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Planning director praises Census committee for 'finding' 327 additional people in City of Batavia's Ward 6

By Mike Pettinella
Aug 30, 2021, 11:36am

Genesee County Planning Director Felipe Oltramari, in an email this morning, commended the county’s Complete Count Committee for its efforts in “finding” more than 300 people in the City of Batavia's Sixth Ward.

“We are happy to report that just in that tract/ward alone, we were able to find an additional 327 people in 2020 that were not counted in 2010,” Oltramari wrote.

He went on to surmise that it was “very unlikely” that 327 net additional people moved into that “southside” ward in the previous 10 years, since the rest of the county lost population and no substantial new housing was built in that ward during that time.

“It is more likely that these people were not counted in 2010 and we were able to reach them through this committee’s outreach efforts,” he said.

He wrote that the committee was tasked by the U.S. Census bureau to target the Sixth Ward due to a probable undercount in the 2010 Census.

Oltramari also reiterated what was reported on The Batavian on Aug. 13 that Genesee County’s population decreased from 60,079 in 2010 to 58,388 in 2020 – but that is more than the Census Bureau’s 2019 estimate of 57,808.

“This no doubt was partly due to this committee’s outreach efforts last year, and we found further evidence of this as we dug deeper into the numbers,” he concluded.

More data on changes for NY State can be found at:

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