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October 14, 2021 - 10:00am

Girl Scouts in Pembroke complete Silver Award projects

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Photos and write-up submitted by Julie Beach

Hannah Beach and Lilly Senko worked together in conjunction with Pembroke Jr/Sr High School in creating a sensory "park" area for their peers who sometimes need to take time out of the school day and have a space where they can unwind, relax, and stimulate their sensory needs.

After much planning and interaction with the kids in the 6:1:1 class, plans began for their project.

The park includes an interactive music wall, a sensory wall, a bench, and a sensory garden with plants that students can feel, smell, and even taste.

The girls had a formal presentation of their project to the school on Tuesday, October 11th, with the principal, teachers, the superintendent, several members of the school board, and parents present.

The school was very excited about this new area for the students.


Dianna Kutter worked with the Ronald McDonald House. She reached out to them to see what was needed. She set up several containers for the collection of pop tops, periodically checked her containers, and tracked her progress. Dianna organized a drive to collect needed items for the Ronald McDonald House, she used funds to create care packages to be given out to families staying at the house, also dispersing gift cards to be used by families. Dianna also painted several inspirational rocks that she placed along the gardens surrounding Ronald McDonald House Ronald McDonald house was very happy to receive the gifts


Savannah Meyer was inspired to help the Genesee County Animal Shelter, as she loves animals. She reached out to the animal shelter to see what items they needed. Savannah organized a donation drive to obtain all the needed items for the shelter. She also researched ideas for making animal beds and made several beds and toys for the animals. Savannah hand-painted a storage cubie to hold all the donations at the shelter. The animal shelter was very grateful for all the donations to the shelter 

All four girls have worked very hard at their projects, and have learned so much during the process. 

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