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Students wanted to design a new Genesee County flag with vision for 2050 in mind

By Press Release

Press release:

As part of the efforts to update Genesee County’s Comprehensive Plan – "Genesee 2050" – the Department of Planning recently reached out to superintendents at school districts countywide to get students involved in a contest to create and design a new flag.

“It’s important that we solicit input from the youth of our community as they will be the leaders of government and business in 2050,” said Felipe Oltramari, director of the Genesee County Department of Planning. “We hope their input in creating and designing a new county flag will reflect their vision for Genesee County 30 years from now.”

Competition guidelines for the design of a new county flag are available online here.

Submissions are due by Feb. 28.

The Genesee 2050 Committee will select the top finalists and then have an online vote where county residents will choose one winner.  

“This is an exciting activity to get our youth involved in an important lesson in civic duty and responsibility,” said Genesee County Legislature Chair Shelley Stein. “The youth of our county are our future and I am excited to see that vision reflected in a contest in the creation of a new county flag.”

The Genesee County Department of Planning also is continuing to ask for input from the public through a series of online surveys.  

The surveys seek public comment on various subject matters including recreation, recreation facilities, agriculture, food supply, the coronavirus pandemic and renewable energy siting.

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