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August 22, 2008 - 9:03am

Conversations with Calliope- Dialogue with My Muse

posted by Joseph Langen in technology, communication, moving.


(Clown graduation)

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. How are you this morning?
JOE: Busy as usual. Moving is in full swing, or at least preparation for it.
CALLIOPE: What did you work on yesterday?
JOE: Notifying everyone who needs to know about my move.
CALLIOPE: How did that go?
JOE: Many places seem to have gone to automated interaction. I find it most frustrating to deal with automatons and would prefer actual people.
CALLIOPE: Technology isn't quite up to snuff in this area?
JOE: Not as far as I'm concerned. The most frustrating was Social Security which wanted to know my favorite vacation spot which it insisted I have them before. After trying the Caribbean and Hawaii, I had only one more chance before I was in danger of not being able to communicate with them at all.
CALLIOPE: How did you handle it?
JOE: Logged off and finally found a live person to take action. After some frustration, I found a few people who handled my request very quickly and efficiently.
CALLIOPE: So there was a happy ending?
JOE: I'm not quite done yet and have a few people on my list for today.
CALLIOPE: The rest of the day is for packing?
JOE: It is. I'll talk with you tomorrow.

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