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April 18, 2011 - 1:26pm

Corwin defends GOP plan to issue insurance vouchers for Medicare

posted by Howard B. Owens in NY-26, Jane Corwin.

From Democrat & Chronicle reporter Jill Terreri:

Assemblywoman Jane Corwin today defended the 2012 budget plan put forth by Rep. Paul Ryan, which has been criticized by Rep. Louise Slaughter and others for ending Medicare as it is known today, shifting costs to seniors.

“What the proposal for Medicare does is it protects the program, it guarantees benefits for people in the future,” Corwin said today during a stop in Rochester. “It also protects seniors 55 and over. … For people in my age group, the Ryan proposal will actually provide benefits for them. If we don’t do something now, they will get nothing. I take objection (to) ‘wrecking’ the Medicare program. This protects the Medicare program and ensures that there are benefits for future generations.”

Ed Gentner
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Thank you Republican Jane Corwin for taking an independent stand on the issue....You forgot to mention that for those 55 and under the Republican Paul Ryan plan will provide coupons for medicare benefits once you turn 65. Coupons like you find in the yearly edition of the "Talking Phone Book" a business that she helped manage and create jobs at for 36 years....Let's leave seniors to deal with he insurance comapanies.... Note: Ms. Corwin is under 50 and the business was sold several years ago after her father passed and the new owners propmtly laid off most of the local employees while retaining her husband and brother on the payroll. She must have started running the company when she was, what 12 yrs. old. You can see I'm a bit skeptical about Ms. Corwin's opinions and her claims when it comes to experience in business or job creation. Bottom line if she's blowing smoke about her experience why would she be credible when it comes to the issue of medicare, taxes, craeting jobs. Republicans have no shame.
Chris Charvella
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The only reason the Republicans didn't go for the full monte here and trash the entire program was because the largest active voting block in America is 55+ years old. They knew that this would be a very unpopular idea so they had to leave some wiggle room to explain themselves to the boomers. Disgraceful.
Lorie Longhany
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Jane tries to use the word "protect" to describe the Paul Ryan plan for Medicare when this plan does anything but protect. It eliminates Medicare. The program will no longer exist as a promise of health insurance to seniors if Jane has her way. I copied this from an article on the Atlantic and put it in another discussion thread. It's worth repeating. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2011/04/undoing-medicare-the... >>Here's the real argument young and middle-aged people need to hear, and the real reason why the "more skin in the game" argument can never work for seniors or other vulnerable populations, including them when they reach that age. Seniors and the poor account for over half of health care spending. Within those groups, 5 percent of the population accounts for 50 percent of health care costs; and 20 percent of the population accounts for about 80 percent. These costs come for the most part at times when economic incentives have no influence at all on medical decision-making: in medical crises; in treating chronic conditions; and, for most Medicare patients, in the last six months of life. That's why a voucher program for Medicare, which will shift an increasing share of those inevitable costs onto the elderly themselves, can fairly be categorized as a 100 percent estate tax or death tax. People under 55 need to know that if the plan crafted by Rep. Paul Ryan were passed, most of them will never have a cent to leave to their children. It will all go to the health care industry to support the American way of dying.<<
william tapp
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Louise Slaughter and others for ending Medicare as it is known today, shifting costs to seniors., there trying to balance the budjet on the backs of the seniors, i think there is lot of outher places to find money, leave medicare alone. cut sending money to outher countrys for no reasion,like forigen aid, that alone could balance the budjet . beside all the seniors will end up on walfair , so whats the point . put all the politicians on medicare and drop there plan and put that money into medicare, thay might take a differenct opion of it lol
Lorie Longhany
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Joined: May 2 2008 - 10:33pm
William, Louise is fighting to preserve Medicare, not end it. From the same article that Howard cited from Jill Terreri: "Slaughter spoke on the House floor against the Ryan plan, and issued this statement: “This reckless budget would dismantle Medicare as we know it, the bedrock of affordable health care for seniors in America. And why? To pay for more tax breaks for big oil and millionaires. The proposal would shift costs to seniors by as much as $6,000 a year, providing a voucher for seniors to fend for themselves. Think about your parents and your grandparents. Do you want them to take a voucher into the insurance market and have to purchase limited healthcare coverage? This is a sorry replacement for the peace of mind afforded by Medicare and an unnecessary gift to the insurance companies at the expense of seniors.”

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