scoreless for the entirety.

Scoring for the varsity squad:

Medina - Damon Bloom (Two-point conversion throw from Izaiah Rhim to Johnethan Salone)

Medina - Damon Bloom (Extra point by Damon Bloom)

Medina - Ronnie Koonce III (Two-point conversion throw from Izaiah Rhim to Trenton Jones)

Medina - Trenton Jones reception from Izaiah Rhim (No extra point)

Medina - Trenton Jones fumble recovery, ran in for a touchdown (No extra point)

Medina - Trenton Jones reception from Izaiah Rhim (Extra point by Vincent Montague)

More pictures from this weekend's games can be found here: NOFA Alexander - Medina

September 28, 2013 - 7:39pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, homecoming, varsity, Attica Devils, Alexander Trojans.

A week of festivities was capped off in grand fashion Friday night under the lights in Alexander.


The night started with a homecoming parade that featured floats from the high school classes as well as the Tri-Town organization's football players and cheerleaders that started at the Alexander Volunteer Fireman's Recreation Hall and ended at the high school football field.


Attendance was high as the Alexander community turned out in force to cheer on the hometown Trojans.

The game itself found Alexander (2-1 heading into tonight) besting Attica (3-0 prior to the game) by a score of 30-15.


Dylan Scharlau had two touchdowns and added a couple of two-point conversions.

Sam Brown returned a punt 80 yards for a touchdown.


Nelson Burke added a touchdown and a pair of two-point conversions. Zach Laird also scored for Alexander.


Scoring for Attica were Derek Walker and Zach Kozma.


More pictures from tonight's game can be found at : Francletography : Alexander - Attica Homecoming

September 27, 2013 - 8:12pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, alexander, High School, Tri-Town Trojans.

For the first time in a reported 20 years, powder puff football has returned to Alexander High School.

The Freshmen (red) took on the Juniors (pink) in the first game. Freshmen came out ahead 22 to 6.

The second game featured the Seniors (white) and the Sophmores (purple). The Sophmores took the game 14 to 0.

In the championship game the Sophmores eked out a win against the Freshmen 6 to 0.

Homecoming parade starts at 6 p.m. Friday, with Alexander Varsity football team hosting Attica at 7 p.m.

Pictured above: Kaylee MacIntyre, Alexa Merle, Marissa Scharlau.

Pictured above: Hanna Barnaby kicking off.

More after the jump (click on the headline):

September 23, 2013 - 1:27pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, alexander, Oakfield-Elba Titans, Tri-Town Trojans.

This week the Alexander Tri-Town Trojans hosted the Oakfield-Elba Titans in Attica. The rain was persistent throughout the day, causing more than the average amount of turnovers. The beginners started the morning off. (Scores are not kept at this level.)

The mini division saw two teams marching up and down the field, and two defenses making great goal-line stands.

Only one team made it into the end-zone today. Gage Brewmister from Oakfield-Elba scored. The extra point attempt was stopped, leaving the game at 6-0 Oakfield-Elba.

The JV division saw a lot of offense, on the ground and in the air. Only one team capitalized on the yardage though.

Scoring for Oakfield-Elba:

Ty Mott (Extra point by Ty Mott)

Mason Randall (Extra point by Ty Kropelin)

Gabe MacDonald (No extra point)

Bryce Yockel (No extra point)

There was not a varsity division game this week.

Next week Oakfield-Elba hosts Albion in Oakfield and Alexander has a bye.

More pictures from this week may be found here: Francletography - NOFA

August 21, 2013 - 2:07pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, PYA, Tri-Town, nofa.

The opening weekend for NOFA football was warm and sunny. First stop this year was Alexander visiting Pembroke.





Scoring breakdown : Pembroke - Tyson Totten (2) and Isaiah Cary (1); Alexander - Tyler Marino (3), Clayton Bezon (2) and Brock Stout (1).





Scoring breakdown : Alexander - Matthew Jason (Extra point by Matthew Jason), Nick Kramer (Extra point by Connor Scott), Connor Scott (Extra point by Nick Kramer), Bryce Stout (Extra point by Nick Kramer) and Mason Bump (Extra point by Connor Scott)





Scoring breakdown: Pembroke: Jonah Blake (Extra point by David Colby), Garrett Totten (No extra point), David Colby (Two point conversion caught by Matthew Barry), Colby Cerasini (No extra point), and David Colby (Extra point by Garrett Totten)





Scoring breakdown: 

Pembroke - Michael Natalzia (No extra point), Michael Natalzia (Extra point by Zack VonKramer), Zack VonKramer (Extra point by Trevor Cox), Jacob Howes-Garofalo (No extra point), Alex Linsenbigler (Extra point by Alex Linsenbigler), Jacob Howes-Garofalo (No extra point), Ethan Stone (Extra point byMichael Natalzia)


Alexander - Jacob Jasen (No extra point), Tyler Cook (No extra point), Jacob Jasen (Extra point by Kameron Lyons)


More pictures from the opening day can be found at :

October 31, 2012 - 9:50am
posted by Rick Franclemont in batavia, football, sports, championship, Bulldawgs, varsity, nofa.

The Batavia Bulldawgs varsity squad made it to the NOFA championships after an amazing season of youth football. 

Meeting BarLyn Saturday in Medina, the Bulldawgs took the field on a cold and rainy night under the lights on artificial turf.

Unfortunately for Batavia, the BarLyn team played like a team possessed and brought the ball on the ground and air in wave after wave.

Edward Schildt of BarLyn had six touchdowns, one extra point and three interceptions. 

Eric Neace Jr. added two touchdowns for BarLyn with Christian Wolck receiving a pass for a two-point conversion.

The Bulldawg's lone score came from a long touchdown run by Demetrius Spinks.

Congratulations to the Bulldawgs on a great season!

More pictures from this game, the other playoff games, and previous games this season can be found at

October 28, 2012 - 7:26pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in sports, soccer, Pembroke Dragons, Holley Hawks, highschool.

Pembroke dropped a close game in it's playoff debut 2-1 against the Holley Hawks in Holley.


The first Holley goal came from Tyler Chmylak with the assist by Ryan Camacho.

The second Holley goal was scored by Will Barniak assisted by Joe DeFelice.

Pembroke's lone goal was scored by Gabe Birkby, assisted by Matthew Colbert.

This was a special night for Holley's coach Dan Orbaker who recorded his 400th win.


More pictures from the game can be found at Francetography, here.



October 8, 2012 - 8:50pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, PYA, Pembroke Dragons, Oakfield Titans.

The regular season was over at the end of the day. The players gave it their all and left the field either going home until next year or taking a week off in preparation for the playoffs.


Beginner division:

The scoring was all Oakfield today. 

1. Colton Yasses

2. Bodie Hyde

3. Colton Yasses with extra point by Jake Engle

4. Brayden Smith with two point conversion pass from Jake Engle to Colton Yasses

5. Colton Yasses with extra point by Jake Engle

6. Donovan Reese with extra point by Gianni Ferrara


Mini division:

In a close game, Oakfield edged out the Dragons 15 - 12.

Scoring first was Garett Totten for the Dragons.

Anthony Zambito followed for the Titans with a touchdown. Ty Kornow completed a two point conversion pass to Kameron Cusmano.

Anthony Zambito scored again putting the Titans ahead.

Pembroke came close after a goal line fumble recovery by Alec Skeet which lead to a Drake Sargent touchdown, but failed to convert the extra point.



Oakfield was the only team to find the end zone in this game.

1. Trevor Maier with extra point by Trevor Maier.

2. Trevor Maier with extra point by Tim Klotzbach.

3. Ty Kropelin with extra point by Collin O'Halloran

4. Collin O'Halloran with a two point conversion pass from Tim Klotzbach to Matt Gilbert.


Good luck to all teams in the playoffs!


More pictures can be found at Francletography : Here



October 2, 2012 - 7:53pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, PYA, Pembroke Dragons, AYA, Attica Devils.


All the scoring came this week from Attica. Wyatt Kauffman had two touchdowns and an extra point. Adding single tallies were Eric McCormick, Nick Kurowski and Jonah Clark (Case Hill and Noah Wheeler also added extra points).


Attica took this match 27-7.

Fist score was Clayton Compton for Attica with the extra point run in by Ayden Goll.

Second Attica touchdown was by Travis Kauffman.

Next run into the end zone was by Clayton Compton, who also threw the extra point conversion to Zachary Strzelec.

Pembroke got on the board when Drake Sargent completed a pass to Garett Totten. Sargent ran the ball in for the extra point as well.

Attica's final score of the day was a run by Ayden Goll


Attica dominated this match with all the scoring. In order of points:

1. Mitchell Cook (Extra point Mitchell Cook from Parker Wylie)

2. Kevin Durzewski (Extra point by Blake Pariso)

3. Tyler Myer (Extra point by Ed Strzelec)

4. Dawson Nelson (Extra point by John (JJ) Goodenbury)

5. Noah Stachowiak

6. Interception run back for a TD by Parker Wylie (Extra point by Logan White)

7. Trevor Gol (Extra point by Max Dufour)


Pembroke came out of this contest on top led by Zachary VonKramer who had all three touchdowns and an extra point. Kyle Ludwig kicked the other extra point through the uprights.

More pictures from today can be found at Francletography (

September 23, 2012 - 10:05pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, PYA, Pembroke Dragons, Newfane Lightning.


Saturday was another great day for football in Pembroke.
For the beginners, Alden Gibson found the end-zone for the Newfane Hurricane. Scoring for Pembroke were Gavin Lawless and three touchdowns by Jacob Dulski.
In the mini division the Newfane Thunder started with a touchdown by Sam Capen, and the extra point was a two-point conversion toss from Scotty Penwright to Michael Carmer. 
The second Newfane TD was run in by Sam Capen.
Garett Totten got the Dragons on the board running it in, with the two-point conversion throw from Owen Mileham to Drake Sargent.
Further scoring:
Newfane - Zachary Snow with Extra Point by Andrew Lucinski
Newfane - Sam Capen
Newfane - Sam Capen
Pembroke - Owen Mileham
Newfane - Andrew Lucinski with extra point by Justin Robers
Pembroke - Garett Totten
The JV game had one-sided scoring by The Newfane Lightning.
Will Gross caught a pass from Shayne Harrington for the first TD, then repeated it for the two-point conversion.
Next TD was by Shayne Harrington, with the extra point by Garrett Srock.
The third score was Josh Everett.
Fourth TD was run in by Garrett Srock and the extra point by Reese Casinelli.
The final score was a run by Sam Kline. 
The Varsity game that allowed Pembroke to clinch a playoff spot was a hard-fought battle between both squads that was close and saw an exchange up until the last minute.
Starting the scoring was the Newfane Storm with a run by Sam O'Keefe and extra point by Robert Holmes.
Pembroke answered with a TD by Mike Natalzia.
Pembroke rolled down the field again with a long acrobatic run by Dakota Dieter, followed by an extra point by Zach VonKramer.
Newfane answered with a run and extra point by Robert Holmes.
Mike Natalzia took it down the field for the go-ahead run and Jacob Miller connected with Reed Miano for the two-point conversion.
Newfane rolled back with a touchdown by Robert Holmes and the two-point conversion pass from Albert Krampe to Josh Volschow.
Pembroke put it away with another TD run by Mike Natalzia and two-point conversion pass from Jacob Miller to Dakota Dieter.
More pictures from the game can be found at
August 26, 2012 - 11:28pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in football, sports, alexander, trojans, PYA, Pembroke Dragons, Tri-Town.

Pulling into Alexander on Saturday we were greeted with the sign: "First home game in 30 years!" The Tri-town organization ( has brought back youth football -- and judging by the turn out, it is back to stay.

Four games were played against the Pembroke Dragons during the sunny and hot afternoon. There was a chicken barbecue that ran throughout the day, a concession stand with a large variety of baked goods and 50/50 raffles and a drawing for a game-worn Bills jersey.

The beginners saw Alexander scoring from Connor Scott, Mason Bump and Ricky Townley.


Scoring in the minis for Pembroke were: Adam Dulski (no extra point), Owen Mileham with a defensive touchdown, Garrett Totten with two TD's, and Alec Skeet adding an extra point.

The JV game saw touchdowns from Trent Smith, David Colby (2) and Jordan Brown for Pembroke.

The varsity game was a hard-fought battle between two huge teams. There was a little bit of everything in this game, which Pembroke won 20-7. The first score was Pembroke's Mike Natalzia who broke a tackle and took the ball most of the field and into the end zone. Kyle Ludwig kicked the extra point.

Second touchdown was a run by Dakota Dieter of the Dragons. The extra point kick was blocked by Zach Jasen, of Alexander. Alexander's touchdown came next, run in by Zach Jasen, and PJ Brennan added the extra point. Mike Natalzia put the game away in the fourth quarter with his second touchdown of the day. More pictures from the day can be found at

August 19, 2012 - 10:55pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in batavia bulldawgs, football, sports, PYA, varsity, Pembroke Dragons, JV, Mini, Beginner.

Saturday marked the opening of the 2012-2013 Football season for many area youth football leagues. 

We visited Pembroke to see the Dragons host the Bulldawgs.

Below is the scoring for the Bulldawgs, we are still waiting for the official names for the Dragons and will update it as it is supplied.


For the Bulldagws beginner squad- JaVon McFollins had 2 touchdowns & Mekhi Fortes added another.


For the Bulldawgs Mini Squad Zach Gilebarto scored the lone touchdown.


And for the Bulldawgs JV Squad Colton Dillon had 4 touchdowns & Ethan Biscaro added 2 touchdowns




More pictures from all four games can be found at



July 23, 2012 - 7:22am
posted by Rick Franclemont in batavia, sports, Le Roy, softball, Byron Bergen, crossroads house.

On Saturday the Tonawanda Valley Youth Ladies Fastpitch Softball League (TVYLFSL) hosted a Junior Division small ball softball tournament to benefit Crossroads House.

Four teams of 10-12-year-old girls participated, representing Batavia, Le Roy and Byron-Bergen.

Participants and their families were asked to bring donations from the Crossroad House wish list.

"Crossroads House is a comfort care home for those who have a terminal illness and have been medically determined to be in the last three months of life. Crossroads House is an alternative to a hospital or nursing home when care can no longer be provided in the patient's own home."

Le Roy 2 coached by Micky Hyde won the tournament. Tied in points going into the last game with Le Roy 1, Hyde's team scored a run in the last inning to pull off the win.

More pictures from the games can be found here.

June 8, 2012 - 9:38am
posted by Rick Franclemont in sports, alexander, pembroke, softball.

In the final game of the modified softball season Alexander rallied to within 1 of Pembroke.




The final game was held in Pembroke on a beautiful spring day.




The final was Pembroke 17, Alexander 16.






More pictures can be found here: Alexander - Pembroke modified softball

December 15, 2011 - 9:24pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in school, alexander, reading, Santa.

Santa took a break from his busy schedule to visit Alexander school tonight.

After reading two stories, it was time for Santa to hear what everyone wanted for Christmas.

Then everyone gathered in the cafeteria to frost and decorate cookies!

December 12, 2011 - 9:58pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in Christmas, Molasses Hill Bulk Foods.

Sunday at Molasses Hill Bulk Foods, more than 20 neighborhood kids decorated their own gingerbread houses.


This is a tradition that Shannon Harder's mother used to do every Christmas with the kids in her neighborhood, and Shannon wanted to continue it at her new location.


Molasses Hill Bulk Foods is located at 466 Ellicott St. in Batavia.

November 19, 2011 - 9:16pm
posted by Rick Franclemont in fundraiser, Batavia City Centre, Cutting Out Cancer.

Le Beau Salon and a host of others put on a carnival of beauty as a benefit for the Voltura family.

Nicole Voltura, a wife and mother of three, is dealing with not just one terminal illness, but three. She has recently undergone surgery to remove a sarcoma from her leg. On Oct. 7, she went for her fourth round of chemotherapy to treat two separate rare autoimmune diseases.

This benefit helped raise funds needed to offset some of the medical bills and to support the needs of her family.

Nicole is the owner of Glitz-n-Glamour Salon.

Among the many activities for the whole family were nail art, mini-manicures, hand facials, make-up technique sessions, bling hair extensions, eyebrow and lip waxing, blowouts, and face painting.

In addition, there was a Chinese auction, instruction in hip-hop dance techniques and a Zumba class.

Paige Haile getting a mini-manicure.

Sponsers of the event included: Le Beau Salon, Suzanne's School of Dance, Hot Heads, The Mane Attraction Salon, Charley's Salon, Zumba with Diane Cox, Glitz-n-Glamour, and Tommy Nails.

For more information on how to make a donation please contact Erika Siverling at Le Beau Salon, 343-1017.

More pictures from the event can be found here.




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