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July 9, 2008 - 8:31am
posted by Philip Anselmo in wbta, GCC, county legislature.

Check out WBTA for these and other stories:

  • The Genesee County Legislature meets tonight at 7:00pm at the Old County Courthouse to discuss a $4 million capital project for Genesee Community College that would include renovations to the gym and an expansion of the athletic fields. The state would pay half.
  • Rochester billionaire Tom Golisano made official his intent to start a Political Action Committee and back certain candidates for state office with a bankroll of $5 million. For a more detailed story, check out the Democrat & Chronicle article.
July 8, 2008 - 5:02pm

The past couple months have been a tremendous success for the Powers for Congress Campaign in Western New York. Our team of volunteers, the Powers Platoon, is blanketing the district and turning out in large numbers to parades, picnics, canvasses, and phone banks. Check out our team in action in our latest Grassroots Report:

Here are some of our campaign’s major accomplishments from the last 3 months:
·         In late May, we started circulating petitions in order to get our name on the ballot. We are going well above and beyond what's needed and turning in thousands of signatures. Our team is knocking on doors and getting great responses everywhere we go.
·         The AFL-CIO made an early endorsement of our campaign. Usually, the AFL-CIO waits until August to endorse, but realized the opportunity we have in NY-26 and came on board early. I am honored to have the endorsement of the working men and women of the AFL-CIO and look forward to bringing the voice of the middle class back to Congress.
·         The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recognized the exemplary work of the Powers Platoon by supporting our candidacy and placing us in their "Red to Blue" program. Only 6 races with primaries like ours have been recognized across the country! The program takes the top Democratic campaigns in Republican districts and helps them to victory in November. The DCCC has joined us because of all the hard work our team has done in the past year: gaining the endorsements of the Democratic Committees in all 7 Counties, being the only Democrat to have a labor endorsement, and all the grassroots support we have garnered from the voters in NY-26.
·         With the end of the financial quarter here, we are pleased to announce that had our strongest quarter yet. I am most proud that 75% of our donors have given $50 or less.
The Powers Platoon made a strong showing this July 4th marching in Lockport, Lancaster, Warsaw, and Avon. We watched fireworks in Amherst and went to a picnic in Brockport. There are plenty of photos available on our website at www.powersforcongress.com.
This Saturday, I will be close by, leading the Platoon in the Oatka Festival Parade. We would love for you to join us. Visit www.powersforcongress.com and signup today!
We are working hard for the next 63 days before our September 9 Democratic primary. The Powers Platoon is taking it to the street to prove that together, we have the power to change Washington.
July 8, 2008 - 2:02pm

So what's the bigger local story: That Federer-Nadal make a good tennis match, that CC Sabathia was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, or that Tyler Pratt threw a no hitter to lead Batavia over LeRoy in the 11-12 Division of the District 3 youth baseball tournament?

Federer-Nadal dominate the sports page of today's Daily News (it's a wire story that was all over the Internet hours before the DN presses ran), and Sabathia gets a good 8 inches of copy with picture (and I bet if you follow baseball, you already knew all about the trade last night), while Pratt's heroic efforts gets two paragraphs.

If Tyler or his family reads this, or any of you know him ... The Batavian would be happy to post anything you have on the game (or you can post it yourself) ... pictures, video, a first-person account. Let us know ...

Batavia's next game is Friday at 6 p.m. against Oakfield, which beat Wayland 10-7.  If you're going, take a video camera and post a few shots to YouTube. We'll repost it here.

Before we move off the sports page, we learn that tabloids love A-Rod (hold the presses for that one), and the Muckdogs lost in Vermont to the Lake Monsters 3-2 when Blake Stouffer hit a walk-off home run.

On the front page of today's Daily News, Joanne Beck covers Walk The Villages. The 45-minute walk begins downtown Saturday at 6 p.m. It's a chance to get some exercise, meet some neighbors and learn a little bit about local history, culture and architecture.  Oh, and there might be a couple of ghosts encountered along the way.

The other front-page story of note, Scott DeSmit follows up on the parachuting death of Joseph Schickler.  Officials are looking at the rigging of his chute.  An autopsy revealed that Schickler had some heart problems, but it cannot be determined if that was a contributing factor to the accident.

And in the final item to include in our round up today, on A-5 eleven area girls who are competing for Fair Queen are profiled.

The are Katie Fales, Batavia High; Anastashia Spikes, Batavia; Elysia Summers, Corfu; Desiree King, Elba; Lauren Mullen, Byron-Bergen; Taylor Patterson, Pembroke; Damainique Bruce, Batavia; April Meier, Pembroke; and, Alyssa Hilderbrandt of Pavillion Central School.

As always, you can pick up a copy of today's Daily News at a local news stand (such as Main Street Coffee), or, better yet, subscribe on the DN web site at BataviaNews.com.


July 8, 2008 - 12:49pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Daily News, wbta.

WBTA reported this morning:

  • Billionaire businessman Tom Golisano of Rochester may form a PAC, enabling him to spend vast amounts of money in support of favored political candidates.
  • U.S. Parachute Association is also looking into the death during the holiday weekend of Joseph Schickler.  The FAA has already launched an official investigation.
  • A tractor trailer hauling brand new Dodge Chargers caught fire along Route 63 near Geneseo.

Tune into WBTA 1490-AM for these and other news updates throughout the day. 

July 7, 2008 - 6:01pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in video, music, Ramble Music & Arts Fest.

July 7, 2008 - 4:55pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in Charter Review Commission.

Batavia's Charter Review Commission will meet tonight at 6:30pm in the Community Room at City Hall. Public comment is welcome. I was unable to connect with Commission Chair John Roach this afternoon, so any more details aren't yet available. We should have more updates for you when we can.

Click here to download the Batavia City Charter.

July 7, 2008 - 2:09pm
posted by Patrick D. Burk.

The perils of returning from vacation are both uncertain and unavoidable.  I, being one that makes sure my desk is neat and all the filing is done prior to partaking in a few days off, find it real hard to face the reality of the full inbox of email and the twenty-some faxes that were available for my immediate attention as soon as 9AM Monday roled around.  It kind of takes the fun out of going away...knowing your desk will be full when you return..... but there is nothing like a real nice "no phones", "no paperwork", "read a good book" holiday that rekindles the mind and refreshes the soul.   That is how I spent the weekend.  I read few newspapers, never looked at a computer, made only two phone calls to friends and family and napped.  It was perfect.

 I caught up with some old friends, cooked and grilled on the campfire, slept later than usual, went to a friend's graduation party and played with my grandchildren.   It was a dream come true.  Family members came and went, ate and napped, talked and laughed and friends dropped in.   Saw a few fireworks, listened to some American classical music, basked in more than a few sun rays and did some gardening....oh and we can't forget the yard sale time either.  All in all, it was successful.....peaceful and very, very relaxing.  It was perfect. 

Upon my return this morning, I immediately refocused and made sure that all that was left not handled during my two day absence was handled.  Returning phone calls, answering emails and sending out reports and faxes.  It seems that people want you to do more when they know you are not around to say "no".... isn't that always the way.  I did prevail however and manage the piles of mail (it is incredible the amount of junk mail you get these days), the unanswered phone calls and the emails.  Tackled a couple of problems, sent out a few letters and cleaned out my In-box.

I researched and wrote an article on the impact of the increasing fuel prices and the fall of the stock market will have on the small farmer and your marketplace. It seems we just can't get away from all that jazz.  I listened to a young, healthy person complain that they had to walk to the post office..... they seemed capable and I had to bite my tongue..... it seemed like a nice idea to me....that is to walk the two blocks to the post office.  I walk it often.   I reflected on the news and recent articles that came to my attention and listened to some music while typing.  I talked to a couple of clients and made plans for the week...I also made an appointment to get my car tuned up and an oil change.  Two of my grandchildren stopped in and I walked the oldest to the YMCA for Kinder Kamp.

So that has been today..... from the perfect 4th of July weekend to the above normal activity of my office.... the pleasantries of visitors and grandchildren, conversations and planning and seeing accomplishments.  So I am a bit more busy.  So I will have to catch up for a couple of days.... at least I know that it is on the heels of a perfect weekend at the camp  One certain thing about this life is that I am allowed to enjoy, take time off and relax.  We are also allowed our opinions and our ideas.... we are allowed to speak freely and create without fear.  That is the true reason for this past weekend.  Every 4th of July we should remember and reflect on that. 

Be thankful for the quiet times and family times, be grateful you are working and productive and remember to celebrate our humble beginnings as a country.  You may not agree with everything that makes up the whole of America....but you do have to agree it is a great place to live. 


July 7, 2008 - 1:37pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in crime, police.


  • 1:44am, 5 School St., trespass
  • 12:09pm, 151 W. Main St., accident
  • 3:17pm, 117 1/2 Liberty St., larceny
  • 3:24pm, 20 Main St., accident
  • 3:35pm, Ellicott Street, accident
  • 3:44pm, S. Main Street, accident
  • 4:55pm, 37 Walnut St. (Apt: Lower), assault
  • 7:13pm, 522 E. Main St., accident
  • 8:17pm, 17 Pickthorn Dr., harassment
  • 9:17pm, 102 State St., larceny


  • 8:20am, 127 North St., accident
  • 9:29am, Ellicott Street, fraud
  • 1:19pm, 209 Liberty St., larceny
  • 1:59pm, 408 E. Main St., forgery
  • 2:11pm, 55 Tracy Ave., endangering the welfare of a child
  • 4:13pm, 408 E. Main St., fraud
  • 5:53pm, 307 Washington Ave. (Apt: Upper), larceny
  • 8:51pm, 115 Bank St., trespass
  • 9:02pm, 670 E. Main St., accident
  • 9:21pm, 69 Oak St., larceny


  • 1:53am, 162 Walnut St., trespass
  • 11:08am, 11 Ross St., accident
  • 11:43pm, 17 Holland Ave. (Apt: Lower), harassment


  • 12:23pm, 121 Liberty St., criminal contempt
  • 1:03pm, 5 Spencer Court, accident
  • 5:28pm, 300 Ellicott St., accident
  • 6:38pm, 38 Columbia Ave., harassment


  • 11:51am, 201 Ross St., larcent
  • 3:07pm, 10 Columbia Ave., burglary
  • 3:24pm, 413 W. Main St., harassment
  • 11:06pm, 5 Thomas Ave. (Apt: 2), larceny

Note: We don't include noise complaints, domestic disputes and routine police business.

July 7, 2008 - 1:20pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in Daily News, Ramble Music & Arts Fest, church.

From the Daily News (Monday):

  • Today's paper is predictably dominated by coverage of Saturday's Ramble Music & Arts Fest — as it should be: the festival saw a great turnout of both musicians and concertgoers. Fine coverage, but be sure to check out, as well, The Batavian's photos and video from the event, posted today.
  • Monsignore Leo McCarthy spoke to parishioners at Resurrection Parish in Batavia for the last time Sunday. McCarthy will "assume new duties at Blessed Sacrament parish in Tonawanda," following his 12 years in Batavia.

For the complete stories, the Daily News is available on local newsstands, or you can subscribe on BataviaNews.com.

July 7, 2008 - 10:11am
posted by Philip Anselmo in Batavia Boogie, photos, Ramble Music & Arts Fest.

It has been more than a few days since I've had the privilege and opportunity to get online and share the news and happenings here in Batavia with you folks. That's in part due to the holiday of the Fourth, which I spent with family, grilling dogs, tossing a frisbee and being as American as I could be — not always easy for a self-professed francophile.

My absence from this virtual space is also in part due to all the time I spent enjoying myself at Batavia's summer festivals this past weekend. Quite simply, I was having too much fun behind the camera and out of doors to get inside to my office to tend to the behind-the-scenes work. But the fruits of those labors will now pay off. So be sure to check back with the site throughout the day. We'll have a couple videos going up about the Ramble Music and Arts Fest and the Batavia Boogie skydiving festival.

For now, here are some highlights of Saturday's action courtesy of the lens of Sonia Mineo who was kind enough to snap some still shots of the weekend festivities while I busied myself behind the video camera.

Sometimes, all you need is a zoom lens to get up into the clouds. That was all it took for Sonia to snap this shot of a parachutist coming in for a landing at the Genesee County Airport Saturday afternoon. It almost looks as if he's sitting on a cloud, just hanging out up there.

It was quite a sight to behold, as the planes full of 20 or so skydivers soared up through the clouds, higher and higher until the fuselage seemed no bigger than my pinky nail. You couldn't see any of the divers for a minute or so, not with the naked eye.

Then, all of the sudden, you saw them — a dozen or more colored blips in the azure of the sky.

Some of them pulled fancy moves on their way down, spinning or spiralling with their chutes. Most, when they landed, came down with a trot onto their bums or on their sides or into a quick tumble through the grasses. A few of them, however, came down walking, almost nonchalantly, as if there were no difference between pedalling through the air and stepping on the ground, so graceful and fluid were they.

While it was hard to ignore the tragic start of the Boogie on Thursday, when Brighton native Joseph Schickler fell to his death when his parachute failed to deploy, most of the divers continued to take to the air. We even overheard a few say that that was what Schickler, who was known for his sense of humor and good cheer, would have wanted.

Chalk art was a big hit at the Ramble Saturday. Artists young and old — including mural artist Vinny DelPlato — filled up more than half of School Street with their multicolor scribblings.

But as you might have expected, the music was of course the main draw. At a few times during the day, Saturday, it was a pretty tight squeeze in Jackson Square.

Be sure to visit the site later this afternoon for video coverage of both events.

July 7, 2008 - 9:21am
posted by Philip Anselmo in crime, police, sheriff.
  • Timothy E. Talmon, 48, of Darien Center, was charged with driving while intoxicated following a traffic stop on Route 77 in Corfu Wednesday, Genesee County sheriff's deputies said.
  • George Lee Williams, 28, was charged with failure to register as a sex offender, a class-D felony, sheriff's deputies said. Williams, who is listed as a transient with no known home address, was picked up by deputies Wednesday on Upton Road following reports that Williams had been trespassing. He was also charged with second-degree criminal trespass and false personation. Williams was sent to Genesee County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.
  • Alfred C. Gray, 22, of Batavia, was charged with a felony count of first-degree criminal contempt, second-degree unlawful imprisonment and two counts second-degree harassment following reports that he was in an alleged physical confrontation Thursday with a female acquaintance who had an order of protection, city police said.
  • Eighteen-year-old Brittany Y. Myers, of Rochester, was charged with a felony count of second-degree assault Thursday, Genesee County sheriff's deputies said. An investigation into an incident on June 15 led to deputies to suspect that Myers struck another female in the head with a glass liquor bottle during a fight at a party in Alexander that night. The victim had to be taken to the hospital where she received "numerous" stitches.
  • Mitchell K. Milroy, 22, of Pavilion, was charged with a felony count of first-degree attempted sexual abuse Thursday, sheriff's deputies said. Milroy was accused of allegedly attempting to touch a female while she was sleeping.
  • Charles E. Dodson Jr., 53, of Byron, was charged with driving while intoxicated in addition to a felony count of first-degree aggravated unlicensed operator Friday, city police said. Dodson Jr. had previously had his license suspended due to a DWI conviction.
  • Rebecca J. Sando, 43, of Byron, was charged with a felony count of second-degree identity theft Friday, sheriff's deputies said. Sando was accused of using her sister-in-law's bank card in April to make online purchases that exceeded $550.
  • Twenty-five-year-old Renee K. Wapniewski, of 17 Pringle Ave., Batavia, was charged with second-degree criminal contempt Friday, city police said. Wapniewski had allegedly violted a stay away order of protection.
  • Twelve youths were found at the Kelsey Road Pits early Sunday morning and charged with possession of alcohol with intent to consume, Genesee County sheriff's deputies said. Deputies responded to the scene of the "underage drinking party" following reports that a 15-year-old boy had fell into the fire burning his hands.
  • Michelle F. Wimble, 26, of Corfu, was charged with driving while ability impaired by drugs and endangering the welfare of a child Sunday following a traffic stop on Route 5 in Batavia, sheriff's deputies said. A motorist told deputies that Wimble was driving erratically with her three-year-old child in the vehicle.
  • Timothy J. Slotta, 31, of South Carolina, was charged with driving while intoxicated in addition to a felony county of first-degree aggravated unlicensed operator early Sunday morning following a traffic stop in the village of Corfu, Genesee County sheriff's deputies said. Deputies found that Slotta had three other suspensions on his state driving privileges, one of which pertained to an alcohol-related charge. Slotta was sent to Genesee County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Note: All of rhe above arrests were reported in published releases from the departments.

July 6, 2008 - 8:08pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in thebatavian, top posts.
July 6, 2008 - 8:12am
posted by Howard B. Owens in baseball, muckdogs, kozies.

Nice little tidbit buried at the bottom of the Buffalo News story on Jeff Weaver signing with the Bisons.

The Muckdog's game drew a record crowd: 3,021.

We were there handing out water bottle kozies -- we gave out 1,000 of them prior to the game. They were a big hit with people who arrived before we did coming from the stands to ask for their own once they saw they were available.

We also handed out about 750 at the Ramble yesterday. Again, big hit.

It was fun to meet so many people who already visit The Batavian regularly, and we made several new friends, I think.

But back to the Muckdogs, please be sure to check out Eric Manning's post on the Muckdog's hot prospects. I stumbled about Eric's blog Future Redbirds the other day and asked if he would be willing to fill us in on who the top players are on the Muckdogs.  If you're a St. Louis Cardinals fan (and there seemed to be several of them at the game on Friday), Future Redbirds seems like a must-read web site.

And while we're talking about Muckdogs coverage, the Muckdog's intern Molly Radzinski, a broadcasting major from Albion, has been doing a great job of providing us game recaps. Here's one.

I couldn't stay for the whole game Friday because I promised my wife I wouldn't be gone long, but I need to get back to Dwyer Stadium soon -- it's a great ballpark. There isn't a bad seat in the house, near as I can tell, and the fans are really into the game.

I need to go to a game soon, and so should you.

July 6, 2008 - 3:47am
posted by Erik Manning in baseball, Batavia Muckdogs, muckdogs.

So you're going to a Muckdogs game, but you're just not sure who you should be paying attention to. I am the main writer and founder of the blog FutureRedbirds.com, and as someone who tracks the farm system very closely but doesn't have the privilege of being in driving distance to Dwyer Stadium, here are the players I'd be watching keenly at each game if I were you:


(Photo: Mark6Mauno)

Shane Peterson, OF---Shane Peterson was drafted this year in the 2nd round out of perennial powerhouse Long Beach State University, a team that featured 8 players drafted in the first seven rounds, and has recently helped produce rising hitting stars Troy Tulowitzki and Evan Longoria. Peterson was the first of the many Dirtbag players selected on draft day. The sweet-swinging lefty played first base and pitched in college, and has the speed and arm to hold down a corner outfield spot. Peterson was among the leaders in the Big West Conference in batting average (.390) slugging percentage (.582) and he led the conference in on-base percentage (.506). Being a rather statistically-inclined club as the Cardinals are, they jumped on him on draft day. Not everyone in scouting circles are sold on his hitting ability in spite of his tremendous college stats, as Peterson has an unorthodox hitting approach; he holds his bat up by his ear and uses a two-step swing. He does however generate excellent bat speed and has a high finish, allowing him add loft to the ball. Whatever he is doing is working so far in his first taste of pro ball, as Peterson is currently batting .379, the second highest average in the New York Penn League.

Jon Edwards, OF---Edwards fell to the 14th round of the 2006 draft in part because he was ineligible for the first half of his senior season in high school. The Cardinals went well over slot to sign him, giving him a bonus of $100K. He is a serious physical specimen, standing at 6-5 and 230 lbs. He has as much raw power as any Cardinal hitter in the system, but as with most high school players, he came to the club quite raw and is still a work in progress. In his first minor league season he hit .266/.360/.461 (AVG/OBP/SLG) for rookie league Johnson City and was ranked a Top 10 Appalachian League prospect by Baseball America. He returned to the Appy League in his 2nd pro season, but had trouble making contact, batting only .245. He still showed the ability to take a walk and hit for power, and was moved up to Batavia at the end of the 2007 season. In his short time at Batavia, Edwards went 13-for-33 with 5 extra base hits. That hot streak has carried over so far this season; he's sixth in the NY Penn League batting race (.358) and is leading the league in slugging percentage by a wide margin, with a whopping .736. Edwards profiles as a "Three True Outcomes" hitter; the Three True Outcomes being a homer, walk or a strikeout, a la Adam Dunn. He has a long swing but generates lots of power, but has good pitch recognition for a 20 year old hitter. He has a strong arm in right field, but has below average range.

Other names to know, hitters to watch

3B Jermaine Curtis was the club's 5th round pick in 2008 out of the University of California. He is known for having a fine glove and a keen batting eye, and his 42 walks were the most drawn by any Bruin since Troy Glaus drew 57 in 1997...1B Xavier Scruggs was an uncertain sign as a junior and therefore fell to the 19th round this past June, but was ranked the 197th best draft prospect by Baseball America. For UNLV he hit for the Mountain West Conference triple crown.
He’s strong and quick to the ball, and has sound plate discipline, but has struggled mightily thus far...19 year old catcher Luis De La Cruz was ranked the clubs' 30th best prospect by BA headed into the 2008 season, particularly for his all around defensive skills behind the plate. He struggled for the low A River Bandits and was demoted to Batavia...CF Frederick Parejo was signed out of Venezuela as a 16 year old free agent two years ago and is developing fairly rapidly. He was the talk of Extended Spring Training amongst the Cardinal coaches and scouts, and was rewarded with an aggressive promotion. He's considered a pure center fielder.


(Image: sportsillustrated.cnn.com)

RHP Lance Lynn---Lynn was the Cardinals supplemental round pick this past year out of Ole Miss. The Indiana native was originally drafted by the Mariners in the 6th round of the 2005 draft but opted to go to school. That decision paid off handsomely. For the Rebels this past season he posted a 4.52 ERA with 110 strikeouts to 30 walks over 89.2 innings. He has a potential for two plus pitches-a fastball at 92-93 and a sharp curve, and profiles as a middle of the rotation innings eater. He has terrific mechanics and also throws a slider and a change-up, although both are inconsistent offerings at this point. Lefties had no troubles hitting Lynn in the SEC last year, so he'll need to work on getting more consistent with the change.

RHP Scott Gorgen---His twin brother Matt is currently Muckdog rival Hudson Valley's closer and pitched for the U of Cal.; Matt was taken in the 4th round this past June out of UC Irvine, and was the higher regarded of the two. For the Anteaters this past spring, Gorgen was 12-3 with a 2.26 ERA and had 123 strikeouts to 40 walks in 115.2 innings. His fastball is in the 87-90 MPH range, and tops out at 92. His change-up is his bread and butter and he'll throw it often and in any count. It's a "plus-plus" pitch and was considered to be one of the best change-ups in this past draft, if not the best. Gorgen can locate the pitch wherever he wishes and it has late tumbling action, much like a split-finger fastball. The main knock on Gorgen is he's short and stocky at 5-10, 190, and he doesn't have much of a breaking ball.

RHP and Closer Adam Reifer---Reifer was drafted in 2007 in the 11th round out of UC Riverside. He was considered a top two round talent but fell due to injury concerns surrounding his pitching elbow and shoulder. He had a bone spur removed in his elbow and shoulder tendinitis, and the Cardinals have been very cautious with him. Before the injury Reifer was throwing 91-94 with regularity, and has touched up to 96 MPH. He also has a hard, late breaking slider. After witnessing the amount of college closers taken in the first few rounds in this past draft, Reifer could be a huge steal.

Other names to know, pitchers to watch

RHP Jason Buursma was the Cards 25th round pick out of Bucknell U. He was a Brooks Wallace Award finalist, one of college baseball's top honors. A two-way player, he hit .367 with 13 homers as an outfielder as well as posting a 9-3 record with a 2.58 ERA as a pitcher. He throws submarine style...RHPs Arquimedes Nieto and Miguel Tapia were two of the top pitching prospects from the Cardinals Dominican Summer League last season. Nieto is a Panamanian product who had 56 strikeouts to only 13 walks with a 2.73 ERA in 59.1 innings for the DSL Cardinals in 2007. In the exact same amount of innings, the 20 year old Dominican Tapia had 57 K's to 29 walks and 3.34 ERA. Although Nieto has shown better command, the organization considers Tapia to have the higher ceiling of the two.

July 5, 2008 - 11:12pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in thebatavian, jobs.

The Batavian continues to grow.  We continue to add new features to the site.

Now, we're offering FREE job postings for employers (and for job candidates, a new online source to look for a local job).

Employers in the region -- Genesee County, Buffalo, Rochester and all point in between, are invited to post their job openings for free on The Batavian.

To post a job, simply click on the "jobs" tab above, and then look for the link that says "click here."  Or, click here.

The person posting a job on behalf of an employer will need to be a registered user.

The "Employment" form to post a job will also appear under the "Create Content" tab on the left menu.

At a time of high gas prices and a slowing economy, we hope these free job postings will help local business and local workers.

We ask everbody to respect the opportunity to post free job openings by offering only legitimate employment opportunities -- not "work for free" opportunities, or multi-level marketing opportunities or other shady "business opportunities," but legtimate, paying jobs.

July 5, 2008 - 12:36pm
posted by Mollie Radzinski in baseball, muckdogs.


The Muckdogs (10-8) celebrated more than just Independence Day, posting a 9-2 win over the Hudson Valley Renegades (9-9) to complete the series sweep.  Ramon Delgado (1-0) pitched the first five innings to get the win, letting up four hits and striking out one.   Hudson Valley’s Chris Andujar (0-1) got the loss, going three innings with five earned runs, four walks and three strikeouts. 

Batavia once again jumped out to an early lead in the 1st.  Jose Garcia started off with a walk and Colt Sedbrook followed with a RBI triple.  Shane Peterson then singled before Jon Edwards hit a two-run homerun to jump out to a 4-0 lead.  The Muckdogs’ other big inning came in the 5th as they scored two runs, the first on a solo homerun by Chris Swauger.  Back-to-back doubles by Xavier Scruggs and Charley Cutler scored the second. 

Hudson Valley avoided being shutout in the 9th when John Mollicone reached on a two-out fielding error by Scruggs.  Kyeong Kang followed with a homerun to score the Renegades’ two runs. 

Peterson went 3-for-4 with three singles, two runs and two RBI.  Batavia now goes on the road to play a three-game series in Vermont.

July 3, 2008 - 10:10pm
posted by Mollie Radzinski in baseball, muckdogs.


The Batavia Muckdogs (9-8) tallied another win over the Hudson Valley Renegades (9-8), giving Nieto Arquidemes (2-1) his second win for the season. Arquidemes pitched five innings, striking out five and giving up just one run. Adam Reifer came in to get the last out in the 9th to earn his third save. On the losing end, Frank De Los Santos (2-2) suffered the loss, giving up nine hits and four earned runs.
Batavia scored first in the 3rd after Jose Garcia reached on a throwing error and Frederick Parejo singled to drive him in. They added one more in the 4th on singles by Jermaine Curtis and Blake Murphy. The Renegades answered right back in the 5th as Anthony Scelfo and Mark Thomas both doubled to score one.
The big inning for the Muckdogs came in the 5th as they scored three runs. Curtis singled and stole second and was driven in by a double off the bat of Jon Edwards. Back-to-back singles by Murphy and Christian Rosa drove in the last two.
Hudson Valley threatened again in the 9th after Kyeong Kang doubled and Scelfo singled to plate their last run. Curtis ended the night 2-for-3 with two runs scored. Batavia tries to celebrate the 4th of July and a sweep Friday night at 7:00.
July 3, 2008 - 10:02pm

Did you see it -- today at 3:00 PM?  The future rolled right through Batavia, right down Main Street.

You may have seen it and not recognized it for what it is.  Perhaps you thought it was an ordinary shed on a trailer being pulled by a red pick up truck.  In fact, it's part of a display from Homearama 2008 in Perinton that came through Batavia on its way home .

Look carefully and you'll see Dick Gammell reflected in the panes of glass in the door.  Dick is the owner of Canadice Construction Corp. in Springwater, and he's come up with a wind/solar generator that has limitless applications.  He developed the original unit to attach to a standard construction trailer to provide sufficient power to run hand tools and small pieces of equipment on site.  This somewhat portable, combination wind and solar generator replaces the gasoline and diesel varieties (up to 7,000 watts), resulting in the reduction of the use of at least 5 gallons of gas for every 8 hour work day -- per site.   One set of solar panels on half the roof (see photo) and one small wind turbine (stored in the shed for today's trip) does the trick.

In western New York, as in many geographic locations in the Northeast, we have an abundance of wind in the colder months and enough sunshine in the warmer months to power this kind of generator.  This unique "shed" provides all the portable power Dick needs to make his small construction company more cost effective, more independent, and more environmentally friendly.

But Dick didn't stop there!  He's applied his green thinking to golf greens.  This week-end, you can see his Green Cart at Dande Farms Country Club in Akron (see the ad in this week's Genesee Valley Pennysaver).  To test the most far-reaching application of his technology, he recently purchased a plug-in, electric vehicle and hopes to generate 10-14 kilowatts per day to power the car for 40-50 miles at once -- with no emissions!

Dick Gammell is an unassuming, straightforward businessman who saw a need and decided to do something about it.  He works every day at making his idea better.  The successful development of a highly  efficient wind/solar generator for use in generating up to 10-20 kilowatt hours per day of power for a family business may seem like a drop in the bucket, but imagine if we could engage MANY small businessmen in energy conservation and the use of alternative power sources!  It may be the only way to protect this nation's energy security.  I applaud Dick's efforts. 

You can read more at: http://www.canadiceconstruction.com/alternativeenergy.nxg    

July 3, 2008 - 12:29pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in events.

Philip and I  will be at the Muckdogs game Friday evening handing out water bottle kozies (assuming the shipment arrives today as expected). Game time is 7 p.m. at Dwyer Stadium and fireworks are scheduled to follow the game.

is predicting continued showers  through today, partly cloudy for Friday and Saturday and isloated thunder showers on Sunday.

We're all hoping for better weather than that.

Here are other events scheduled for Freedom Weekend in Genesee County

Batavia Boogie -- Skydiving

Until 5 p.m. today, and continuing from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Sunday at the Gensee County Airport.

Art Exhibt, “The Key” by Karen Reisdorf
Until 5 p.m. and continuing at P.I.E.C.E.S. Gallery, 109 Main St., Batavia. “Karen transforms a series of spontaneous mono-prints into representations of Greek Mythology. The exhibit examines our human search for understanding through process.”

Batavia Muckdogs
Tonight at 7 p.m., against the Lowell Spinners (Red Sox farm club). Dwyer Stadium.

Independence Day Celebration
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. -- Genesee Country Village & Museum, 1410 Flint Hill Road, Mumford
19th-century-style event with parades, pageants, music, performances and an immigration and naturalization ceremony. There is also an 1837-style picnic available for an additional charge.. Free with museum admission. Picnic $15, $7.50 ages 4-16. Reservations recommended. Picnic basket, $13 per person while supplies last.

Go Arts' Fourth of July Picnic in the Park
Centennial Park, North and State streets
Live entertainment, arts and crafts, food and children's activities; presented by Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council. Noon to 5 p.m. July 4., Batavia. Free admission.

Downtown Batavia Public Market
9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Center & School Street Parking Lot (across from O'Lacy's Irish Pub)
The market offers fresh produce & fruit, baked goods, coffees, flowers, handmade crafts, bbq chicken & pork, hots and hamburgers and a variety of food and other items.

The Ramble Music and Arts Fest 2008
Noon to 6 p.m., Jackson Square in Downtown Batavia.

BBQ, Raffle and Car Cruise
11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Rt. 63 in East Bethany.

If you know of any other events, in the area, please leave a comment.






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