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July 8, 2009 - 7:08am
posted by Howard B. Owens in library, byron.

Byron Bergen Public Library Board of Trustees issued the following statement yesterday:

The Trustees of the Byron Bergen Public Library are actively pursuing options to keep both the village location and the location at the Gillam-Grant Community Center open, in the interest of serving both communities.   We are currently seeking bridge funding from a variety of sources and have received a grant from Nioga Library System to start the process.

The Gillam-Grant Community Center will no longer providing funding for library staff at that location and the trustees hosted two public meetings last month seeking community input on options.  There was a good deal of support for each of the current locations remaining, and neither location appears suited to becoming the only library in the Byron-Bergen area.

June 15, 2009 - 10:46am
posted by Susan Brownell in library, byron.

Just a friendly reminder....

 Public forums in Bergen and Byron will be conducted for the residents to
voice their support or concerns about consolidating the two libraries will be held at the following locations and times....

Wednesday, June 17th 2009 - 7:00pm at the Byron Town Hall
Thursday, June 18th - 7:00 pm at the Bergen Town Hall

For more information, you can go to either library and pick up an information packet

or it can be downloaded from the Byron-Bergen Public Library's website at

June 4, 2009 - 7:28pm

Recently the Gilliam-Grant Community Center Board presented information to the Byron-Bergen Public Library Board and to representative of the Towns of Bergen and Byron concerning their current financial situation.  Due to the economic impact on the Gilliam-Grant Community Center's endowment, the Gilliam-Grant Community Center is forced to severely cut their operating budget and reduce overhead costs to preserve their future within the community.  Gilliam-Grant Community Center  inquired whether the Byron-Bergen Public Library and the Towns would consider library consolidation as an option.

 The Library Board is, in concert with Board officials from Bergen and Byron, researching the financial aspects, location possibilities, and public support of options in response to this financial challenge as presented by the Gilliam-Grant Community Center.  Please contact Gilliam-Grant Community Center for further information about their financial situation.


Public forums in Bergen and Byron will be conducted for the residents to
voice their support or concerns will be held at the following locations and times....

Wednesday, June 17th 2009 - 7:00pm at the Byron Town Hall
Thursday, June 18th - 7:00 pm at the Bergen Town Hall

For more information, you can go to either library and pick up an information packet.





I work at the Byron Bergen Public Library, part time----now here is my opinion.

Keep the library in the village of Bergen. 

So many people enjoy walking to the village library, whether it's summer or winter, it makes no difference.  Where is the sense of taking our village library and moving it out to the boonies?  Not just that...but move our library out there, and it will loose it's identity.  People won't call it the Byron Bergen Public Library any more...  it will become, by nickname, the Gillliam Grant Library, even though we'd be paying rent and not funded by them.   And to move it to the Gilliam Grant will cost the tax payers even more money than to just move some book from the Gilliam Grant Library.  Not all of the Gilliam Grant Library books will be moved, some will be sold and the monies will go back to Byron.  The relationship betewen the two librearies is as such...

The Gilliam Grant Library is a contracting library under the auspices of the Byron Bergen Public Library.  This means that the charter to maintain and provide services for both libraries is held by the Byron Bergen Public Library.  Funds from the towns of Bergen and Byron and from Genesee County are used to pay the operating costs (saleries, rent, books, materials, etc.) of the library located in the Village of Bergen.  A portion of the Byron funds is designated to Gilliam Grant Library to purchase books and materials and provide programs.  Beyond that, the overhead and general operating costs of the contracting library, located at the Gilliam Grant, are included in the Gilliam Grant Library's budget

This is why people of Byron and Bergen NEED to come to these meetings.  They need to hear both sides.  So far, to me, the information packet is one sided... the Gilliam Grant Library's side.  Not once does it mention how the Library benefits from being where it is..... in the Village of Bergen


September 10, 2008 - 4:37pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in GCC, video, library, books.

Betty Lane recently retired from her post as archivist at Genesee Community College, where she worked as a librarian for more than 40 years. In fact, Betty started work the very day the college opened its doors in August of 1967.

Officially, Betty was the assistant dean of the library at GCC up until 1990 when she (sort of) retired only to return to work part-time as the archivist until her recent (really this time) retirement. She initially came back on staff to compile the history of the college.

"As a brand new institution, you don't necessarily think about those things," she said, "but I had been saving materials from 'day one' and other departments within the college had their own records as well."

We caught up with Betty in of all places the archive room at the library—"bursting at the seams," she told me—to talk about that first day on the job at a college that was so young, they barely had books to fill the shelves, which they didn't have yet anyway!

You can visit the college site for a brief bio of Betty. Here's some of what is included there:

Aside from her part-time work at Genesee, Betty is an avid reader, she enjoys sewing and knitting, and with 10 grandchildren and three great grandchildren she keeps very busy. She has served on the Board of Trustees for Woodward Memorial Library in LeRoy since 1991, and she is a long term member of the Batavia-Genesee County Zonta Club. Betty and her husband reside in LeRoy.

May 6, 2008 - 9:36pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in budget, library.

Voters passed the Richmond Memorial Library budget tonight. The results were: 245 votes in favor, 54 against. The total budget is about $1.15 million — about $40,000 more than last year. Also, library Board member Tracy Stokes was elected to a five-year term with a total of 284 votes.



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