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January 13, 2020 - 1:48pm

Submitted photo of Brian Schollard and press release:

The Genesee County Office of Emergency Management Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Schollard as deputy fire coordinator for Genesee County effective Tuesday, Jan. 21. 

As deputy fire coordinator, Schollard will be assigned to the West Battalion of the County, which includes the towns of Alabama, Corfu, Darien, East Pembroke, Indian Falls and Pembroke.

Deputy fire coordinators assist the coordinator of Emergency Management Services with planning and supervising county programs of fire training and mutual aid, preparation for emergency situations requiring the services of a firefighter, as well as serve as liaisons between the fire companies and the coordinator's office.

Schollard brings more than 30 years of fire service experience to the position.

He is the outgoing chief of the volunteer Corfu Rescue Hook & Ladder Co. #1, incorporated in 1882 to provide fire, rescue, and first-responder emergency medical services to the residents of Corfu. He is an active member of the Genesee County Emergency Support Unit (ESU) as well as the chair of the Fire Advisory Board Communications Committee.

Schollard is currently employed by the Village of Corfu. 

The Genesee County Office of Emergency Management Services staff looks forward to the knowledge and experience Schollard will bring to this position.

January 13, 2020 - 11:18am
posted by Billie Owens in Democrats, news, batavia.

Press release:

Democratic candidates for Congress and NYS Senate will visit Batavia to talk with voters on Thursday, Jan. 30. 

The Genesee County Democratic Committee invites the community to meet candidates for Congress and NYS Senate District 61.

Candidates including Nate McMurray, Joan Seamans, Kim Smith, and Jacqualine Berger will join us from 7 to 9 p.m. at Moonjava Cafe, 56 Harvester Ave.

Come register to vote, apply for an absentee ballot, learn about the upcoming elections, participate in a Democratic Presidential Primary Poll, visit with local Democratic officials, meet potential 2020 candidates, learn more about early voting and changes to NYS elections laws and more. 

All are welcome! 

"Be represented, be a voter."

January 13, 2020 - 10:15am
posted by Howard B. Owens in District Attorney's Office, kevin finnell, news, notify.

Press release from District Attorney Lawrence Friedman:

"I am very pleased to announce that longtime Assistant District Attorney Kevin T. Finnell is being promoted to the position of First Assistant District Attorney. Mr. Finnell is a highly experienced prosecuting attorney, having served more than 29 years with this office. ADA Finnell is a very knowledgeable, motivated public servant, who consistently exercises appropriate judgment in the prosecution of criminal cases.

"When longtime Bergen Town Justice Donald R. Kunego retired, his notice of retirement made mention of 'the outstanding professionalism of ADA Kevin Finnell.'

"In 2018 ADA Finnell received a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition 'for the highest level of professional assistance he has provided to the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office.' The Certificate stated that his 'professional skills and consistent high performance has been a major contributor to the overall effectiveness of the Sheriff's Office and the efforts of the Local Drug Task Force...Kevin T. Finnell has brought great credit upon himself and his chosen career as a Prosecutor.'

"Last Spring, based on nominations from the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office, Mr. Finnell received the statewide MADD Law Enforcement Recognition Award and the Kiwanis Club of Batavia Criminal Justice Award. In endorsing the MADD nomination, I referred to ADA Finnell’s enthusiasm for the job, work ethic and advocacy skills.

"I am confident that Kevin Finnell will do a great job in his new role and that he is fully capable of running this office in my absence."

Previously: First District Attorney Melissa Cianfrini resigns suddenly

January 13, 2020 - 10:11am
posted by Howard B. Owens in gas prices, news.

Press release from AAA:

Today’s national average price for a gallon of gasoline is $2.58, no change since last week. One year ago, the price was $2.25. The New York State average is $2.72 – no change from last week.

A year ago, the NYS average was $2.55. AAA Western and Central New York (AAA WCNY) reports the following averages:

  • Batavia - $2.67 (up 1 cent since last week)
  • Buffalo - $2.64 (down 1 cent since last week)
  • Ithaca - $2.70 (no change since last week)
  • Rochester - $2.69 (no change since last week)
  • Rome - $2.70 (up 1 cent since last week)
  • Syracuse - $2.63 (down 1 cent since last week)
  • Watertown - $2.71 (no change since last week)

With tensions still high in the Middle East, we’ve yet to see the expected drop in gas prices that usually comes in January. However, prices remain stable despite those geopolitical issues.

With increased domestic production, the U.S. is in a better position than in the past with less reliance on the Middle East. Analysts continue to monitor the situation in Iran along with oil prices, which have a direct impact on pump prices.

The mild winter weather also has more people traveling, so demand remains strong for gasoline at this time.

From GasBuddy:

"With Iran and the United States de-escalating rising tensions last week, oil prices plummeted back under $60 per barrel, a welcome sign for motorists who had believed gas prices were about to shoot up.

"For now, the reduced tensions may lead gas prices to again begin falling in most states over the next few weeks before seasonal factors then again push prices back up," said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

"We have a closing window of opportunity that will last about four more weeks in which we could see falling prices as demand for gasoline weakens, but by mid-February, that trend may wrap up. I don't expect to see prices fall more than 10-20 cents by then, but some clearance sales may happen in early February as refiners begin seeing challenges getting rid of the gasoline they're forced to produce.

"Bottom line: enjoy the falling prices while they last and cross your fingers that tensions continue to cool between the U.S. and Iran."

January 13, 2020 - 9:58am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Deal of the Day, advertisement.

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  • You are eligible to buy the same item only once in a four-month period. We use the registration system to track this for you so you don't have to.
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  • Gift certificates should be used within 30 days of receipt.



January 13, 2020 - 9:47am
posted by Mike Pettinella in news.

The pins were flying off the deck at a furious pace throughout the week at Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia as several league bowlers came up with big 700 series.

Two of those occurred in the Antique World Tuesday Nite Coed League where Tim "Sticks" Moore rolled a 287 game en route to a 765 series and Scott Bliss popped a 267 game en route to a 744 series.

Moore, back in action recently after a long layoff, went into the night with a 173 average so, with handicap, his series is a lofty 873 and his game is better than "perfect" at 323.

In the Toyota of Batavia Thursday League, Josh Elliott and Matt Balduf each flirted with 800 series before falling just short.

Elliott rolled 277-248-268--793 and Balduf posted 234-279-279--792.

Brian Green, owner of Striking Effects Pro Shop, was next in line with a 268 game and 747 series.

And in the Synergistic Online Solutions MNF League, Steve Wenzka led the way with a 277 game and 722 series.

Congratulations to youth bowler Benjamin Sputore on rolling his first-ever 600 series -- 203-189-213--605 -- in the T.F. Brown's Adult-Child League.

At Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen, Ryan Flaherty rolled a 299 game (leaving a 5-pin on the last ball) and 745 series in the G&W Vending League.

For a list of the week's high rollers, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of this page.

January 12, 2020 - 3:45pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in dogs, Mutt Strut, Genesee County Park, animals, pets, news.


Joshua Finn says he always wanted a blond female running partner and he wound up with Charlotte, a young golden retriever full of energy.

They run together a lot, as much as six miles on a weekend run.

"If she sees me grab my headphones and leash, she goes nuts," Finn said.

On one of his runs, Finn, who also runs in 5Ks, said he thought, "wouldn't it be cool to run in a 5K with dogs."

He shared his idea with Adrienne Penders and she, well, ran with it.

Penders, owner of Matted Mutts and involved with rescues and Volunteers for Animals for more than 15 years, has spent dozens of hours and thousands of dollars of her own money to bring together the "Mutt Strut," a 5K walk in the Genesee County Park & Forest at 9 a.m. on Sunday, April 19. (She also was helped by her boyfriend Jonathan Wright, who helped promotional material, including building the promotional website).

To bring the event together, there was insurance to secure, waivers to sign, release forms, and other paperwork and numerous meetings involved in getting approval from county officials.

All in the name of creating a family-friendly, and dog-friendly event where people can enjoy a relaxing walk in one of Genesee County's most scenic areas.

Since it's the first-ever large-scale dog walk/run event in the park, park officials wanted to keep it manageable so it's limited to 100 participants.

"We want it to be a success not only for the dogs but for the park so we can keep doing it year after year after year," Penders said.

To help with the success, dog trainer Tori Ganino, owner of Calling All Dogs, will be on hand to help spot dogs that might be not be suitable for the event. The event is for dogs who are comfortable around other dogs and children.

"Obviously, everybody thinks their dog is wonderful but sometimes you get into a close encounter with 50 dogs and 100 kids running around dogs, some dogs might act a little differently, so she’s there basically to either explain to somebody how to control their dog or advise that the dog shouldn't attend the event because it’s not going to be safe," Penders said.

Dogs and their handlers can sign up at mattedmutts.com/muttstrut/. Registration is $30 per person or $80 for a family of four. All proceeds benefit Volunteers for Animals.

The canines get a doggie gift bag and there will be food for participants afterward.

Photo: Joshua Finn, Charlotte, Adrienne Penders, and Pablo.

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January 12, 2020 - 2:20pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in The Coffee Press, batavia, business.


Shirley Puleo and Lynn Bezon chat with owner Derek Geib during the first-anniversary celebration yesterday of The Coffee Press on Jackson Street.

January 12, 2020 - 12:37pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in east pembroke, East Pembroke Fire, pembroke, batavia, news.


Among the awards handed out Friday night by the East Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department was a plaque and gold-plated ax for Donald Newton Sr., for his 50 years of service to the department.

In those 50 years, Newton has been a fire chief, a commissioner, a president of the fire district board, a captain, lieutenant, assistant chief, vice president and a member of the board of directors.

In the photo above, he's hugged by his son, Don Newton Jr., while 1st Assistant Chief Charles Chatley and 2nd Assistant Chief Stephen Smelski hold the award.

Other awards Friday included Dan Vania, who served for 27 years as district treasurer. Charles Chately and Paul Kirch both received Firefighter of the Year. (Kirch was unable to attend the dinner.) 

Five years of service: Kenny Marble, Ryan Worthington, Joycelyn Perry, Jennifer Henning, and Paul Kirch; 15 years of service: Don Norway; 20 years of service: Dave Winters and James Gayton.

The department responded to 318 calls in 2019, which came to 1,200 manhours on calls for service.

Firematic officers for 2020: Don Newton Jr., chief; Charles Chatley, 1st assistant chief; Stephen Smelski, 2nd assistant chief; Paul Kirch, captain; Kenny Marble, lieutenant; Joycelyn Perry, EMS captain; Jen Groff, EMS lieutenant; Dale Lewter, fire police captain; Matt Allen, Rick Groff and Justin Nye, training officers.


Charles Chatley, Kenny Marble, Don Newton Sr., Don Newton Jr., and Stephen Smelski


Charles Chatley, Don Newton Sr., Kenny Marble, Dan Vania, Don Newton Jr., and Stephen Smelski


Don Newton Jr., Charles Chatley, Stephen Smelski


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January 12, 2020 - 10:35am
posted by Howard B. Owens in weather, news, notify.


There are more than two dozen power outages reported in Genesee County following a night of strong winds that brought down trees and power lines and kept local fire crews responding to sparking and arcing lines throughout the night.

The largest outage is in the South Byron, Byron, and a bit into the Bergen area of the county with more than 800 National Grid customers without power. A work crew has just been assigned to that outage and power restoration is expected by 6 p.m.

There are six outages in the City of Batavia. The larges stretches along Ellicott Street from Jackson Street to Cedar Street and as far south as Jackson Primary School and north to about Florence Avenue. There are 547 customers without power in that outage. A crew has been assigned and power restoration is expected by 6 p.m.

There's an outage affecting 108 customers in the Naramore Drive area. A crew has not yet been assigned but power restoration expected by 6 p.m.

There are three other outages in the city affecting five customers are less.

There is an outage in the Town of Pembroke, west of Indian Falls, with 59 customers without power. No crew has been assigned. Power restoration is expected before 6 p.m.

There are two outages in Alabama. One affecting 16 customers the other 20. A crew has not been assigned. Power should be restored by 6 p.m.

On either side of Route 20 in Alexander and Bethany, along West Bethany Road and Molasses Hill Road, 58 customers are without power. No crew has been assigned and power restoration is expected by 6 p.m.

Residents in the area of Godfrey's pond, 42 customers, are without power. No crew assigned. Restoration by 6 p.m.

There's an area with 114 customers just west of Route 237 and mostly north of North Byron Road that is without power. No crew assigned. Restoration expected by 6 p.m.

Photos: Top three photos by Philip Casper of a tree down on Ellicott Avenue.



Below, reader-submitted photos. If you have weather-related photos to submit, email them to [email protected] or text (585) 260-6970.



January 12, 2020 - 6:37am
posted by Billie Owens in byron, news, weather.

A telephone pole fell onto a house at 6281 Walker Corners Road in Byron. No word on injuries. Byron and South Byron fire departments are responding. "Residents are trapped," says a dispatcher. A Sheriff's deputy is heading there to check on residents.

Multiple power, phone and cable lines and signs and trees are down countywide and multiple alarms for fire and burglary have been called in due to strong winds during the early morning hours. Emergency responders have been very busy.

According to the National Weather Service, a powerful winter storm with snow, ice, heavy rain, severe thunderstorms and flash flooding hit much of the eastern United States Saturday and is expected to wind down today. Gusty winds are anticipated behind the storm which is why wind advisories are issued across a large portion of the eastern United States, including Genesee County.

UPDATE 6:47: "Sounds like (Byron and South Byron) fire's all set. Where do you want me to go next?" the deputy asks.

January 11, 2020 - 7:46pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in news, Le Roy, accident.

A car has reportedly driven into a house at 9235 Linwood Road, Le Roy.

No word on injuries.

Le Roy fire and Le Roy ambulance dispatched.

UPDATE 7:55 p.m.: The vehicle struck a tree, not the house. Responding units can slow down.

January 11, 2020 - 10:25am
posted by Howard Owens in sports, batavia, basketball.


The Lady Blue Devils moved to 8-3 on the season with a 61-47 win over Greece Olympia Friday night.

Emma Krolczyk and Kenzie Reigle came up big with Krolczyk scoring 22 points, grabbing six rebounds and four steals. Reigle scored 19 points, had six rebounds, five assists and six steals.

Bryn Wormley scored 13 points and had four steals. 

For Greece Olympia, Janale Miller scored 12 points, Clearra Spencer also had 12 and Abby Dewar scored nine.

Photos by Steve Ognibene. To view or purchase photos, click here.





January 10, 2020 - 4:47pm
posted by Billie Owens in accidents, news, Pavilion.

A two-car accident is partially blocking the roadway at Starr Road and Ellicott Street Road in Pavilion. A small child reportedly has a laceration to the chin. Pavilion Fire Department and Mercy medics are responding.

UPDATE 4:52 p.m.: A second ambulance is requested to the scene.

January 10, 2020 - 4:03pm
posted by Billie Owens in business, agriculture, steve hawley, farm labor laws.

Press release:

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I- Batavia) announced today that he has introduced legislation, A.8916, that would mandate including two additional members on the Farm Laborers Wage Board, increasing membership from three to five individuals. The two additional members would be the Commissioner of Agriculture & Markets and a member of the business community.

“New York City politicians passed sweeping and overarching new farm labor regulations last year which have the potential to devastate small, family-owned farms in our state,” Hawley said. “It is imperative that the new wage board has input and influence from those who are on the frontlines of the agriculture industry instead of politically appointed Big Labor bosses.

“I proudly debated on the Assembly Floor and voted against the farm labor changes because Downstate lawmakers have no business telling our producers how to operate. Agriculture is a unique industry that is thriving in many parts of our state and to pass blanket labor laws from behind a desk in Albany is grossly irresponsible and myopic.

"As the Past President of the Genesee County Farm Bureau and former owner of our family farm in Batavia, I will continue to advocate for our area’s farmers and see that this bill I’m introducing to expand the wage board becomes law this year.”

January 10, 2020 - 3:34pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in District Attorney's Office, news, notify.

District Attorney Lawrence Friedman is currently managing an office with five vacancies at a time when the workload has increased because of changes in state law around how evidence is handled but he said everything is under control.

As first reported by The Batavian last night, First Assistant District Attorney Melissa Cianfrini resigned, apparently without notice, yesterday. 

Last week, ADA Shirley Gorman announced her departure at the end of the month to take another job.  Meanwhile, Friedman is anticipating filling a new ADA position in 2020 plus a part-time ADA.

The new positions were authorized by the County Legislature for the 2020 budget to help the DA's office deal with the state's new rules reporting evidence disclosure to defendants. 

While in the budget, Friedman must get authorization to advertise the positions. He will make presentations to the Public Service Committee on Jan. 13, Ways and Means on Jan. 15, with a vote for the full Legislature coming on Jan. 22.

"It has proven to be a challenge to find good candidates for vacancies, not only in our office but in other law departments in Genesee county and in other counties," Friedman said.

One new ADA has already been selected and will begin work Jan. 27.

The current DA's staff: ADAs Kevin Finnell, Shirley Gorman, Kaitlynn Schmit, and Joseph Robinson. The support staff is made up of confidential secretary Lacie Snell, paralegal Gabrielle Montalbano, legal clerk-typist Katie Schrider, legal clerk-typist Rhonda Natalizia, and legal clerk-typist Andrea Agan.

As for hiring a new First ADA, Friedman said he will have an announcement about that "very soon."

The departure of Cianfrini, who was the heir apparent for the DA's job, won't affect Friedman's retirement plans he said. His term expires on Dec. 31, 2021. He said he has no comment on next year's DA election.

Friedman said even under current conditions, the current staff is getting the job done.

"We are dealing with the workload in the interim by constantly adapting, working extra hours and coming up with new ways to meet our deadlines," Friedman said. "I am very proud of every member of our dedicated and talented staff, who have all been constantly assuming new and challenging responsibilities relating to the unreasonable and ill-conceived Discovery obligations recently imposed on us by the State of New York.

"Everyone in this office is working under a great deal of pressure, yet keeping a positive attitude. We have a great team! While the State, as is typical, has foisted yet another unfunded mandate on us, the Genesee County Legislature, the County Manager, the Batavia City Council and the City Manager have educated themselves re: our needs and they have all been totally supportive of our office at this very difficult time."

Photo: Lawrence Friedman, 2011 file photo.

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January 10, 2020 - 3:09pm

Northgate Free Methodist Church will be kicking off its annual youth basketball program this Saturday, Jan. 11.

The basketball program will be held each Saturday in January and February.

This program is designed for second- through eighth-grade students, with an emphasis on an instructional noncompetitive atmosphere for casual players.

Times are:

  • 9 to 10 a.m. for second and third grades;
  • 10:15 to 11:15 a.m. for fourth and fifth grades;
  • 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for grades six, seven and eight.

The first two weeks will be skills and drills, with all the following six weeks being exhibition games.

Sixth, seventh and eighth grades will participate in a weekly officiated pickup game.

A more complete schedule will be provided on Jan. 18th, along with a team assignment and jersey.

Along with basketball instruction, each team will participate in a small devotional time.

The program will be conducted at Northgate’s South Campus, 350 Bank St., Batavia.

The 2020 program costs $20 per player or $30 per family (same household).

Sign-up forms are available during regular office hours and at northgatefmc.com.

Registration will be available Saturday morning at the door.

Please contact Pastor Daniel Calkins with any questions at [email protected] or 585-343-4011.

January 10, 2020 - 3:00pm

Pembroke High School Girls' Varsity Basketball Team.*

Submitted photo and press release:

The Pembroke Jr./Sr. High School Girls’ Basketball Team will host its ninth annual Shooting For A Cure! event versus Oakfield-Alabama on Thursday, Jan. 16, at 5 p.m. at the high school gymnasium located at the corner of routes 5 and 77 (8750 Alleghany Road) in Pembroke.

The JV basketball game begins at 5:30, while the Varsity game begins at 7 o'clock.

To date, Shooting For A Cure! has raised more than $119,000 and has become one of Roswell Park Comprehensice Cancer Center's largest community-based fundraising events.

This year, the team hopes to raise another $30,000 for the cause. The team is accepting online donations in support of Shooting For A Cure! To make a donation, click here.

There are several other ways to support the cause. Attendees can contribute through various raffles and auctions, purchase food and beverages from the concession stand, and buy merchandise during the event.

The basket raffle includes 100 baskets and gift cards. A sheet of 25 tickets costs $5. There is also a big-item pink ticket raffle. A handful of these tickets remain and cost $5 each or 5 for $20.

One winner will be selected for each of the following prizes: a one-year supply of pizza logs from Original Pizza Logs; an Apple Watch Series 5; an autographed Sam Reinhart jersey; a pair of 200-level Sabres tickets for the March 9th game versus the Washington Capitals; and an autographed Josh Allen football.

The silent auction offers attendees the chance to bid on several high-value items such as: 12 Park Hopper passes to Walt Disney World; two round-trip plane tickets from Southwest; two round-trip plane tickets from JetBlue; a catered dinner party for eight guests; and handcrafted Adirondack chairs made by Pembroke students.

At the concession stand, there will be pizza from Batavia’s Original, pizza logs from Original Pizza Logs, taco in a bag from Clarence Deli, ice cream from Hershey’s, and drinks from Coca-Cola of Rochester and Crickler Vending. Pink ribbons and a variety of Shooting For A Cure! apparel items will also be available for purchase.

Shooting For A Cure! coordinator Mike Wilson would like to give special thanks to community member and former Western Region Vice President of NYSCOPBA (New York State Corrections Officer and Police Benevolent Association) Joe Miano.

According to Wilson, “Over the past four seasons, NYSCOPBA has donated a total of $10,000 to our cause, and I cannot express how grateful we are for the continued community support. I am overwhelmed by their generosity.”

Miano stated, “It’s been a pleasure working with Pembroke’s Shooting For A Cure! over the last four years, watching the endless work all the volunteers put into this great cause for Roswell Park.”

The 2019-2020 Shooting For A Cure! business and organization donors list includes: 26Shirts, ACES Foundation, ADPRO Sports, Batavia Country Club, Batavia’s Original, Buttercrumbs Bakery, Clarence Deli, Coca-Cola of Rochester, Crickler Vending Company, Darien Lake, Dollar General, Dollars for Scholars, Dry Creek Group, Fava Brothers Lawn Care, Five Guys, Genesee Feeds, Hershey’s Ice Cream, Insty-Prints, JetBlue Airways, Kingdom Bound, Knockaround Sunglasses, Linda’s Family Diner, Maple Ridge Landscaping, Mosquito Hunters of Buffalo, Northtown Automotive, Oliver’s Candies, OnCore Golf, Original Pizza Logs, Pesci’s Pizza and Wings, Pillar Real Estate Investors, Platinum Fitness, Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, Sincerely Kayla, Southwest Airlines, Spa at Artemis, Terry Hills, Tim Hortons, Walt Disney World, West Herr Chevy of Orchard Park, Yancey’s Fancy, and YMCA of Batavia.

Businesses or organizations wishing to donate to this year’s event should contact Mike Wilson by calling 716.949.0523.

The event itself began nine years ago when the Pembroke Girls’ Varsity Basketball team approached then Head Coach Mike Wilson with an idea to show their support for Toni Funke, wife of beloved coach and Pembroke teacher Ron Funke in her battle against breast cancer.

They wanted to play a game in her honor to raise money for cancer research. Since then, Shooting For A Cure! has blossomed into a huge community event attracting supporters from throughout Western New York.

Regardless of how large the event has grown, the goal remains the same: show support for community members in the fight against cancer. To make this night special for cancer survivors, current patients, and families, the varsity halftime program is dedicated to recognizing people from all of these groups.

As part of the halftime program, members of the varsity and junior varsity teams give each honoree a flower and a hug. It is a great way to show love and support to those who have been touched by this far-reaching disease.

Anyone who would like to support this noble cause is encouraged to do so by coming to the event or visiting the Shooting For A Cure! donation page here.

About Pembroke High School Girls' Varsity Basketball Team

The team colors are green, white, and black. The team began Shooting For A Cure! as an annual event in 2011, and they are committed to the hard work and dedication it will take to win the battle against breast cancer.

*The team is comprised of 10 young women. The current team members, their numbers and positions are: 2 -- Serene Calderón, G; 3 -- Isabel Breede, G; 4 -- Brianna RindellF; 11 -- Mackenna JohnsonG12 -- Dekari MossF13 -- Casey WurtzF; 14 -- Megan ConibearF21 -- Allie SchwerthofferG; 32 -- Emily PetersG34 -- Nicole vonKramerF.

This season’s captains are Megan Conibear, Mackenna Johnson, Casey Wurtz, and Serene Calderón. The Lady Dragons are coached by Ron Funke and Guy Gabbey.

About Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

According to its website, “All donations made to Roswell Park are managed by the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that ensures that every donation is put to the best possible use. The Alliance Foundation has been recognized numerous times for these efforts.” For more information about giving to Roswell Park, click here, and go to “Donate.”

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