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June 16, 2022 - 2:46pm
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Press release:

The Holland Land Museum is proud to announce the return of its History Heroes Summer Program. The museum will be rocking this summer with this year's theme, History Rockin’ Around the Clock in the 1950s. The program runs five days from Tuesday, July 26th through Saturday, July 30th from 10 am-4 pm. If you have a child between the ages of 7 and 12, sign them up for rocking time living in the 50s. The cost is $25 per day per child, with discounts for siblings and museum members.

The children a glimpse into what it was like to live in the 50s and their local history through numerous artifacts from the museum, such as a Sylvania black and white TV, various early telephones, a phonograph, record albums, 45s, and a phonograph needle. Also on display will be typewriters, early cameras, movie cameras, a transistor radio, ball-bearing roller skates, and a skate key. The children will compare what we had back then to what we have today; they will check out the clothing, learn about the history of the 50s and experience an old-fashioned ice cream soda and a cherry coke. They will play many games against each other to give them a sample of what baby boomers experienced. No cell phones are allowed. Instead, we will bring out the hula hoops, chalk for hopscotch, rope for jump roping, a can for kicking, marbles, and much more.

If you are interested in signing your child up for the Holland Land Office Museum History Heroes Summer Program you can contact the museum at 585-343-4727 or [email protected]. Further information and forms can be found on the museum’s website, www.hollandlandoffice.com, or the museum’s Facebook page.

Photo: File photo from 2016 by Howard Owens

June 16, 2022 - 12:41pm
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Press release:

Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel announced today that due to circumstances beyond their control, the concert on June 24th, 2022 will no longer feature Finger 11.

On June 24th, 2022, The Sweet will perform at the Rockin’ The Downs Summer Concert Series.

The Legendary Rock band The Sweet shot to the top of the charts in the 1970s with such hits ats Ballroom Blitz, Fox on the Run, Love is like Oxygen, Little Willy, Hellraiser, Teenage Rampage and more.  The Sweet features Stevie Stewart on Bass, Keyboards and Vocals, Mitch Perry on Guitar, Richie Onori on Drums , Patrick Stone on Lead Vocals, and Dave Schultz on Keyboards and Vocals.  Their unparalleled chemistry continues to forge ahead with the same vigor, intensity & enthusiasm keeping Steve Priest’s vision and “The Sweet’s” legacy alive.

Please note that tickets purchased for the Finger 11 concert will still be honored on that date.  Those wishing for a refund may do so through their point of purchase.  Info can be found inside of your ticket confirmation email.  Tickets purchased at the Lucky Treasures gift shop may be refunded during normal gift shop hours.

Tickets are available for The Sweet right now on BataviaConcerts.com.

June 15, 2022 - 11:39pm

Lockdowns, evacuations, responses to violent threats: they’re all part of the city school’s current District-wide Safety Plan table of contents.

They -- and the several remaining topics -- are also up for comment during a public hearing this week.

“It is a requirement of the board to hold a public hearing and reading of the proposed safety plan and allow the public 30 days to comment or ask questions,” Superintendent Jason Smith said Wednesday to The Batavian.

The hearing is set for 6 p.m. Thursday at the Batavia High School superintendent's conference room, 260 State St., Batavia. It is a prelude to the city’s Board of Education meeting that follows.

“Our plan continues to implement global school safety ‘best practices.’ Each school has a customized safety plan specific to its building that cannot be shared with the public,” Smith said. “The only change to this year’s district-wide plan will include personnel updates, which will be discussed on Thursday.”

The plan is available for review HERE.

Batavia City Schools’ Safety Committee is chaired by Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics Mike Bromley, and includes members of the faculty and staff from throughout the district. The committee has reviewed and approved the Safety Plan, and submitted it to the board for final vote (after the hearing period is complete).

“As always, community members are welcome to attend the Board of Education meeting on Thursday or watch via our District YouTube channel,” Smith said. “Comments, questions, and feedback are welcome and will be reviewed by the Board prior to the final implementation of the plan.”

He also suggested that parents and community members can send comments or questions to District Chairman Mike Bromley at [email protected]

Other items for the board meeting include discussion about district needs and the position of School Resource Officer;  presentations by school and administrative staff; the superintendent’s report; and board votes on several resignations, appointments and contracts.

June 15, 2022 - 11:19pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in weather, news.


Photo submitted by Tom Tharp.

June 15, 2022 - 10:11pm
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Gone are the days when one’s safety seemingly depended on avoiding phone and email scams, talking to strangers and keeping the house locked up at night.

With mass shootings reportedly on the rise, danger zones can be anywhere, from McDonald’s and Tops Friendly Markets to schools and concert venues. For some time now, and upon request, Batavia City Police members have been conducting civilian safety workshops to offer tips on how to deal with these horrific public events. Now they’re bringing one to the general public.

“We have on staff three, there might be four, officers that are trained in what's called civilian response to active shooter incidents. And we've given this workshop to different businesses at their request over the past several years. But obviously, with everything that's gone on in Buffalo, and then nationally, we saw an opportunity to deliver this to the community at large,” Chief Shawn Heubusch said during an interview with The Batavian.  “We sat down as a group and thought, you know, we can do this as well, to try to prepare our community a little better than what they are. So it is something that we've been doing, we've usually been doing it at a request, this will be the first time that we actually push it out community-wide.”

The Batavia Police Department is conducting a Civilian Response to Active Shooter/Threat Events Class next week. There are two options to choose from -- 4 to 7 p.m. June 22 or 6 to 9 p.m. June 23 at City Hall, 1 Batavia City Centre.

This course is open to the public and is free of charge. It will provide strategies, guidance, and a plan for surviving active shooter/threat events. Le Roy has conducted the workshop and Batavia’s police department has given it to businesses, and more recently United Memorial Medical Center, upon request, Heubusch said.

chief_heubusch_3.jpegHe describes it as an “all-encompassing class” that includes videos, discussion, and some interactive exercises.

"We talk a lot about previous incidents, and what you can learn from those, and teach each other, teach everybody, how to survive these incidents, and hopefully get an idea of what to look for, or precursors if you will,” he said.  “Learn some body language and some physiology about how you will react in a response to an active shooter event or an active threat event as well. So kind of a learning tool to understand what I learned my body will be going through just from a physiological standpoint of how the fight or flight issue (arises), and just kind of how you can work through that to survive.”

Those interested in attending should select just one of the two workshops. Although there will be signs advising attendees about the sensitive nature of the course, people may want to consider whether they want to remain for the entire portion or not, he said. Some people may have to be excused if they're not comfortable with it, he said.

“And it'll really be driven by what the class is comfortable with as well. Depending on the age group that we're serving, or you know, the abilities of the people in the class,” he said.  “It’s really an overview, and giving everybody a general knowledge and some ideas of what to look for and, again, how to survive.”

Batavia City Schools is on the list for this course in the fall, he said. Heubusch encourages anyone that wants to attend, to do so, however, Batavia residents will be given first preference. Seating is limited and registration is required. To sign up or for more information, contact [email protected] with your name, address, and phone number.

You will receive a confirmation email once accepted, he said. In order to be admitted to the class, you will have to provide your name. Depending on the level of interest, BPD may offer additional courses at a later date and time.

Photo: Chief Shawn Heubusch

June 15, 2022 - 8:26pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in weather, news.

A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for parts of Genesee County until 9:15 p.m.

The thunderstorm is currently located near Pavilion, according to National Weather Service radar, and has gusts up to 60 mph and quarter-sized hail.

Minor damage to vehicles is possible.  Wind damage to powerlines and trees is possible.

The storm is also expected to hit Le Roy and Stafford.

June 15, 2022 - 7:18pm
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Town of Batavia Fire and Mercy EMS, along with Sheriff's deputies, responded today at 3:45 p.m. to a report of a car and motorcycle collision on Clinton Street Road, Batavia, near the entrance to Terry Hills Golf Course.

Deputies say a 2004 Honda motorcycle was headed east on Clinton Street when a 2020 Chevy Equinox pulled out from the entrance at Terry Hills, heading west on Clinton Street, and struck the motorcycle at a right angle. The male motorcyclist, from the Chili area, was ejected from his motorcycle about 3 to 4 feet and suffered a left arm and lower left leg injury. The driver of the Chevy Equinox reportedly did not see the motorcycle.

According to Sgt. Krzemien with the Genesee County Sheriff's Department, the motorcyclist suffered serious, but non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to Strong Hospital via Mercy Flight. The driver of the Chevy Equinox, from Amherst, was not injured and was issued a ticket for failing to yield. Alcohol was not a factor in the crash. 

Also charged during the accident was the driver of a vehicle that drove around barricades at Seven Springs Road and Clinton Street.

"The driver told the fire chief on scene that his tee time was too important and he didn't care that there was someone fighting for their life in the middle of the roadway," Sgt. Krzemien said.

That driver was charged with failure to obey a designated flag person. A deputy delivered the ticket to the driver on one of the greens on the golf course.

The Stafford Fire Department was also called to assist with traffic during the accident.

UPDATE: An accident report released by the Sheriff's Office states that a 2020 Chevy four-door sedan was exiting 5122 Clinton Street Road, Batavia, at 3:42 p.m.  According to the report, the car was driven by Dale Richard Gillmer, 70, of Buffalo.  Brandon M. Pfeifer, 46, of Rochester, was riding a 2004 Honda motorcycle. Gillmer's sedan t-boned the motorcycle. Gillmer was issued a traffic ticket for failure to yield right of way.


Top photo: An accident involving a motorcycle and Chevy Equinox on Clinton Street Road, Batavia, sent the driver of the motorcycle to Strong Memorial Hospital via Mercy Flight, above. Photos by Alecia Kaus.

June 15, 2022 - 4:27pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in crime, batavia, news, notify, Stafford, Le Roy, byron.
Jennifer Moton

Jennifer "Miss B" M. Moton, 37, of Driving Park, Rochester, is charged with two counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance 3rd, four counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance 3rd, and promoting prison contraband 1st. Moton was arrested following a traffic stop by Deputy Kenneth Quackenbush on a warrant based on a sealed Grand Jury indictment in Genesee County for allegedly selling crack cocaine to an agent of the Local Drug Task Force.  While Morton was being processed at the jail, information was developed that resulted in a search warrant. Morton was allegedly found in possession of 41 pre-packaged bags of crack cocaine along with a bulk quantity of crack cocaine. Moton was arraigned in Genesee County Court and released on her own recognizance and arraigned in Town of Stafford court and also released on her own recognizance. 

Jennifer L. Sprague-Clark, 39, of Batavia, robbery 1st degree; criminal possession of a weapon 3rd degree, grand larceny 4th degree, coercion 3rd degree, and menacing 2nd, burglary 2nd, grand larceny 4th, and obstruction of governmental administration 2nd. Sprague-Clark is accused of fleeing on foot following a traffic stop at 10:22 a.m., June 1. A short time later she was taken into custody. She was subdued with a taser. The officer was reportedly aware of other pending charges. No information was released related to the other charges. She was arraigned in city court and ordered held on $25,000 bail, $50,000 bond, or $100,000 partially secured bond.

Arthur L. Golden, 63, of Batavia is charged with criminal contempt 1st degree; burglary 3rd degree. Golden is accused of contacting a person he was ordered not to contact. He was ordered held without bail. Previously: Law and Order: Batavia man accused of assaulting neighbor, stealing neighbor's bike

Joseph N. Trinca, 34, of St. Paul Street, Rochester, is charged with stalking 4th and harassment 2nd. Trinca is accused of stalking and harassing another person over an extended period of time. The allegations were first reported on Nov. 25 and Investigator Howard Carlson handled the case. Trinca was arraigned in Town of Batavia Court and released. An order of protection was issued.

Elaysia A. Mendez, 26, of Delamaine Drive, Rochester, is charged with felony DWI (three or more convictions within 15 years), aggravated unlicensed operation, driving without an interlock device, uninspected motor vehicle, forgery 2nd, criminal impersonation 2nd, and falsifying business records. Mendez was stopped at 3:22 a.m., June 11, on Route 33 in Stafford by Sgt. Mathew Clor.  She allegedly provided a false identity to Clor and signed her fingerprints at the Genesee County Jail with another person's name.  She was held pending arraignment.

Megan Danae Seymour, 32, no street address provided, Le Roy, is charged with DWI, driving with a BAC of .08 or greater, and motor vehicle lights below standards. Seymour was stopped at 1:49 a.m., June 12, on Walnut Street, Batavia, by Deputy Trevor Sherwood.

Robert Lawrence Tullar, II, 39, of Townline Road, Byron, is charged with petit larceny.  Tullar is accused of shoplifting from Walmart at 3:47 p.m., June 14. 

Zachary J. Marrow, 30, of Batavia, is charged with criminal mischief. Marrow is accused of damaging a fence belonging to a neighbor.  He was issued an appearance ticket.

Andre L. Roberts, 29, of Pavilion, is charged with trespassing. Roberts is accused of being on property at 11:25 a.m., June 7, on Ellsworth Avenue, Batavia, after being advised he was not welcome. Roberts was issued an appearance ticket.

Laura J. Reed, 30, of Le Roy, is charged with criminal contempt 2nd. Reed is accused of not showing up for Grand Jury after being served a subpoena on March 29. She was issued an appearance ticket.

Michael J. Elmore, 31, no residence information provided, is charged with criminal mischief 4th. Elmore is accused of slashing tires on multiple vehicles on Swan Street on March 27. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Antonio D. Callen, 31, of Selma, Ala., is charged with DWI, driving with a BAC of .18 or greater, speeding, and no headlights. Callen was stopped at 2:17 a.m., June 5, on Main Street, Batavia, by a Batavia patrol officer. Callen was released on traffic tickets.

Ajie JJ. Smith-Ezell, 27, of Rochester, is charged with assault 1st. Smith-Ezell is accused of assaulting a person at a local hotel. He was arraigned in City Court and ordered held on $10,000 bail, $20,000 bond, or $40,000 partially secured bond. An order of protection was issued.

Anthony L. Vanelli, 44, of Batavia, is charged with petit larceny. Vanelli is accused of stealing multiple packs of pork ribs from a business on Ellicott Street at 6:38 p.m., June 4. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Erica M. Raphael, 37, of Batavia, was arrested on a bench warrant. She was sentenced on a pending matter in City Court, concluding all court proceedings on the case.

Michael W. Williams, 63, of Batavia, is charged with DWI and driving with a BAC of .08 or greater. Williams was allegedly observed by witnesses driving drunk at 7:35 p.m., May 31. Williams was located by a Batavia patrol officer and upon further investigation, arrested.  Williams allegedly failed a field sobriety test. He was issued traffic tickets and released.

Crystal A. Mounts, 45, of Batavia, was arrested on six bench warrants. She was arraigned in City Court and ordered held on bail.

June 15, 2022 - 4:21pm
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Press release:

Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) cosponsored the Securing our Students Act, a piece of legislation designed to allow school districts to access unused COVID-19 funds to purchase equipment and improve school safety measures.

“As the Senate and the House continue to debate steps forward on gun-control measures and meaningful action is still weeks away – there are steps we can take right now to ensure schools across our nation are the safest possible learning environments for our students,” Jacobs said.“One such action is the Securing our Students Act which would allow school districts to immediately allow school districts the ability to put unused American Rescue Plan Funds toward safety measures.”

The Securing our Students Act – introduced by Representative Burgess Owens (UT-04) – would allow school districts to immediately amend their spending plans to allow for American Rescue Plan funds to be used for evidence-based school safety measures. The bill would require schools to submit documentation of specific needs and would also require a full accounting of funds spent toward school safety measures. Finally, the bill requires states to move expeditiously to approve any amended plans submitted by schools for this purpose.

“Right now, roughly 93% of K-12 funding, or billions of dollars nationally, from the American Rescue Plan remains unspent. This is funding we can use right now to harden our schools and prevent further tragedy,” Jacobs said. “I urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to support this measure, and I call on the Speaker to bring it to the floor, if we can act on this issue, we should do so expeditiously.”

June 15, 2022 - 4:10pm
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Press release:

Community Action of Orleans and Genesee has received a $133,166.00 grant from the Muriel H. Marshall Fund for the Aging of Rochester Area Community Foundation for its Door-to-Door Transportation for the Elderly Program.

"After suffering significant losses, exacerbated by COVID and loss of funding sources, we were devastated to have to stop services in neighboring Orleans County. We feel deep gratitude for the support and generosity of the Rochester Area Community Foundation and the Muriel H. Marshall Fund for again enabling us to continue this essential program in Genesee County, especially through this difficult economic time," says Renee Hungerford, CEO of Community Action of Orleans and Genesee. "This service is critical for these folks to access healthcare and other important needs."

The mission of Community Action of Orleans and Genesee is to ìProvide services, with dignity and respect, that help people become self-sufficient. 

Rochester Area Community Foundation engages philanthropists and community partners to improve our eight-county region by promoting philanthropy that helps to create an equitable community and strengthen our regionís vitality. Since 1972, the Community Foundation has awarded more than $590 million in grants and scholarships. For more information, visit www.racf.org.

June 15, 2022 - 3:47pm
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A motorcycle and other vehicle have reportedly crashed head-on on Clinton Street Road near Terry Hills.

The rider is reportedly down in the roadway, with unknown injuries.

Mercy Flight is available and is on ground standby.

Town of Batavia Fire and Mercy EMS dispatched.

UPDATE 3:48 p.m.: Stafford requested to Seven Springs Road to close traffic and Batavia PD requested to close traffic at East Avenue.

UPDATE 3:55 p.m.: Motorcyclist is alert and talking.

UPDATE 4:02 p.m.: A landing zone for Mercy Flight is being set up at Terry Hills.

UPDATE 4:04 p.m.: A person reportedly insisted on walking through the accident scene because he had a tee time.

June 15, 2022 - 3:00pm

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June 15, 2022 - 8:15am


Have you seen it yet?

The city of Batavia has created a new water/sewer bill for customers. They are itemized with each charge broken out, including water and sewer usage amounts, water and sewer meter charges and capital improvement fee, Water and Wastewater Superintendent Michael Ficarella said this week.

“One-third of the city is billed each month, so not everybody in the city has seen these,” he said during City Council’s Monday meeting at City Hall. “Our billing system is new to us; it’s extremely transparent, and breaks down every charge.”

City Councilman Bob Bialkowski wanted to clarify that there isn’t actually a sewer meter on properties, and that the sewer usage is part of the water meter reading. A resident had contacted Bialkowski to complain about a sewer meter, so the councilman wants everyone to be aware of that item on the new bill.

“There’s no such thing as a sewer meter,” he said.

There is also a graph with the property owner’s consumption history from the past year.

Online payments have been added and will be expanded “with multiple apps to make it for all generations of residents easier to pay their bill,” City Manager Rachael Tabelski said.

Another change is that payments must be received by the due date, and envelopes with the postmarked deadline are no longer accepted as being on time.

Bills may also contain additional city information, such as the enclosed flyer about Community Night, hosted by Batavia City Police. For those that have not yet gotten their bills, Community Night will be from 5:30 to 8 p.m. August 9 at City Church St. Anthony’s, 114 Liberty St., Batavia.

For questions or more information, call (585) 345-6318.

June 14, 2022 - 11:06pm
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Press release:

Dive into Summer Reading Programs for all ages at Richmond Memorial Library!

Join the Richmond Memorial Library for “Oceans of Possibilities” themed summer reading programs for all ages! Visit batavialibrary.org/calendar to see all of the upcoming events for the summer. Summer Reading Programs are sponsored by the Friends of Richmond Memorial Library.

Summer Reading Concert in the Park in partnership with the Batavia Concert Band – Wednesday, June 29 at 7 pm
Nothing says summer like a concert in the park!  Join the Richmond Memorial Library at Centennial Park (151 State Street, Batavia NY 14020) as the Batavia Concert Band pays tribute to our summer reading theme, Oceans of Possibilities. Kids will enjoy the chance to meet a little mermaid or a pirate of the Caribbean, and readers of all ages can sign up for summer reading programs. Bring your own blankets or folding chairs. In the event of rain, this program will be moved to the Stuart Steiner Theatre at Genesee Community College (1 College Road, Batavia NY 14020).

Children’s Summer Reading Program (June 24- August 13, ages birth- 12)
Join the Children’s Room for a Summer Reading Kick-Off on Friday, June 24 from 10 am – 4 pm! Register for the summer reading challenge and enjoy some pizza! Pizza will be served at 12 pm, 1 pm & 2 pm (while supplies last).  This year’s children’s program includes the Read & Bead reading challenge, and Family Fun Fridays (2 pm each Friday beginning July 1) with favorites like Buffalo and Brandy, Benjamin Berry and new friends as well! Other programs include Monday Story Time (10 am for babies, toddlers and preschoolers), Little Scientists on Tuesdays (3:30 pm for ages 7-12, please register), and Lunch Bunch on Thursdays (12 pm for ages six and up who enjoy a longer story!) There will also be an art club on June 15, July 20 and August 24, and many other programs! More info about all of our programs available at batavialibrary.org.

Teen Summer Reading program (June 27- August 20, ages 13—17)
Summer reading programming for teens aged 13-17 at the library includes classes by Mandy Humphrey of Art of Mandy, Yoga with Blue Pearl Yoga, and art projects with Morgan Wagner.  Teens can also participate in Summer Reading BINGO beginning June 27th.  BINGO Boards can be picked up in the Teen Corner or online through the registration link on our website.  Participants can complete challenges for entries in our weekly prizes and our grand prize.  We will also be starting our first installment of the “Laid Back Book Club”-- perfect for on-the-go teens, this program is designed for participants to read at their own pace and chat with other readers as they go.  The title for this summer is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Copies are available in the Teen Corner and on audio or as an ebook through Libby and Hoopla. Read the book to earn a BINGO square and join us for many other activities like a movie night and in-person conversations.

Adult Summer Reading Program (June 27- August 20, ages 18 and up)
Adults are invited to participate in RML’s Adult Summer Reading BINGO Challenge! Complete library and reading challenges for a chance to win weekly and grand prizes.  Participants in the adult summer reading challenge must have a valid library card in the NIOGA system to play for prizes. Register at the reference desk or at batavialibrary.org beginning June 27. Complete rules and information will be provided with registration and a sample BINGO board will be on display at the library. The three grand prizes are (1) a book lover’s basket stuffed with bookish and local goodies valued over $100 (2) a Kindle Paperwhite eReader, and (3) a $50 gift certificate to Lift Bridge Books in Brockport. Challenges range from “read a short book” to “watch a film or show about the ocean or water” to “attend a library program.” Programs planned for this summer include book discussions, the Richmond Reads title reveal, creative writing workshops, craft classes, concerts, film screenings, and even a visit from Mary Todd Lincoln! Visit the library or batavialibrary.org/calendar for more information about programs.

For information about library programs, visit batavialibrary.org, call 585-343-9550 or stop by the library at 19 Ross St, Batavia. The library is open Monday – Thursday 9 am – 9 pm and Friday and Saturday 9 am - 5 pm.

June 14, 2022 - 10:54pm
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Press release:

As another legislative session comes to a close, the people of New York have once again been left on the hook with a $220 billion budget that’s more bloated than ever before. It seems with every year the Majority passes budgets that cost more but do less for the average working family in this state, and while the small tax cuts in this year’s plan were welcome, they simply won't be enough to give New Yorkers the financial jolt they need now more than ever. As prices on just about everything continue to skyrocket with no end in sight, I am disappointed that solutions our conference proposed to bring our residents substantive relief were not considered in earnest. 

Our Inflation Relief and Consumer Assistance Plan (A.8481) would make everyday necessities, such as gasoline, prepared foods, household goods and personal care products, state tax-free for two years. The savings provided by this bill would be immediate and, perhaps most importantly, would help those hit hardest by inflation, some of whom have had to make hard decisions between paying for rent or groceries. 

As if the financial strain affecting our communities wasn’t enough to contend with, people now feel less safe than ever in their own communities. According to a recent poll conducted by Spectrum News and Siena College, 7 in 10 New York City residents fear they may become a victim of violent crime. Their sentiments are also shared statewide, according to another Siena poll, finding that our residents are more concerned about crime than any other singular issue. 

We need to restore respect for laws and law enforcement. We need to help victims, not criminals, and we need to restore judicial discretion. Our constituents were counting on us to fix bail reform, and it’s saddening that they will now be the ones who will suffer the consequences of its shortcomings in their neighborhoods. 

I only hope that this November every voter will remember who stood up for their wallets and their neighborhoods by demanding direct solutions, and those who instead put forward half-measures and downplayed their suffering.

June 14, 2022 - 10:50pm
posted by Press Release in Claudia Tenney, NY-24, news.

Press release:

In response to the ad’s release, Congresswoman Tenney released the following statement: “I have always stood up to insider politicians from both parties, fighting on behalf of New York taxpayers. I’m proud to be leading the fight in Congress to restore American manufacturing, secure the border and end Biden’s inflation crisis. We will continue earning the support of the hardworking people of New York’s 24th Congressional district and fighting for our shared conservative values in Washington.”

June 14, 2022 - 10:15pm
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Press release:

The City of Batavia Police Department is once again hosting their annual Batavia Police Community Night in partnership with The City Church on Tuesday, Aug. 9 from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at City Church St. Anthony’s, 114 Liberty Street, Batavia.

Community Night Out is part of a community-building campaign that promotes strong police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make safer neighborhoods. Various organizations and groups will be participating in the annual event which will include free food, a bounce house, games for kids and much more.

The Batavia Police Department is seeking donations and sponsorships for the annual event. Bronze level sponsorships range from $250 or less, Silver level from $250 - $499, Gold level from $500 to $2,499, and Diamond level from $2,500 or more.

There are also interactive booths and display options available.

“We’re very excited to once again be partnering with City Church for our annual Community Night to demonstrate our commitment and support to the residents of the City of Batavia,” said Batavia Police Chief Shawn Heubusch. “This event allows us to interact and show our appreciation to the community and it brings together many of our business and government leaders in a safe and friendly setting.”

For more information and for those interested in a sponsorship opportunity, please contact Batavia Police Department Detective Matthew Wojtaszczyk at 585-345-6357 or at [email protected].

Photo: File Photo by Howard Owens from 2021.

June 14, 2022 - 10:09pm
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Video Sponsor

Press release:

More than 4,000 New Yorkers are diagnosed with skin cancer a year.  United Memorial Medical Center and the Genesee County Parks Department are collaborating once again to put a dent in those numbers, giving park visitors an easy way to protect their skin from damaging UV rays that can lead to skin cancer.

Five sunscreen dispensers have been installed throughout Genesee County Park and Forest in East Bethany for the more than 30,000 visitors who use the park’s trails, Interpretive Nature Center, pavilions, and playgrounds.

“Skin cancer is the country’s most commonly diagnosed cancer and there are options for individuals to reduce their risk,” said Laurie Ferrando, UMMC’s Healthy Living Manager. “By putting these sunscreen dispensers in our local parks, we are making sun protection in outdoor settings more accessible.”

This is the second year of the program.  Five dispensers were installed last year in the DeWitt Park Recreation Area.*  Thousands of visitors, including children who came to the park for educational programs, used the sunscreen before heading out on the park’s trails or water to kayak, canoe or fish.  

“If you forget the sunscreen at home you don’t have to worry about burning your skin,” said Paul Osborn, Genesee County Deputy Highway Superintendent of Facilities, Parks, Recreation and Forestry. “These dispensers are small ways we can help make a big difference in preventing skin cancer.”

The NYS Department of Health says the best way to lower your risk for skin cancer is by avoiding exposure to UV radiation, whether from indoor tanning devices or as it reflects off sand, water and snow.  And those UV dangers are year-round, even in cloudy weather.

The dispenser project will now continue in Dewitt Park and expand to Genesee County Park supported with funds from Health Research, Inc., and the New York State Department of Health.

Video produced by The Batavian in 2021 when the sunscreen program was launched.

June 14, 2022 - 9:52pm
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Press release:

Six Flags Darien Lake, the Thrill Capital of New York, today announced the introduction of the new Six Flags Annual Pass program. For the first time, with the purchase of a Six Flags Annual Pass, guests now have the opportunity to visit Six Flags parks for 12 months after purchase, providing more flexibility and value to experience the thrill, beautification and new modernization efforts of Six Flags like never before.  

There are three options of Six Flags Annual Passes available to guests with different levels of benefits tailored to suit the various preferences guests make when they visit the parks:

  • Annual Thrill Seeker Pass;
    • $78.00 or 12 payments of $6.50;
    • Includes access to Six Flags Darien Lake, Six Flags New England, Six Flags America, Six Flags Great Escape and La Ronde, plus general parking and special savings;
  • Annual Extreme Pass;
    • $150.00 or 12 payments of $12.50;
    • Includes access to all Six Flags Outdoor Parks including Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari in Jackson, NJ, plus general parking, two Junior Passes and special savings; and  
  • Annual Ultimate Pass;
    • $350.00 or 12 payments of $29.24
    • Includes access to all Six Flags Outdoor Parks, including Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari in Jackson, NJ, plus preferred parking, two Junior Passes, a ten-meal dining plan, and special savings.  

In addition, for a limited time, guests have the option of a Summer Pass which includes unlimited access to Six Flags Darien Lake, through Labor Day for only $59.99.

Guests can purchase and manage their Six Flags Annual Pass now by visiting Six Flags Darien Lake or through the Six Flags App, where they can access a full list of benefits associated with their pass.

Guests can now enjoy our newest water slide, Wahoo Wave, Following a six-story climb to the top of the tower, Wahoo Wave riders will twist through a hairpin turn, followed by a corkscrew. Without warning, riders in four-person tubes will plunge down an unforgettable, three-story drop. This adrenaline-packed adventure will send riders into near-vertical motions to experience extended hang times and zero g-forces.

Six Flags Darien Lake operates weekends and select weekdays through June 24, and daily through Labor Day. The park will not operate on Tuesdays. Visit http://www.sixflags.com/darienlake

Six Flags Jobs

Six Flags is currently hiring in more than 10 diverse departments. Team members receive in-park discounts, rewards and recognitions, exclusive Team Member events and flexible scheduling. Positions are great for students, teachers, retirees, or anyone looking for a second job that allows them to work around a busy personal schedule. Many positions starting at $15 per hour. Those aged 14 and older can apply by visiting SixFlagsJobs.com or texting JOBS to 585-207-8400.

Photo: Courtesy Six Flags Darien Lake

June 14, 2022 - 9:47pm
posted by Press Release in Batavia Concert Band, batavia, news, music, arts, entertainment.


Press release:

The Batavia Concert Band will be returning for their 96th season of public concerts in Batavia’s Centennial Park (rain venue is the Stuart Steiner Theatre at Genesee Community College).

Concerts will be held on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on June 22, July 27, July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27 and Aug. 6.

The season will commence with a special memorial sound system dedication to long-time band member Bob Knipe, sponsored by the Batavia Rotary Club.   The July 3rdh concert will feature soloist Dave Hollenbeck, as part of the Pam Frisby Memorial Concert Series.  In addition, there will be concessions and special raffles each week, including some new raffles!

The Batavia Concert Band’s repertoire has something for everyone: marches, Big Band and swing numbers, popular songs from musicals and movies, rock favorites, classical adaptations, and everything in between.  

The Band consists of 45-55 brass, woodwind and percussion players ranging from talented high school students to 60-year veterans. Many have professional experience, others are advanced amateur musicians, but one thing is for sure -- all love to play!

Returning for his ninth season as conductor is John Bailey, Instrumental Music teacher at Pembroke Central School District and the organization is under the leadership of General Manager Jason Smith, along with a talented group of officers and a dedicated Board, led by Board President Bob Conrad.

The July 27th concert will be conducted by Batavia native and resident Joshua Pacino, current music teacher at Notre Dam..

Founded in the early 1920s, the Batavia Concert Band has brought musical pleasure to the region every year except during World War II and 2020 during COVID.

Concerts are currently supported and funded in part by Platinum Sponsors GO ART, Genesee Community College, Brighton Securities, and WBTA, as well as local businesses, program advertisers, service organizations, and individual patrons.  Individuals or businesses interested in supporting the Band should contact a band member at any concert. 

The Batavia Concert Band is also excited to announce the return of radio station WBTA (AM 1490 / FM 100.1) as the Official Media Sponsor for our 2022 summer concert series!

Be on the lookout for appearances by band members on WBTA’s “Main & Center” program, where we will go into some depth about the band’s makeup and its history. Also, be listening for weekly radio ads promoting the musical selections for the upcoming concerts, and announcing our weekly sponsors.

For information, please visit our Facebook page and www.bataviaconcertband.net to learn more about the Band and our sponsors, and “we will see you in the park!” 
Photo: File photo from 2021 by Howard Owens


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