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Candidate for NY-27 releases statement on Michael Caputo taking job in Trump administration

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

At this time Michael Caputo is not able to discuss his appointment by President Trump just yet. He has asked his friend and NY-27 Congressional candidate Stefan I. Mychajliw to speak for his family. The following statement from Mychajliw concerns Caputo’s White House appointment as Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services for Public Affairs.

“The Caputo family remains in East Aurora, as Michael and Maryna have decided it’s safer for them to stay here. Unfortunately, that also means Michael won’t see them for a long time, since he cannot move back and forth safely from Washington.

"Michael told me it wasn’t a hard decision. When the President called him, he saluted and packed up his things. Those of us who are close to his family know this is a huge sacrifice for them. They’re very close, having lived through the abuse of Russia investigations, surviving all the hardships, getting stronger together. His little girls are the most affected.

"Before he left, Michael and I talked often. He’s as worried as all of us are about the pandemic, but he’s been deeply affected by what he saw in East Aurora: local businesses closed, shopkeepers concerned for their survival, so many neighbors out of work. He called it a ghost town; it really spooked him.

"I’ve worked side by side with Michael on many campaigns, including President Trump’s victorious election in 2016. He is one of the best communications specialists in the country. Those of us who know him best know he’ll do well.

"We need measured leadership in Washington to help clearly communicate the hard work President Trump is putting in flattening the coronavirus curve and getting our economy back on track. Michael will be a strong asset for the President in delivering that message.”

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