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Le Roy Winterfest 2011

By lucie griffis

There is an unexplainable feeling that overcame LeRoy yesterday.  The change was just in the air.  The weather was perfect.  The only way to explain it correctly would be the song "Silver Bells"-City sidewalks busy sidewalks ,Dressed in holiday style,In the air,There's a feeling of Christmas,Children laughing,People passing,Meeting smile after smile,"

Through a collaborative effort of the area businesses donating prizes for the Stroll through the Village, the children's activities, Santa's arrival, and all the great festivities that the individual businesses ran, our community came alive and together.

It was more than just a shopping day here.  People were out walking the Village streets.  That was the best thing I have seen in LeRoy in years!  Our local business owners saw many new faces, got to share there stores and services, and people realized what we have here locally.

I received calls and comments in person from both business owners and people who came out to enjoy the day.  People had so much fun and saw faces they had not in years.  They were happy with all the holiday decor, and just the over all feeling.  Java's and Scratch Bakery had one of their best days.  They had so many people coming in that they believe they may have had more that during Oatka festival and other events.  They had 120 entries in their in house drawing.

I stopped in throughout the activites and ALL the participating businesses were excited to be able to have their doors open and were having such a great time!  Children were walking around with the goodie bags the Town of LeRoy handed out.  

I just have to say we may be a small town , but we have a big heart!  We are definitely a hidden treasure in Genesee County.  Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday.  

As best said by one native, Selby Davis "Proud to be a LeRoyan today-it was the perfect day for our Winterfest, and the vendors and stores were all so festive.LOVED, LOVED, LOVED  the squiggly lights above the banners as I drove through at 9pm."

"LeRoy had the perfect Christmas spirit today. We had fun.  I loved the lights too!" Julie Long.

Winterfest in LeRoy this year was about so much more.  It was about a small community coming together to get people back walking our streets, taking notice to what we have here, to get back to shopping and supporting locally, and most of all getting the great community spirit and pride back.  I would have to say we exceeded that goal and got so much more.  

Santa's line was consistant for almost an hour and a half.  They arrived right up until 4pm to share their Christmas wishes.  Santa received lists and even a small gift.

Thank you to all who came out and all who took the time to make it such a great day.  

By the way we were asked to do it again next year and to bring back the parade! 




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