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May 9, 2013 - 7:13am

Today's Poll: Should Town of Batavia approve Tim Horton's for West Main and Lewiston?

posted by Howard B. Owens in polls.
Raymond Richardson
Raymond Richardson's picture
Last seen: 5 years 3 months ago
Joined: Aug 18 2012 - 9:23am

Those of you who voted NO, why not enlighten us with your reason why this shouldn't be approved.

Paul Cook
Paul  Cook's picture
Last seen: 7 years 8 months ago
Joined: Sep 17 2008 - 9:18pm

Their coffee sucks and that intersection is already idiotic enough. Coffee also is served too hot. Plus there is also one in town already.

Kurt Schwab
Kurt Schwab's picture
Last seen: 4 years 6 months ago
Joined: Aug 25 2011 - 10:41pm

Those of you who voted "Yes" apparently don't live on Colonial Blvd. Everyone knows there are major traffic problems in the area, with numerous accidents, especially near McDonalds and the Tops/Rite Aid area. So, yeah...go ahead and create an uncontrolled shortcut between those two points and add thousand or so cars a day through there and see what happens. Better yet, let's add a couple more un-synchronized lights in the area to further impede traffic flow.

Jason Post
Jason Post's picture
Last seen: 4 years 11 months ago
Joined: Aug 10 2012 - 4:52pm

The quality of their coffee is not an issue for the Town of Batavia's opinion to carry any weight on. The fact that they already have a store in town isn't their issue either. If Tim Horton's thinks they can financially support a coffee shop on every street corner in the city that should be between them and the people that currently own those street corners. In a free market economy, Batavia's opinions on those matters are irrelevant.

The intersection is a somewhat different matter. That is a crazy mash-up of roadways which could do with some improvement before traffic volume gets increased notably.

Paul Cook
Paul  Cook's picture
Last seen: 7 years 8 months ago
Joined: Sep 17 2008 - 9:18pm

Was asked why I voted no. "I" voted no to overly hot crappy coffee, it was not stated that the reason had to be valid.

Karlie Jones-La...
Karlie Jones-Laffosse's picture
Last seen: 7 years 6 days ago
Joined: Dec 17 2012 - 12:15pm

People who drive into Batavia on rts. 5 and 63 all have a general distaste for driving through that particular intersection. Dont make traffic flow uglier than it already is!

Doug Yeomans
Doug Yeomans's picture
Last seen: 5 months 5 days ago
Joined: Feb 13 2009 - 8:28am

Tim Horton's coffee is pretty damn good IMO. McDonald's coffee is probably even better, though. One brand of coffee I cannot choke down is Starbucks..blech. I don't have a problem with any business that wants to come into Batavia and create jobs as long as I don't have to subsidize it with tax dollars. I think the traffic problem with that intersection and locating a Tim's there is a valid argument against building in that spot.

Dave Olsen
Dave Olsen's picture
Last seen: 7 months 1 week ago
Joined: Oct 12 2008 - 11:48am

I agree with everything you wrote Doug. I voted no, because I don't understand why it has to be there. There's plenty of empty space west on Rt.5 and north on 63. Makes me wonder who owns that particular location and why it was chosen. I can't see how , say taking up part of the usually empty K-Mart parking lot wouldn't attract as many if not more customers with far less traffic issues. The main problem BTW with the Main & Lewiston intersection In my humble opinion is from westbound main onto northbound lewiston, people come around there and accelerate, that needs to be addressed. But, if they open Tim's there, I'll probably visit it, and I'll be very careful pulling out. I don't see it as a very big problem either way.

John Oakes
John Oakes's picture
Last seen: 7 years 4 months ago
Joined: Jul 26 2011 - 10:33pm

Why Tim Hortons why not a Dunkin Donuts WITH A DRIVE THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Heininger
Bob Heininger's picture
Last seen: 4 years 4 months ago
Joined: Oct 22 2010 - 3:10pm

Last time I was at Dunkin Donuts they had trouble finding the Green tea. Tim Horton's has Earl Grey, Green, English Breakfast, and other popular teas out in plain sight. Plus, it's still hot when I get to work in Rochester. Yay.

Tim Horton's wins!

Coffee from anywhere including my wife's own coffee pot? Bluegh!

John Stone
John Stone's picture
Last seen: 6 years 9 months ago
Joined: Jul 4 2008 - 10:32pm

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions...
As to mine:
Horton's is one of the best coffees on the planet. LOVE that DARK roast! (They come just shy of burning them, and that's why it's so good!) Many people say they think it's been sitting on the burner too long and has scorched... NOT the case.
Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts use a light and medium roast. Many folks prefer that, but to me, it's like trying to eat unripened fruit. (Blech!)
Oh... coffee is supposed to be HOT. The hotter the better... It simply requires the customer use enough common-sense to keep from burning themselves... If you have a problem with HOT coffee, you might want to stick with things that you have the capability to wrap your brain around... It doesn't take many brain cells to understand that 'hot' means you can burn yourself if you don't apply a minimal amount of wisdom...
A store there really isn't going to impact traffic much. The traffic there is already terrible, but that is mostly due to the traffic-flow pattern that city planners actively created:
Someone decided, quite a while ago, that the best thing for the Batavia economy is to have every vehicle stop at almost every intersection. The reasoning behind that is because they thought (think?) that when folks are stopped, they will look around and notice businesses. That notice is supposed to make people want to go in them. What they have consistently failed to understand is the FACT that once a driver has hit 4 or 5 red-lights in a row, said driver has decided that the only reasonable plan is to get the h*ll OUT of this little 'burg' as rapidly as possibly, then avoid going through it ever again!!!

C. M. Barons
C. M. Barons's picture
Last seen: 1 year 2 months ago
Joined: Jul 29 2008 - 11:56pm

Chris Collins voted, yes, on a bill to make overtime pay optional. ...And it passed!

Howard B. Owens
Howard B. Owens's picture
Last seen: 1 week 2 days ago
Joined: Apr 23 2008 - 3:05pm

"Why Tim Hortons why not a Dunkin Donuts WITH A DRIVE THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Um, because Tim Horton's wants to open in that location there and Dunkin' Donuts doesn't (at least there's been no expression of interest from Dunkin' Donuts).

I'd suggest you open your own Dunkin' Donuts with a drive-thru, but the company is apparently not accepting new franchisees in any New York market.


John Oakes
John Oakes's picture
Last seen: 7 years 4 months ago
Joined: Jul 26 2011 - 10:33pm

Well someone is a tad bit grumpy... Drink some coffee Howard might help you be a better scanneratzi

John Roach
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Last seen: 1 month 6 days ago
Joined: May 29 2008 - 5:22am

And why is that bad?

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