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October 15, 2018 - 1:20pm
posted by Billie Owens in WCIS, car racing, sports.

By Dan Turner, WCIS Speedway announcer

It’s that time a year again for the temperature to dip, the leaves to change color and the Wyoming County International Speedway to hold their Annual “Shoot Out at the Bullring”.   As always it’s one of the Crowning Jewels that most drivers, car owners and team would like to win and close out their season.   That’s very evident by the car counts the picturesque 1/3 mi. banked asphalt facility draws in on this mid-October race.   Over 60 cars on hand for the Friday night potion of the Shoot out and 80 plus cars in the pits for Saturday night.   Those hardy fans that were in attendance for both shows, got to see some awesome racing to cap off their 2018 racing season.

Friday night was the kick off for Shoot Out weekend at the Blacktop Bullring.   As mentioned over 60 cars packed the pits for this chilly October evening.   31 4 Cylinders were on hand to flex their muscle and try and take home the winners portion of the Shootout’s expanded payout.   Top 3 from each of the four heats (won by Jankowiak, Gustafson, Moldt and Pierce) redrew for the feature starting position.  The front was full of talent as a pair of perennial and former multi time feature winners, Jimmie Pierce Jr and Jacob Gustafson would lead this class to green.   With 26 cars taking the green, It took no time and the leaders were moving in on lap traffic.   The battle for number one was on between the 66 of Gustafson and the 26 of Pierce.  Thru a handful of caution, the most, scary was the 14s of Sean Sickles that lost control and hiyt the large heavy equipment tires at the end of the pit wall were cars exit the track.   Sean was ok thou the car may not see the track again.  After a few more minor cautions we would see the Moldt #51 make his way to the front and challenge Gustafson.  Andy J in the London #89 would soon be racing for a possible win.   It was all Gustafson in the JG Autowerks #66 machine collecting another win.   “We had a pretty good car, thanks to Dad and I want to thank all the Polish people out there” per Jacob  : )

A healthy car count for our entry level class the Super 6 class.   Many invaders from Spencer and other tracks came to close out their season.   About a dozen came to flex their muscle at the Perry NY speed complex.   It was not big surprise to find the Multi time Spencer Speedway champion in Victory lap. Hallett was followed by the 89 of Brandon Allen and the Heat race winner Andy Cocilova in his 93.

Capping of the Friday night festivities would be the SST Super Stocks running their last race of 2018 with 50 laps the distance.    This was the who’s who of Super stock racing in NY.  Holland, Spencer, Lancaster, Chemung, all represented by their best.   Horvatits and Tim Welshans would pace the field to the green.   It was Joe Horvatits taking the early lead and showing his muscle.   The caution would fly early and as Horvatits slowed something broke on the #4 and he would take a hard hit into the first turn wall and end his night.   Then it was a race as Mike Chenaille, Eric Stone, Dan Majchrzak, Ted Welshans and eventually the 17x machine of Zach Meyers would all get near the front to lead some laps.   In the end it was 2018 track champion Zach Meyers taking the top spot a little after half way, with his smooth calculated driving style worked well with the cool track temperature and lack of grip on the track.

And that was all just in Friday night’s action.   Saturday would prove to be a whole new story with the Addition of the SST Modifieds and the NYSuper Stocks invading the 1/3 mile Power plant.  It would be Sandra Vogler Mem.51 laps for the NY Super Stocks.  The fantastic 4 cylinders were back and as exciting as ever. Then we closed our season with a great SST Modifieds show, The Jim Pierce Mem 100 lap event.

The 4 cylinder class would start our night as a fitting build up to the NYSS and the SST Modifieds.  Some of the drivers and teams could not make the Saturday night show and some new faces were in attendance to make for one excellent racing program.   Early muscle was shown by the heat winners, Gustafson, Schosek and Pierce. In all division tonight the top twelve qualifiers all redrew for their starting spots.   As the green flew it became obvious that this cold track was not just an issue for the Super Stocks and Modifieds, the 4 Bangs were feeling the effects also.  Two laps in it was the #27 stopped on the back straight. Lap 4 it was Monica Greene‘s # 5 having some issues.   Then he drivers settled in and ran off 9 laps before the 1x and9 would drew a yellow.   Local fan favorite Jimmie Pierce Jr. bid for the win on a night of racing named after his late father Jim Pierce, would fall short with engine problems.   A few more cars would come together on the restart causing another yellow.   Then the 4 cylinders would take the green and roll thru the 25 lap mark and close the season at Perry.   Jacob Gustafson would go back to back and dominate the feature tonight.   Gustafson was followed by Greg Moldt in his #51, and with a great run was the #05 of Otis Bradshaw, taking the show position.

For New York Super Stocks Press release and results see their website [email protected] 

What better way the close out a great season than to put 28 of the best Modified drivers and machine on the track for 100 green flag laps in memory of one of our great friend and former SST Modified Champion, Jim Pierce.   This race was renamed after Jim, last year after his untimely passing.  It’s a race many mark on their calendars in March to race in memory of their good friend and competitor.   The guys with the fastest toys started showing their strength as Smith, Dietz, Potrzebowski and Hanbury all picked up the heat race wins.   I can promise you one thing about the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway.   @8 cars running 100 laps for a pretty substantial check to the winner will NEVER get you a boring race.   Its not a ride around til 10, 20 or 30 laps remaining.   Its a lot of pride and bragging right to carry all winter how well you fared at the Shoot out.   Patrick Emerling drew the pole to start this race.   He would be surrounded by other great drivers, Hanbury, Nye, Smith, Andy J, Timmerman and WCIS regulars Bookmiller, Knapp, Majchrzak, Fuchs and Bradshaw.

It only took a few green flag laps to produce our first caution as 22z Billy Ray Pruitt and the 96 of Gary Coons tangled.   Restart everyone was playing nice til lap unlucky 13.   Pruitt and  Tim Nyes came together and that put Billy Ray on the hook and done for the night.   Lap 16  saw Joe Evans come to a stop in turn 4 and a double spin with Tim Nyes and the 74 of Sherry Hogan. Racing continued thru a few more cautions as the lead was being swapped amongst, the 07, 51, 15 and a few others wanting the lead.  After a restart on lap 39 it was chaos on the front straight as Hanbury in the Gary Noe 1H car was outside the Emerling 07 for the restart and as they cross the start/finish line smoke and sparks and Hanbury was hard into the outside retaining wall, done for the night.   Under red flag conditions Emerling stated “he felt a bump but did not   Know if he made comtact with the 1H machine”  as the wreck was being cleared we talked with the top 5 drivers to get their game plan.   As we finished talking a loud banging was going on.   That was Tony Hanbury using his helmet to beat on the roof and wind screen of Emerling’s 07 ride.    Track safety crews stopped the malay and Hanbury was escorted away.

It was a few more cautions and a couple bent up racecars and the last caution came at lap 84 when a few cars came together and Sherry Hogan doing a great job of driving got spun and gathered it up and drove away before the balance of the field was baring down on her and it could have been a big wreck.   In the end it was Emerling picking up his second Jim Pierce Mem win in as many years.  “ We had the opportunity to run the Whelen Modified Tour this weekend, but Jim wa a good friend of ours and we thought it Important to honor him and run here at the Bullring.” Said Patrick.   He was followed across the line by Andy J. and Rusty Smith.

Mike Shaughnessy Memorial WCIS Super Stocks (50 Laps): ZACH MYERS (17x), Ted Welshans (39), Daniel Majchrzak (14), Mike Chenaille(14s), Nik Welshans (41), Eric Stone (09), Frank Kline (33), Kyle Skoney (55), Kory Lanni (29), Eric Haistreiter (47), Paul Flye (94), Nick Robinson (3), Joe Horvatits (4), Scott Gleed (03), Jay Canonico (13), Tim Welshans (32) Did Not Start: Cole Hicks (46)
Qualifying Winners: Tim Welshans, Zach Myers

4 Cylinders Dash 4 Cash (20 Laps): JACOB GUSTAFSON (66), Greg Moldt (51), Andy Jankowiak (89), David Brunka (28), David Heimes ( , Joe Brunka (27), Dan Dressel (09), Monica Green (5), Kyle Casper (10), Tom Lalomia Jr (8L), Jeff Landwehr (15), Braedon Suffoletta (9), Triston Kline (7x), Kathie Ricketson (44), Jody Krieb (1x), Adam Killingbeck (73), Kenny Ham (19), Russ Bulger (32b), John Klamut (7), Kevin Kocher (31), Ryan Palmer (10x), Jimmy Pierce (26), Josh Schosek (37ny), Kory Lanni (18), Sean Sickles (14s), Dominic Rafferty (29jr) Greg Krause (24) 
Did Not Start: Dave Harbst (2h), Justin Saas (2), Jesse Hurley (22), Bob Palmer (32)
Qualifying Heat Winners: Andy Jankowiak, Jacob Gustafson, Jimmy Pierce, Greg Moldt

6 Cylinders (25 Laps): BRIAN HALLETT (36), Brandon Allen(89), Andy Cocilova (93), John Parthemer (95), Frank Parsons (14), Tim Faro (98), Alison Knoepfler (35), Chris Deyoe Jr (14d), Tammi Bennett (78), Robert Cassidy (16), Mike Chenaille (14s)
Qualifying Winner: Andy Cocilova

Jim Pierce Memorial SST Modified (100 Laps): PATRICK EMERLING (07), Andy Jankowiak (41j), Shawn Nye (51), Kevin Timmerman (17), Alan Bookmiller (40), Ricky Knapp (11), Zack Curren (94), Sherri Hogan (74), Steve Fuchs (4), Gary Coon (96), Chad Nugent (42), Carrie Bolton (6j), Scott Wylie (44), Toad Bradshaw (00), Jake Vernon (27), John Barber (01), Daniel Majchrzak (14), Neal Dietz Jr (84), Joe Evans (91), Tony Hanbury (1H), Tim Nies (86), Gary Noe (1), Billy Ray Pruitt (22z), Cassie Logsdon (09) 
Failed to Qualify: Tom Alloco (6), Timmy Lewis (41), Beth Dennie (16), Jennifer Dennie (22), Jay Withey Jr (29), Wayne Baker (B51), Nathan Michelsen (68), Don Pringle (96r) 
DQd Smith(15),  Potrzebowski(72)
Qualifying Winners: Rusty Smith, TJ Potrzebowski, Tony Hanbury, Neal Dietz Jr

Sandra Vogler Memorial New York Super Stock Series (51 Laps): SCOTT WYLIE (98), Shaun Frarey (38), Josh Hunter (7), Dylan Bancroft (91), Scott Adams (68), Zach Willis (75), Nick Robinson (15), Eric Brown (48), Jason Dinzler (40), Amber Vanorden (17), Nate Peckham (90), Jim House (76), Brian Wozniak (85), Matt Larrivee (12), Eric Haistreiter (47), Andy Cryan (09), Joel Gleason (25), Charlie Sharpsteen (34), Cole Hicks (46), Sam Rotunda Jr (5), Chris Vogler (51), Mike Hyman (87), Jimmy Steffenhagen (61), Cody Frantz (0), Josh Schoonmaker (84), Zac Petrie (37)
Failed to Qualify: Joe Fetzer (2), JP Harbst (04), Steve Perez (88), Eric Hadley (71), Griffin Miller (6)
Qualifying Winners: Dylan Bancroft, Nick Robinson, Scott Wylie, Joel Gleason

4 Cylinders (30 Laps): JACOB GUSTAFSON (66), Greg Moldt (51), Otis Bradshaw (05), Tom Lalomia Jr (8L), Corey Copeland (89), David Brunka (28), David Heimes ( , Charles Palmer (10), Joe Brunka (27), Dan Dressel (09), Bob Palmer (32), Jesse Hurley (22), Triston Kline (7), John Klamut (7k), Ryan Palmer (10x), Braedon Suffoletta (9), Kenny Ham (19), Jody Krieb (1x), Kevin Kocher (31), Russ Bulger (32B), Jeff Landwehr (15), Jimmy Pierce Jr (26), Justin Sass (2), Alex Brown (04), Josh Schosek (37ny), Monica Green (5)
Qualifying Heat Winners: Jacob Gustafson, Jimmy Pierce Jr, Josh Schosek
Results funished by Steven Petty

October 15, 2018 - 11:52am
posted by Mike Pettinella in news, sports.

Longtime league bowler Scott Kern of Basom finally found perfection on the lanes, rolling his first 300 game last Wednesday in the County Line Stone League at Scopano's Lanes in Oakfield.

The 63-year-old right-hander calmly placed three balls into the 1-3 pocket in the 10th frame on lane 8 to finish his string of 12 strikes -- and cap a fine 727 series. Watch for more details on his achievement in Mike Pettinella's Pin Points column this Thursday.

In other league action around the Genesee Region, 17-year-old lefty Matt Hurlburt exploded for a 778 series in the Thursday Night League at Perry Bowling Center. His games were 245-278-255.

Earlier in the season, he notched his first 300 game in a league at Livingston Lanes in Geneseo.

Click on the Pin Points tab for a long list of high scores.

October 15, 2018 - 11:20am
posted by Mike Pettinella in Bowling, sports.

Attention Genesee Region USBC league secretaries:

If you would like your league's weekly high scores to be published on The Batavian, send an email to [email protected]. Men's scores of 220 (game) and 600 (series) or better and women's scores of 190 (game) and 540 (series) will be posted. Photos of honor score bowlers or those with newsworthy accomplishments will be posted as long as they are emailed to the same email address.

Through Oct. 14

Monday Morning Ladies
High Games
Junamae Qutermous 190
Monday Night Synergistic NFL
High Series

Michele Larson 233-221--609
Steve Wenzka 604
Monday Independent Ladies
High Games

Mary Beth Lovria 205
Mancuso Real Estate/No Finer Diner
High Series

Rob Stefani 246-246--684
Jason Quilliam 268--652
High Games
Alex Morris 248
Josh Therrien 220
Antique World Tuesday Coed
High Series
Scott Bliss 236--610
High Games
Kelli Bliss 202
J.E. Currier/Rebel Liners
Wednesday Night Ladies
High Series

Dawn O'Neill 205--550
High Games
Rock Kraus 191
Kathy Pacino 197
Wednesday Night Misfits
High Series

Gary MacDonald 279-229--710
Andy Stone 247--603
High Games
Pete O'Brien 222
Toyota of Batavia Thursday 5-Man
High Series

Jason Gallo 269-258--743
Matt Balduf 257-264--725
Rich Wagner 246-227-243--716
Alex Morris 279--675
Nathan Cordes 242-224--667
Brian Green 267--664
Geoff Harloff 248--642
Nate Balduf 240--640
Denny Rogers 235--639
Mike Johnson 236--636
Brian Ace Jr. 266--628
Jay Van Buren 236--625
Tom Baker 220--621
Brian Dilcher 245--615
Dan Cone 614
Jerry Harding 221--614
Vin Pontillo 225--613
Jeremy Vallance 231--612
A.J. Allenbrandt 220--606
Mike Lambert 602
Jim Pursel 600
Nick LaFarnara 223--600
High Games
Ron Lawrence 245
Greg Siedlecki 224
Josh Elliott 222
Genesee Region Youth Travel
Oct. 14
High Series

Austin Hawker 246--627
Jillian Menzie 204--586
Dennis Van Duser 257--559
Devon Zinter 210--548
Brooke Jarkiewicz 191--548
Samantha Hyde 182--537
Ben Lennox 516
Aaron Leone 188--513
Joshua Morris 210--502
High Games
Trent Willis 189
Paige Snook 188
G&W Vending
High Series

Dave Emler 255--700
Caycee Landers 264--673
Keith Jensen 247--668
Chris Bardol 237--648
Dennis Meyer 646
Gerald Menzie 264--643
Ryan Flaherty 231--638
Daniel Maus 248--628
Rob Stefani 244--624
Sandi Ehrne 220--582
Wednesday Men's Handicap
High Series

Rodney Jopson 278--751
Jason Heimlich 228--668
Jeff Parton 254--632
Rick Kleinow 223--630
Barb Fisher 208--586
High Games
Charles Gelsomino 224
Laurie Morgante 214
Thursday Owls
High Series
William Yates 245--704
Frank Jarkiewicz 256--701
William Wood 278--662
Rob Husted 255--633
Charles Scheiber 231--630
Harris Busmire 222--629
Mark Mack 226--613
Gary MacDonald 235--601
Laurie Morgante 213--572
High Games
Tom Sardou 224
High Series

Kevin Wezelis 236--646
Colleen Pimm 225--610
High Games
Robert Cassidy 234
County Line Stone Wednesday
High Series

Scott Kern 265-300--727
Steve O'Dell 267--690
Clint Stafford 235-246--674
Scott Shields 247-247--673
Aaron Chamberlain 225-246--671
Roy Chamberlain 246-244--664
Pat Vigneri 235--652
Mike Pettinella 238--644
Dean Cadieux Sr. 237-226--642
Bob Cassidy 233--628
Joe Mortellaro 223--619
Scot Monachino 224--616
Steve Wyder 227--614
Scott Gibson 606
Mike Lyons 600
High Games
Todd Mortellaro 235
Frank Jarkiewicz 222
​Le Roy Moose
High Series

Dick Cousins 226-268--693
Matt Balduf 225-226--654
George Beckman 252--643
A.J. Allenbrandt 233-232--641
Nate Balduf 247--623
High Games
Zach Plath 233
Alisa Dickson 205
Sneezy's Monday Night
High Series

Shawn Whittier 278--697
Robbie Hanks 258--695
Josh Bowman 244--659
Bill Logan 649
Randy Hanks 266--631
High Games
Greg Gilman 241
Sunday Rolloffs
High Series

Jason Mahnke 231-244-267--742
Travis Kinne 237-264--696
Curtis Foss 236-237--691
Aaron Verheyn 240-257--687
Scott Allis 277--673
Matt Wengrzycki 255--660
Roger Allis 227--648
Gregg Wolff 222-226--642
Alex Allis 237--625
Sterling Allis 237--620
Mark Albone 616
Rich Culver 614
Jackie Jurinich 233--610
Amy Allis 215--566
High Games
Mitch Harmer 222
Rolloff: Amy Allis, 1st; Foss, 2nd; Roger Allis, 3rd; Dawn Greenlief, 4th; Albone, 5th.
Monday Nite 5
High Series

Matt Slocum 237-237--685
Ryan Naylor 220-247--670
Gene Standish 279--647
Brady Weber 226--637
Brian Weber 226--635
Curtis Hoffman 247--635
Marty Weaver 237--619
Matt Hurlburt 252--608
Robert Schmidt III 230--600
Diane Hurlburt 246--593
Rachel Van Duser 224--556
High Games
Doug Stratton 245
Dakota Packman 236
Thursday Night
High Series

Matt Hurlburt 245-278-255--778
Jason Hurlburt 248-228--663
High Games
Andrew Tones 223

October 14, 2018 - 11:38am
posted by Billie Owens in sports, harness racing, Batavia Downs.

Photo of A F F Bigdaddy with reinsman Denny Bucceri in the lead.

By TIm Bojarski, for Batavia Downs

A F F Bigdaddy continued to be a hot horse among the top class pacers at Batavia Downs as he won his second straight $11,500 Open Handicap pace on Saturday (Oct. 13).

The race got away in post position order meaning Bugatti (Jim Morrill Jr.) was calling the shots. After reaching the quarter in :28 flat, In Runaway Bay (Kevin Cumming) pulled first-up at the three-eighths and brought A F F Bigdaddy (Denny Bucceri) with him. Now in two rows, positions remained unchanged from the half to the three-quarters with the race proceeding in a timely 1:25.3.

As the pacers were rounding the final turn, Bucceri swung A F F Bigdaddy three-deep at the apex and it was clear the pair meant business. Under a full head of steam, A F F Bigdaddy paced by In Runaway Bay and then Bugatti before opening up a three length lead and hitting the wire a wrapped-up 1:54.1 winner.

It was the fifth win in the last eights starts for A F F Bigdaddy ($10.80) who now has seven for the year along with $41,393 in earnings. Jennifer and Marcus Rogowski own the 5-year-old Sir Luck gelding who is trained by Steve Kiblin,

In the $9,900 Open II Handicap, Cool Like Fire (Billy Davis Jr.) came from off the pace late amidst a four-horse charge down the lane to win his fifth race of the year by a length in a time of 1:54.2. Cool Like Fire ($14.20) is owned by WIlliam Emmons and is trained by Jim Clouser Jr.

Four drivers scored doubles on Saturday night. Drew Monti, Jim Morrill Jr., Billy Davis Jr. and Denny Bucceri all got a pair across during the proceedings.

Racing resumes at Batavia Downs on Wednesday afternoon with post time set for 5 o'clock.

October 13, 2018 - 1:23pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Le Roy, sports, football.



Wayland-Cohocton turned out to be a tough opponent for Le Roy to finish the season against, knocking the Knights to a 3-4 record with a 48-7 defeat.

For Le Roy, Cineque Robinson gained 86 yards on 14 carries. Jake Hill was 4-13 passing for 103 yeards and a TD. Nate Andrews made a 70-yard reception for a TD.

Bob Locke had 13 tackles and Anthony Leitten had eight.

In other Friday night football:

  • Alexander finishes the regular season with a 7-0 record after beating Perry (4-3) 26-0. Terrez Smith gained 122 yards on 24 carries. Dylan Busch was 7-15 for 144 yards and three TDs. Takari Lang-Smith had three receptions for 44 yards. Jake Jasen had eight tackles and a sack. The Trojans enter sections as the #1 see in Class D.
  • York/Pavilion beat Pembroke 38-13.
  • Batavia Notre Dame beat Bolivar-Richburg 49-28.
  • Batavia plays at Haverling today.

Photos by Ed Henry.


Nate Andrews races to the end zone with a 70-yard TD reception.


QB Jake Hill implores the Le Roy fans to be louder after tossing 70-yard TD pass to Nate Andrews.


Andrew Kettle sweeps left for a nice gain for the Knights.


Cole Rauscher smothers Way-Co RB Brandon DeGuarde.

October 13, 2018 - 12:24pm

Submitted plaque photos and press release:

The 17th Annual Batavia Blue Devil Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner will be held next Saturday, Oct. 20, at Terry Hills Restaurant and Banquet Facility on Clinton Street Road in Batavia.

Social Hour starts at 5 p.m., followed by dinner at 6 o'clock. 

Cost is $30 per dinner.

Tickets are available at the Batavia High School Athletic Director's office. Deadline is Monday, Oct. 15th.

These are the new inductees who will be honored:

  • Ice Devils Hockey Team of 1994-1995
  • Coleen Tooley Oleski  --  Class of 1965
  • Michele Smith Jones  --  Class of 1982
  • Stephen Frieday  --  Class of 1968
  • Gerry Carmichael  --  Assistant to Director of Health, PE and Interscholastic Athletics from 1986 to 2018
  • Richard Anderson  --  Class of 1976
  • Jon Sanfratello  --  Class of 1992

For more information please call 343-2480, ext. 2003.

Sponsored by the Batavia Coaches Association.

October 13, 2018 - 11:58am
posted by Billie Owens in Batavia Downs, sports, harness racing.

Photo of Kaitlyn Rae with driver Ray Fisher Jr.

By Tim Bojarski, for Batavia Downs

It was a big night for Ray Fisher Jr. at Batavia Downs on Friday night (Oct. 12) as he won four races including both feature races. 

First in the $10,400 fillies and mares Open Handicap pace, Fisher sent Kaitlyn Rae off the wings and right to the front where she dominated her rivals all the way. With an open two-length lead, Kaitlyn Rae set fractions of :27.4, :58 and 1:26.1 before rounding the far turn and skating away to a six-length win in 1:54.3. 

It was the 59th career victory and 11th win of the year for Kaitlyn Rae ($21.60) who is owned and trained by Riley Asher-Stalbaum.

Photo above of driver Ray Fisher Jr. with Lougazi​.

Then one race later in the $11,500 Open Handicap trot, Fisher took Lougazi off the gate and settled in second to the quarter before pulling at the three-eighths pole to take the lead past the half. From there he called the shots as he got to the three-quarters in 1:27.4 and then trotted home sharply while holding off a late challenge from Empire Earl N (Jim Morrill Jr.) to win by a length in 1:57.2. 

Owner Mary Warriner enjoyed watching Lougazi ($7.80) get his seventh win of the year under the tutelage of Fisher’s wife, Ryan Swift. 

Fisher also won with Susie’s Delight (1:55.2, $4.10) and Bands Ariston (1:59.3, $9.60) to round out the Grand Slam. Both of these horses are trained by Swift as well giving her the hat trick.

Fisher is currently fourth in the standings for wins on the meet with 45 behind the leading Drew Monti who has 74, Kevin Cummings with 67 and Billy Davis Jr. with 54. 

Please note that when racing resumes at Batavia Downs on this afternoon (Oct. 13) it will do so with a very early post time of 4:15.

October 12, 2018 - 5:36pm

Wyoming County Intl. Speedway Itinerary for Shoot-out Weekend Oct. 12-13.

Event Info: Dates and Times

Friday, Oct. 12th:
 Pit Gates Open 3:00 pm
 Open Practice - All Divisions 3:30 pm
 Practice Ends 6:30 pm
 Driver’s Meeting (WCIS Super Stocks, 6 Cylinders, 4 Cylinders)* 6:35 pm
 SST Modified Pit Stop Challenge Competitors Meeting 6:50 pm
 Qualifying Races 7:00 pm
 4 Cylinders – 6 laps
 6 Cylinders – 8 laps
 WCIS Super Stocks – 8 laps
- SST Modified Final Practice (10 laps) followed by SST Modified Pit Stop Challenge
- WCIS Super Stock Redraw – Flag Stand
 Feature Races
 4 Cylinder Dash-4-Cash – 20 laps
 6 Cylinders – 25 laps
 WCIS Super Stocks – 50 laps

Saturday, Oct. 13th:
 Pit Gates Open 10:00 am
 Pre-Technical Inspection 10:15 am
 Open Practice/Front Gate Opens 11:00 am
 4 Cylinders, Vintage Racecars, NY Super Stocks, SST Modifieds
 Practice Ends 1:15 pm
 Driver’s Meeting - All Divisions* 1:35 pm
 Qualifying Races 2:00 pm
 NY Super Stocks - 8 laps
 SST Modifieds - 10 laps
 4 Cylinders - 8 laps
 Feature Races
 Vintage Racecars – 15 laps
- Jim Pierce Memorial 100 SST Modifieds Re-Draw at Starter’s Stand
- Sandra Vogler Memorial 51 NY Super Stock Re-Draw at Starter’s Stand
 Feature Races (continued)
 B-Main/Consi (TBD) – 4 Cylinders/NY Super Stocks/SST Modifieds
 4 Cylinders - 30 laps
 NYSS ‘Sandra Vogler Memorial’ 51 Championship Event - 51 laps
 Jim Pierce Memorial SST Modified 100 - 100 laps

Sunday, Oct. 14th:
Rain Date if needed, itinerary TBD

October 12, 2018 - 3:53pm
posted by Billie Owens in sports, harness racing, Batavia Downs.

By Tim Bojarski, for Batavia Downs

What was originally an unscheduled night of racing, Saturday (Oct. 13) has now become the earliest post time of the meet for Batavia Downs. Due to a concert previously scheduled, Saturday’s nine-race card will kick off at 4:15 p.m. 

Racing gates open at 2:45 p.m. and the clubhouse will be open at 3:15 p.m. 

There will also be a special menu in the clubhouse on Saturday. A Texas-style bar-b-que is being offered that will feature bar-b-que pulled pork, bone-in chicken, roasted red potatoes, mac-n-cheese, butter-basted corn, rolls, coffee, tea or soda and all for only $16.95. And everyone purchasing the buffet will receive $15 back in free play for the gaming floor. This offer is good from 3:15 until 6:45 p.m. and reservations are suggested. 

After the live racing card concludes, “Kiss This,” the East coast’s premier Kiss tribute band, will play a full-costumed concert in the Paddock Room starting at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are only $10 and are available at www.bataviaconcerts.com or at Lucky Treasures Gift Shop right at Batavia Downs Gaming.

October 8, 2018 - 12:47pm
posted by Billie Owens in sports, Batavia Downs, harness racing.

By Tim Bojarski, for Batavia Downs

Horsemen please be advised that there will be no racing on Wednesday (Oct. 10) and Thursday (Oct. 11). Wednesday was cancelled due to a lack of horses and Thursday was simply moved to Saturday (Oct. 13), which was not originally scheduled. Saturday’s post time will be 4:15 p.m. 

Friday (Oct. 12) will remain as scheduled with a 6 p.m. post time and with the draw being held on Tuesday (Oct. 9). 

The draw for Wednesday (Oct. 17) will be held on Saturday (Oct. 13) instead of the normal draw day of Friday (Oct. 12). The box closes for both draws at 9 a.m.

For more racing information and updates please log on to www.bataviadownsgaming.com.

October 8, 2018 - 12:11pm
posted by Mike Pettinella in news, sports.

A pair of high-revving right-handers rolled 300 games during last week's league bowling action in the Genesee Region.

On Tuesday, Chris Bardol of Brockport found perfection en route to a 761 series in the G&W Vending League at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen, and two nights later, Steve O'Dell of Oakfield, put 12 strikes together in the third game for a 725 series in the Toyota of Batavia League at Mancuso Bowling Center.

Also on Tuesday, Scott Bliss of Batavia shot a 299 game and 755 series in the Antique World Coed League at Mancuso's, and on Monday, Paul Baney notched a 290 game in the Sneezy's Monday Night League at Oak Orchard Bowl in Albion.

For the list of high rollers, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of this page.

October 7, 2018 - 3:12pm
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Photo: Bioness takes the lead, driven by Kevin Cummings​.

By Tim Bojarski, for Batavia Downs

International trotting came to Batavia Downs on Saturday afternoon (Oct. 6) as the French-bred Bioness shipped in and captured the $15,000 Brian Schroeder Memorial Trot. 

The Downs annual signature invitational trot is named for the longtime Western New York trainer/driver Brian Schroeder whose specialty was breaking and racing diagonal-gaited Standardbreds. Schroeder passed away on Oct. 11, 2007 after a lengthy illness. 

Schroeder conditioned and raced some of the best trotters of his era at Batavia Downs as well as on the Grand circuit. Aside from all the races he won in western New York, Schroeder’s career highlights included competing in the 1993 Hambletonian with Collier St Joey and finishing second with Financial Paige in the Breeders Crown 3-year-old filly trot at Woodbine in 1995.

Leaving from post eight, Bioness (Kevin Cummings) made his way to the top and settled in past the quarter in :28.1. With no opposition Cummings backed the next panel down to :29.4 and looked confident on the point. As the race made its way into the third turn, Southern Palms (Shawn McDonough) pulled first-up from fifth and started the rim trek in a slow, methodical fashion. 

When the group hit the three-quarters Bioness had opened up a two length lead while Southern Palms made his way to second, but still with much work to do. At the top of the lane Bioness looked home free, but McDonough was working his horse hard and getting favorable results. Southern Palms came flying down the lane while Bioness really needed the line. With both drivers in full swing, Bioness hung on by a head to win in 1:57.

"The plan was to go to the front from the start and when I got there he felt fine the whole mile. He was game holding that other horse off at the wire but he was all in at that point," said Cummings after the race. 

Bioness ($5) scored his fourth win in 14 starts this year and the purse pushed his earnings to $101,688 for 2018. Northfork Racing Stable owns Bioness who is trained by Chris Oakes. The winner was greeted in the Purple Haze winner’s circle by many friends and family of Brian Schroeder. 

Bioness (Sam Bourbon-Quiradelle D’hilly) was purchased and imported this spring through the French-American Trotting Club (FATC) program developed by the Standardbred Owners Association of New York. The 7-year-old gelding competed in three legs of the FATC series at Yonkers in August before winning the $120,000 final, going the mile and one-half in 2:58. 

After having a three-week sabbatical, Bioness qualified at Mohegan Sun Pocono in 1:54.3 before shipping to Batavia for this engagement. 

October 6, 2018 - 5:35pm
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Terrez Smith (top photo) carried the ball 20 times for 208 yards adn four touchdowns to help lead Alexander (6-0) to a 26-6 win over Notre Dame.

Dylan Busch was 3-6 passing and Jake Jasen had 23 tackles.

For Notre Dame (3-2), Jed Reece scored on a 40-yard run in the second quarter.

Alexander's Chris McClinic was injured on the Trojans' first possession and did not return to the game.

In other Friday night games:

Batavia beat Wellsville 61-7. Ray Leach carried the ball five times for 147 yards and four touchdowns. Alex Rood had five carries for 103 yards and two TDs. Ethan Biscaro, two rushes for 77 yards and a TD. Biscaro was 6-7 passing for 117 yards and three TDs. Andrew Frances had three receptions for 33 yards and TD. Taiyo Iburi Bethel had a 22-yard TD reception and Leach had a 58-yard TD reception. Rood had six tackles.

Le Roy beat Haverling 27-8. Jake Hill and Reece Tresco connected on four touchdown receptions.

Cal-Mum/Byron-Bergen fell to Livonia, 33-20.

York/Pavilion beat Geneseo 48-8.

Pembroke lost to Canisteo-Greenwood, 48-14.

In eight-man football, Oakfield-Alabama/Elba beat GC Finney/Northstar 68-22. Ty Mott rushed for 150 yards on eight carries. OA-E is now 4-0 on the season.






To purchase keepsake prints of game photos, click here.

October 5, 2018 - 5:39pm
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Press release:

The OACS Alumni Hall of Fame Committee will be honoring the Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2018 during an Alumni Hall of Fame weekend scheduled for Oct. 19th-20th.

This year's honorees are: Mark Boyce ('76), David Reed ('97), and Brett Willmott ('91).

On the evening of Saturday, Oct. 20th, there will be a community dinner and ceremony to induct our newest members. The dinner will be held at the OACS High School cafeteria. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the event begins at 6 o'clock.

Tickets are on sale only through Oct.13th and are available at the high school check-in main entrance, at Santino's Pizza on Drake Street in Oakfield, or by contacting committee member Brandon Brummert through email at [email protected]. Tickets are $20 each.

The Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding OACS alumni who have achieved distinction in their lives and chosen field after high school through significant contributions to their career, community or through personal achievements. 

We hope to see you there!

For bios of this year's honorees, click here.

October 4, 2018 - 1:01pm

By Tim Bojarski, for Batavia Downs

There are many promotions and schedule changes at Batavia Downs over the next nine days and here is a look at the lineup.  

This Saturday (Oct. 6) has an early post of 4:45 p.m. and promises a full night of entertainment. 

The featured race on the live racing card is the $15,000 Brian Schroeder Memorial Trot, named for the longtime Western New York trainer/driver whose specialty was diagonal-gaited Standardbreds. Schroeder raced some of the best trotters of his era at Batavia Downs and even competed in the 1993 Hambletonian with Collier St. Joey. 

Among the entrants of that race is the French-bred trotter Bioness (Sam Bourbon-Quiradelle D’hilly) who was purchased and imported this spring through the French American Trotting Club program developed by the Standardbred Owners Association of New York. Since coming to the U.S. Bioness has won three out of seven starts, taking a mark of 1:54.3 at Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs and has earned $88,970 in the process. 

Fans attending the races Saturday can take advantage of the Match Play promotion. Wager a minimum of $25 with a mutuel clerk on any Batavia Downs Gaming live harness race at the same time between 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. and receive $25 in gaming free-play. 

After the races on Saturday, there will be a live tribute concert to the classic film "American Graffiti" in the Paddock Room. Tickets are $10 and seating is on a first-come basis.  

Then on Columbus Day Monday (Oct. 8) enjoy Batavia Downs annual matinee racing card with a special 1:15 p.m. post. Purchase a chicken barbecue (provided by the Center Street Smoke House) for $10.95 from noon to 3 p.m. in the clubhouse and receive $10 in gaming free play. 

If chicken isn’t your pleasure, there will also be $1 Sahlen’s hot dog, draft beer and soda at the Homestretch Grill and on the apron from noon until after the last race. All live racing programs will also be only $1.  

Then there is a schedule change that needs to be noted. There will be no racing on Wednesday (Oct. 10) and Thursday (Oct. 11). Wednesday was cancelled due to a lack of horses and Thursday was simply moved to Saturday (Oct. 13), which was not originally scheduled. Saturday’s post time will be 4:15 p.m. 

Friday (Oct. 12) will remain as scheduled with a 6 p.m. post time.  

Saturday (Oct. 13) will feature a special Texas Barbecue in the clubhouse with pulled pork and chicken and all the fixings to go along with it for only $16.95. And everyone buying the barbecue will receive $15 in gaming free play. The clubhouse and buffet both open at 3:15 p.m. on Saturday. 

For more information on live racing at Batavia Downs, please log on to www.bataviadownsgaming.com.

October 4, 2018 - 12:54pm
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Photo of Roll With Faith in the lead with driver Kevin Cummings.

By Tim Bojarski, for Batavia Downs

She was perfect in September and has now started October the same way. Roll With Faith has owned the top pacing mares at Batavia Downs of late and proved it once again; winning her fourth consecutive $10,000 Open Handicap distaff feature on Wednesday evening (Oct. 3). 

Kevin Cummings sent Roll With Faith to the front of the scratch-shortened field and settled into a comfortable dictatorial position. Stepping off fractions of :29, :58.2 and 1:26.3, Cummings sat confident as Roll With Faith threw in a :28.2 final panel and won easily in 1:55.

It was the 12th win of the year for Roll With Faith ($3.30) pushing her seasonal earnings to $65,309 for owners Finish Line Investors, Lawrence Willer and John Mungillo, who also conditions the winner. 

In the co-featured $8,800 fillies and mares Open II pace, Kaitlyn Rae (Ray Fisher Jr.) won in similar fashion, going gate to wire in domineering fashion. Fisher went :28.1, :57.4 and 1:26.4 before scooting home in :28.4 to pull away by three in 1:55.3. 

It was the 10th win of the year for Kaitlyn Rae ($3.20) who now has put $51,025 in the bank for her owner/trainer Riley Asher-Stalbaum.

Asher-Stalbaum also sent her win machine Quicksilvercandy A to the winner’s circle for the 14th time this year and the 77th time in her career. Over the last two seasons this mare has won just under half of her lifetime races, bagging 35 wins over that period. 

It’s also interesting to note that based on Wednesday’s results, Quicksilvercandy A is tied in fourth for the most 2018 wins in North America and Roll With Faith is currently tied for sixth. 

Ray Fisher Jr. got the driving hat trick on Wednesday while Kevin Cummings and Shawn McDonough both scored driving doubles. 

Racing resumes at Batavia Downs on Friday (Oct. 5) with post time set for 6 p.m.

October 4, 2018 - 7:39am
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This weeks's Pin Points bowling column by Mike Pettinella touches on a number of topics -- local and otherwise -- including exploits by Batavian Paul Spiotta and Brockport's Chris Bardol -- and the election of two professional stars into the PBA Hall of Fame.

For details and much more, click on the Pin Points tab at the top of this page.

October 4, 2018 - 7:35am
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Several Genesee Region bowlers competed on Sunday in the season’s first 60-and-Over Tour event at Brockport Bowl but only one – Batavian Paul Spiotta – advanced out of the three-game qualifying round. Spiotta shook off a 159 start, finishing with 257, to claim the last berth to the second round. Unfortunately, his 165 game wasn’t enough to keep him in contention; he pocketed $50. John Masiello of Kenmore placed first, winning $200. The next tournament in the series directed by Tommy Kress is set for Oct. 28 at Doug Kent’s Rose Bowl Lanes in Newark.

Speaking of tournaments, the Genesee Region USBC had to cancel an Invitational Match Play handicap singles event that was scheduled for last weekend due to a lack of entries. The concept is fine – three-game matches throughout until a winner is determined – but I think the $50 entry fee may have scared bowlers away (especially since it could be a case of “three games and out”).  With advance promotion and maybe a $25 entry fee, I believe it could work.

Brockport’s Chris Bardol opened the league season with a 299 game and 814 on Sept. 11 in the G&W Vending League at Rose Garden Bowl in Bergen, and, two nights ago, he added another 300 game to his resume en route to a 761 series. Bardol said he’s not sure of the exact count, but estimates that he now has 30 perfect games and 15 800 series. He continues to own and operate The North Pole restaurant on Swan Street on Wednesday through Saturday for dinner.

Also on Tuesday night, Scott Bliss of Batavia just missed perfection – firing 279-299-177—755 in the Antique World Coed League at Mancuso Bowling Center.

While the ownership situation at Scopano’s Lanes is yet to be settled, it’s business as usual at the Oakfield facility.  That includes the continuation of a solid Saturday morning youth program, which gets under way on Oct. 13. Director Carrie Monachino said parents of children 4 years of age and up are welcome to sign their kids up from noon to 2 p.m. this Sunday. A pulled pork BBQ fundraiser is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 3 at Caryville Inn.

Medina Lanes caught lightning in a bottle last season by hosting the Sunday Rolloffs League and (no surprise) is planning for another two-round campaign in 2018-19. The handicap singles league, where bowlers are placed in divisions according to their averages, will consist of a pair of 10-week slates -- Oct. 7 through Dec. 9 and Jan. 6 through March 10. The league is limited to 30 bowlers. To enter, call Medina Lanes at 318-4474.

Genesee Region USBC President Gary Kuchler and Director John Wood will be attending a USBC Association Leadership Academy session on Oct. 20-21 at the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel in Erie, Pa. The USBC paying all costs associated with the seminar, including hotel, mileage and meals. The purpose of the seminars (I was able to attend one in Arlington, Texas a couple years ago) is to assist state and local association leaders in building their organizations and effectively communicating the USBC brand.

The Greater Buffalo USBC will be inducting nine people into its Hall of Fame on Nov. 24 at Samuel’s Grande Manor in Williamsville. The list includes professional bowler Brad Angelo of Lockport in the outstanding ability category.  Others slated for induction are Ray Bellet, Holly Parrish, Dave Williamson, Mary Grace Williamson and Ruth Wooliver, outstanding ability, and Mary Chase, Cindy Kosanovich and James Wangler Jr., meritorious service. Tickets are $50 per person and can be secured by calling the association office at 716-668-4222 by Nov. 8.

Tonawanda Bowling Center (which is managed by Mary Chase) is hosting the BL Challenge #18 at 9 a.m. Oct. 13. The scratch singles event attracts the top bowlers in an area well beyond WNY, and offers a guaranteed top prize of $6,000. The entry fee is $240. Side events include the Columbia Doubles at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 12 and the Turbo 2N1 Marathon at 10 a.m. Oct. 14.  For more information, go to www.budlightchallenge.com.

It’s not too late for USBC-certified bowlers age 50 and over to enter the NYS Open Senior Championships – a doubles, singles and six-game combine handicap tournament – on Oct. 13-14, 20-21 at Sunset Bowl in Waterloo. Squad times are 12:30 and 3 p.m. on Oct. 13-14 and 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Oct. 20-21. For an entry form and more information, go to www.bowlny.com.

Local tournaments in the near future include the Camp Rainbow 3-person no-tap event at Medina Lanes on Oct. 13 and the Gladys Ford Senior Women’s tourney on Nov. 3-4 at Letchworth Pines in Portageville.

The Professional Bowlers Association emailed my Hall of Fame ballot a couple weeks ago and I am glad to report that both of my selections – Patrick Allen of Elmwood Park, N.J., and Mike Koivuniemi of Finland – received enough votes to ensure their induction on Jan. 5 at the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas, as part of the PBA Hall of Fame Classic tournament. The finals of this event, the first on the 2019 Go Bowling! PBA season, will be televised live at 11 a.m. Jan. 6 on FS1 (Fox Sports 1). Allen is a 13-time PBA title winner and was the Chris Schenkel Player of the Year in 2004-05, while Koivuniemi has 14 PBA tournament wins, including the PBA Tournament of Champions in 2011 – where he claimed a $250,000 first prize.

October 3, 2018 - 4:03pm
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Press release:

Notre Dame High School is proud to announce that its 2018 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction will be held on Saturday, Nov. 3, at Notre Dame High School.

This fall’s program will begin with a social hour at 5:30 p.m. followed by a dinner at 6:30 p.m. and the alumni student-athlete, contributor and coaching recognition portion of the program to follow at 7 p.m. induction program.

Inductees to be honored on Nov. 3, 2018 will include:

  • John Francis ‘66
  • Mike Callahan ’67
  • John Stisser ‘80
  • Sue [Burns] Keefe ‘81
  • Kathy Dwyer ‘90
  • Members of the fall 1973 ND Smith League Co-Champion Football Team
  • Rick Mancuso ’76 – Coach Inductee
  • Joe ’68 and Patty [Jurewicz] ’69 Flynn – Supporter Inductees

Tickets for this annual event will be $40/person and will be available through the Notre Dame Advancement Office. Phone is [585] 343-2783, ext. 106.

Please contact ND Advancement Coordinator Emily Patrick for more info by calling [585] 343-2783, ext. 106, or by e-mailing [email protected]

October 3, 2018 - 3:15pm
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Press release:

Capture a piece of the historical Daniel A. Van Detta Stadium at Woodward Field while supporting the Batavia City School District Foundation Inc. on Oct. 13.

From 9 a.m. to noon that Saturday, the Batavia community is invited to own a piece of the historic ground of Daniel A. Van Detta Stadium at Woodward Field by making a monetary donation to the Batavia City School District Foundation Inc. Any monetary donation to the foundation will be accepted.

All present and former staff, students, athletes, spectators, and members of the Batavia community (including Notre Dame alumni), are encouraged to participate in this event!

It will take place just prior to the groundbreaking for renovations included in the Batavia City School District’s 2020 Vision Capital Improvement Project (https://www.bataviacsd.org/Domain/437).

Members of the BCSD Foundation Inc. will be on hand at the Union Street entrance to collect donations from those entering the stadium, located at 120 Richmond Ave. This event gives people the opportunity to not only support the foundation, but to have a part of the City of Batavia’s athletic history.

We encourage your participation and look forward to you stopping by the Daniel A. Van Detta Stadium at Woodward Field on Saturday, Oct. 13. Shovels will be available for your use.

For more information about the event, please contact Julia Rogers at [email protected]. For further information on the BCSD Foundation Inc. please check out www.bataviacsd.org/Page/7364.


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