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September 11, 2013 - 9:41pm

Case against Town of Le Roy supervisor moved to Bethany Town Court

posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, Le Roy.

The case of Stephen R. Barbeau, town supervisor for Le Roy, will be heard in Bethany Town Court, Judge Robert C. Noonan ruled this afternoon.

Barbeau is charged with second-degree harassment for allegedly pushing local business man Peter A. McQuillen to the ground during a heated discussion on McQuillen's property in August.

Noonan granted the motion for a change of venue because both judges in Le Roy, Darryl Sehm and Dan Dimatteo, recused themselves from the case and the ADA for Le Roy, Kevin Finnell, has a conflict of interest.

Barbeau nor this attorney Larry Andolina appeared in court on the matter.

No date for Barbeau's next court appearance was set.


Don Bortle Jr.
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Rought-Row, “barbeau the Bully” (btB) has issued the classic non-apology apology in the LeRoy Pennysaver in case you didn't see it.


A couple of quick points on his non-apology apology – some using a bit of poetic license:

1) An apology was not issued to the injured party, Mr. Peter McQuillen. (Hope you’re well Pete.)
2) As a matter of Fact, Mr. McQuillen was only obliquely mentioned through innuendo and his tree cutting villainy. (Might makes Right?)
3) If I, “btB”, was not Town Supervisor no one would have even heard or cared about my “few brief moments” of shoving Pete to the ground and injuring him. (How did this arrest story stay out of the Pennysaver Police blotter?)
4) I, “btB”, met with the republican dominated town board and I told them my biased side of the story and they all felt sorry for what I was having to endure at the hands of that mad tree cutter. (Are there minutes available for this meeting?)
5) I, “btB”, couldn’t even write my column this week on all the hard important work that I was doing for the town because of this “elephant in the room”. (Is that a gop elephant?)
6) I, “btB”, am really, really, really, sorry . . . . that I got caught. (Didn’t have the political pull yet to cover it up and the story just wouldn’t go away)
7) I, “btB”, really appreciate all my republican friends supporting me even though I committed a criminal act and injured one of my constituents because I really want to keep my job and don't want to have to resign in disgrace. (God, I, “btB”, hope there’s no impeachment provision in the town charter!)
8) You know, if I “btB”, were to get the town board to pass a Florida like “stand your ground” law, we could eliminate all these constituency distractions in the future. (Think of all the support I, “btB”, will get from the “Repeal S.A.F.E” people and we’ve got all their names, addresses, and phone numbers)

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