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April 11, 2013 - 8:06am

Today's Poll: Is New York 'Open for Business'?

posted by Howard B. Owens in polls.
Kyle Couchman
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I have seen three articles this morning around this topic, first is around the fact that NY is the most corrupt Gvt in the US... http://patdollard.com/2013/04/empire-new-york-government-most-corrupt-in... The there was a second about NY being the worst State to do business in due to over regulation and taxes... Which the link to today's poll clearly shows. Now people propose that gun control is being forwarded because the govt is afriad of an armed uprising eventually happening. Well with Cuomo's gun control laws that are falling apart, here is an example of even the best part that most people agreed on as being wise, the access of owning guns by people that have a mental health diagnosis. See here ... http://www.wivb.com//dpp/news/erie/police-wrongly-pulled-mans-gun-permit

How much more will it take before a house cleaning starts here in this state. I think the fear of a new revolution is becoming a real fear instead of a govt paranoia. We even see it here at the local level if you look at the recent problems in Corfu.

Any thoughts anyone?

Dave Olsen
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I would love a "house cleaning" here in NYS , Kyle. The waste, fraud and abuses of the seized fruits of it's citizens' labor is enough to make the blood boil. Part-time legislators making 100k a year along with staffs, aides and expenses. 150 assemblymen and 63 senators are not necessary. To top it off. they aren't effective either. There are 1169 public authorities; "Currently, over 94 percent of all State-funded debt outstanding was issued by public authorities without voter approval. " http://www.osc.state.ny.us/pubauth/. This is positively unacceptable. These things are allowed to exist and emboldened by our useless legislature. Until taxes are brought under control, by reduced spending, corruption and waste and the aggregate ingenuity and creativity of our citizens is unleashed, by breaking the chains of the top-down, nanny state attitude that has bred successful politicians in NY for so long now, NY will not be "Open for Business"

Isn't also nice to know that our esteemed Governor is promoting his Presidential aspirations around the country at YOUR expense. Not to mention it's BS and everyone knows it, so he's making us look delusional.

Mark Brudz
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I just stumbled upon this

Mark Potwora
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I have seen all those ads on TV on how New York is open for business..So were we to assume up until now we were closed for business.And all are elected officials just opened New York up for business.. These ads are meant for whom.Looks like another waste of money telling us all something we know not to be true..Right on Dave and Kyle...Who sits around all day and comes up with these asinine sayings..Just read a report on how in the last two years Genesse, Wyoming,and Orleans county lost population.. All have 9% unemployment...Yea right were open for business at the unemployment office..

Dave Olsen
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Joined: Oct 12 2008 - 11:48am

I understand where you're coming from Kyle on the government paranoia, but I don't think an actual insurrection is in the cards. I think people are questioning more and more are my elected representatives working for me or are they working for someone else? It could be their party, their financial backers, the public unions or just following the lead of their fellow elected body members; in any case, they're not looking out for the everyday wage earning taxpaying person. They are not fostering an environment for small businesses, family enterprises and independent people to flourish. As long as we keep sending the same people back again and again, we will get the same results. I think it has gotten at least that far. It starts in every village and city and county, then spreads.

Jeff Allen
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I voted "YES". New York is open for business. Just like Lord & Taylor and JC Penny are both open for business. They often carry the exact same product but you pay far more for the product at L&T and they don't sell many of them because of that. But just enough people will for some reason pay more for that same item, that L&T will continue to gouge people and get away with it.

Bob Harker
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Joined: Aug 20 2009 - 3:12pm

I agree with almost everything said here, but I don't blame the politicians.

"We have met the enemy and he is us".

WE keep voting them back into office! There is a mentality "those damn politicians - except my guy/gal, he/she is doing a good job". [Please note my attempt at being PC].

I like Hawley. I think he does the best he can in the environment he has to work in. But isn't it time we turn ALL levels of government upside down? As simplistic as this may sound, I state publicly that I will not vote for an incumbent in at least the next two election cycles. Even an inexperienced candidate that does not share my conservative views will get my vote in a feeble attempt to stir the pot. Is this borne out of extreme frustration? Certainly. But also in a strong belief that the only way to save our nation/state/community is to bring in NEW views on how government should operate in order to get back on a path of prosperity and opportunity. What we have now is obviously not working.

I'm not naive - I realize that this strategy will have no effect unless there is a voting revolution - which is not realistic. But I'll sleep better knowing I tried to do something.

Sorry, Steve.

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