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September 9, 2019 - 11:12am

Press release:

The days might be turning cooler and children are headed back to school, but The Salvation Army is holding on to the last days of warmth by hosting our Chicken BBQ and Harvest Festival Auction on Saturday.

The Sept. 14th event will take place at The Salvation Army’s facility at 529 E. Main St. in Batavia.

“We have had such a wonderful outpouring of support from the community each year and we are thrilled to see the same positive success again this year,” said Capt. Rachel Moore who, along with her husband, Lt. Bradley Moore, are the local leaders of The Salvation Army of Batavia and Greater Genesee County.

“When we host fundraisers we are generating support for our outreach and programs for children, adults and senior citizens in our area, and we can’t accomplish any of that without help from the community.”

Capt. Moore said that they have already received several donations from local businesses of all kinds including spas, auto shops, restaurants, and car dealerships to be auctioned off during a live auction.

“We also have received a number of gift certificates, appliances and furniture items from local business,” she said. “The items will be a great fit if you're looking for a gift for anyone of any age.”

The Chicken BBQ will be available for $10 between 12 and 4 p.m. with the Silent Auction beginning at 5 p.m. and Live Auction beginning at 6 o'clock.

All ages are welcome for a family friendly event and credit, cash or check payment will be accepted for items bid on during the auction.

Tickets for the event can be purchased in advance at our office or at the door.

 “We are so grateful for the support we have already received from the community,” Capt. Moore said. “Participation in the auction will be a wonderful opportunity to support the work of The Salvation Army and help us continue to do the most good throughout Genesee County.”

Capt. Moore and Lt. Moore are excitedly hoping for a wonderful turn out of visitors to the auction and sponsorships range from $25 to $100. To sponsor or donate items for the auction, or for general questions regarding the event, call (585)343-6284 or email [email protected].

January 14, 2019 - 5:03pm

Press release:

The Salvation Army brought the joy of the holiday season to many individuals in Genesee County in 2018. We would like to thank those Genesee County citizens, schools, organizations, club and business owners for their generosity this Holiday Season.

Here at The Salvation Army we are committed to “Doing the Most Good.” During our Red Kettle Campaign, we raised $88,600 through the kindness and generosity of people and businesses in Genesee County.

Not only has the community provided the necessary funds to keep our programs running by dropping money in our Red Kettle, they went above and beyond to ensure that families in need had a Merry Christmas by their participation in our other holiday programs.

Through our Angel Tree and Adopt a family programs, we put new clothes and toys under the tree for children who otherwise would have to go without Christmas gifts this season. Anonymous donors from our very own community adopt these little “angels” in an expanding Christmas tradition that makes the season brighter for both the donor and the child in need.

This year we provided assistance to 234 families, more than 400 hundred children and provided Christmas meal boxes that fed more than 780 individuals on Christmas Day. The Salvation Army ensures that low-income families, struggling seniors, and those without a home for the holidays have a glimmer of hope and the experience of joy during this Holiday Season.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you provide gifts of healing and hope for those who need it most throughout the year. Because need knows no season, we are extending our invitation for our 90 for 90 challenge. We have already received donations from 17 businesses and residents of Genesee County, who took on the challenge to give $1,000 to The Salvation Army.

In this new year we are still looking for individuals and businesses to take on the 90 for 90 challenge. Help us start 2019 by bringing hope and stability to those in need in Genesee County with your generous gift.

December 10, 2018 - 5:40pm
posted by Billie Owens in The Salvation Army, toy drive, wbta, Ken Barrett Chevrolet.

Press release:

Come join The Salvation Army for the 35th annual WBTA and Ken Barrett Chevrolet Toy Drive from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 14th.

This toy drive, held at the car dealership on West Main Street in Batavia, will enable us to help those less fortunate in our community.

Throughout the years, Ken Barrett and WBTA have partnered with us to make our Christmas efforts a success.

What a privilege it is to work side by side with these businesses to make Christmas dreams come true for the less fortunate in Genesee County. To date we have 375 youth registered in our program. Please donate the gift of hope for a child in need this season.

90 FOR 90 CHALLENGE -- The Salvation Army reaches midway point in Christmas Drive

The spirit of giving is alive and well in Genesee County. As people hurry to check items off their shopping list, decorate the tree and plan Christmas dinner menus, many may have overlooked the fact that today marks the halfway point of the Christmas shopping season.

Today also marks the midway point for The Salvation Army’s Christmas fundraiser. The proceeds raised each year fund assistance programs for impoverished local residents.

“We rely on this funding to carry us through the year in order to help those who are in need. All of the money raised stays in our area, so when you make a donation this Christmas, you are really creating change for your neighbors,” say Lt. Brad and Capt. Rachel Moore, commanding officers of the The Salvation Army locally.

“We are very grateful for the four local residents who took on the 90 for 90 challenge who have given us donations and we thank them for their kindness. We are still in need of $60,000 to reach our goal this year."

In Upstate New York, the majority of The Salvation Army’s funds are raised in November and December.

To learn how to help with The Salvation Army’s Christmas fundraising drive, please call (585) 343-6284.

To become a bell ringer, call us at 585-343-6284.

December 6, 2018 - 4:11pm
posted by Virginia Kropf in The Salvation Army, charity, holiday fund, news.

As snow begins to fall, many people bundle up for colder weather, begin the holiday decorating and baking and look forward to time spent with family and friends.

However, for far too many families the cold weather and holidays are not a time to rejoice.

“At The Salvation Army, we turn our attention to the tremendous need in our community for those less fortunate this holiday season,” said Captain Rachel Moore, Corps officer at the Batavia Salvation Army. 

For many years, The Salvation Army has run a holiday fund, along with its Red Kettle drive and other holiday programs. 

The holiday fund was an idea started by former Corps officer Major Leonard Boynton, to help “the neediest of the needy.”

This year, the holiday fund is being sponsored by The Batavian. Donations can be made payable to The Salvation Army and mailed or dropped off to:

The Salvation Army, 529 E. Main St., Batavia, NY 14020.

This year, The Salvation Army has already taken applications from 175 individuals for holiday assistance, and they anticipate serving 300 applicants (and their families) throughout the Batavia and Genesee County area, Captain Moore said. 

“We rely on the giving hearts of those in our community to reach out and touch our families lives with hope this holiday,” she said. “Our annual Holiday Fund drive directly supports our Christmas efforts during the holiday season.”

One of The Salvation Army programs is the Angel Tree Christmas Program, in which applicants’ names and wish list are written on an angel cutout and placed on a Christmas tree. Members of the community may then choose an angel from the tree and provide the gifts listed. 

The Holiday Fund directly supports The Salvation Army’s efforts during the holiday season, Captain Moore said. 

“The annual program cost the Angel Tree program is $20,000 to serve 600 or more individuals, and we rely on the generosity of community members to help make this program successful,” Captain Moore said. 

Captain Moore and her husband Lt. Brad Moore said it is incredible to think about the need in our community.

Following are actual examples of requests The Salvation Army has taken for holiday assistance. The names have been changed to protect the anonymity of clients and their families. Each week, The Batavian will print some of their stories, including requests from senior citizens, who may be alone or without family for the holidays.

Harriet is a recent widow who not only lost her husband of 50 years, but her oldest child as well within the span of a few months. She was devastated and lost, but was still determined to enjoy the holiday season. It is The Salvation Army’s privilege to help her through this difficult time by providing more than just material gifts, but the gift of hope.

Dana is a mother of three wonderful and bright children, ages 3, 5 and 7. She recently left a domestic violence situation for her safety and the safety of her children. In an effort to rebuild their lives, they moved in with Dana’s mother until they can get back on their feet. She has just started a new job that she loves, but there just isn’t enough money to provide even the simplest of gifts.

Nov. 1, 2018 is a date that will forever cause this father heartache. The mother of his children tragically lost her life and he became the sole guardian and parent for his two children. He was overwhelmed, brokenhearted, confused and angry. He knew he needed to help his children cope through this holiday season as best they could, but he had no idea where to begin. He came to The Salvation Army to ask for winter coats and boots for the children, but he received so much more. His children will now be provided for through The Salvation Army’s holiday program. The Salvation Army was also able to help his family contact mental health professionals for counseling and care during this difficult time. 

The Batavian will continue to print weekly updates on The Holiday Fund until Christmas.

November 30, 2018 - 4:37pm
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Press release:

Each year The Salvation Army launches its famous Red Kettle Campaign. The funds raised between Nov. 16th and Dec. 24th are a major part of the annual budget for each local outreach. In Genesee County we invite volunteers to man our red kettles and ring the bell outside local retailers, as willing community member place donations into the well-known red kettle buckets.

With the increase in online ordering, as well as the use of credit/debit cards as the main form of payment at stores, it becomes more and more difficult for us to reach our $90,000 goal. We are looking for 90 people who are willing to give $1,000 each to accomplish our challenge of 90 for 90!

Each week of our Red Kettle Campaign, we will host a Facebook live video on our Facebook page (TheSalvationArmyBataviaNY) honoring those who have answered the call in our 90 for 90 challenge.

Our mascot Ty the T-Rex will be live each day to announce our challengers and do his DINOmite appreciate dance.

If you would like to be one of our 90 for 90 challengers, simply send in your $1,000 donation directly to 529 E. Main St., Batavia, NY 14020 or call our office and let us know which kettle location you are taking your $1,000 gift to and Ty the T-Rex will be at the red kettle to congratulate you!

Maybe you’re a business owner who wants to give back? Maybe you and your family or friends want to pull together to donate $1,000 to bring hope to those in need? Maybe you’re a local church who is looking for a unique avenue of ministry?

Each and every one of you are part of our community of 58,242 and if we work together we can accomplish amazing things.

Will you take up the challenge today and challenge others to do the same?

The Salvation Army of Genesee County

(585) 343-6284

fax: 585-343-6717

[email protected]

November 23, 2018 - 6:09pm
posted by Billie Owens in The Salvation Army, charity, Christmas, news, notify.

As many know The Salvation Army is quite busy this time of the year preparing for Christmas. This year we expect to help approximately 300 families here in Genesee County. This will include food for Christmas dinner.

We work hard to be able to give each family a turkey. In years passed Holiday Ice has generously provided freezer space to store the turkeys as we collect them between Thanksgiving and our distribution date just before Christmas.

We were just informed that this option is not available to us this year. We desperately need to find someplace to store frozen turkeys this season.

Our onsite freezers are near capacity. Is there perhaps a restaurant or other facility that could help us with this dire need?

Todd L. Rapp
Office Manager
Director Emergency Disaster Services 
The Salvation Army 
Batavia, NY 14020
585-343-6284 (office)
585-734-8145 (cellular)

March 11, 2015 - 9:39am
Event Date and Time: 
April 25, 2015 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
DINNER 4:30 TO 6:00 OR SOLD OUT. Take outs available, includes dessert 
ADULTS $9.00 
For information and tickets contact: The Salvation Army Woman’s Auxiliary 343-6284 
Proceeds to Benefit Student Scholarships Fund and Christmas Programs 
October 7, 2012 - 2:25pm
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Press release:

It’s beginning to look like Christmas at the Batavia Salvation Army. Preparations began weeks ago to organize the Red Kettle Campaign and holiday assistance programs.

During the holiday season The Salvation Army offers many opportunities to get involved and donate. This year we have expanded our kettle campaign to include online giving.

This year an online red kettle team has been created by Major Patty Kurtz. Major Patty has issued a challenge to raise money through her online kettle team to exceed the campaign goal set by her husband, Major Bob Kurtz.

All money raised through the online red kettle will be dedicated to meet the needs of local families and individuals in Genesee County.

Individuals interested in joining the team or making a donation can visit the team’s Web site: www.onlineredkettle.org/BeatBob

For more information contact: Major Patty at 343-6284 or email at [email protected]

December 6, 2011 - 9:12am
posted by Wittnes Smith in youth, Event, local business, The Salvation Army, Tournament, React.

React, The Salvation Army and local businesses are teaming up to give more to Batavia youth. "We are planning more teen and youth nights," says Major Patty (The Salvation Army). Game Players Unlimited has teamed up to sponsor a video game tournament for middle and high school students. This will take place on Thursday December 29th at 4PM at 529 E. Main St (The Salvation Army).

A few teachers from Attica middle school are volunteerting to help at our Youth Fun Night on December 27th at 6pm at 529 E, Main St (The Salvation Army). Jeff Morrow dresses up as a clown and does magic tricks along with animal balloons. Tressa Wilber-Smith will do face painting. Wittnes Smith says, "This is just a start of many to come, we're looking to do more fun events throughout the year for our youth."

REACT creates programs directed towards young people in middle and high school.The programs are geared to help them learn how to create and respond to positive change and being that positive change in their home, school and community. Young people are encouraged to find ways to counteract negative problems with creative, positive solutions.



December 2, 2009 - 9:26pm
posted by Billie Owens in Announcements, JCPenney Co., The Salvation Army.

JCPenney Co. and The Salvation Army have joined forces this Christmas season to give joy to people in need through a grand-scale online Angel Giving Tree program.

Up until Dec. 14, customers can adopt needy children and seniors and shop online for Christmas gifts for them at www.jcp.com/angel.

The new online Angel Giving Tree program builds on the legacy of The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program, where people would pick the name of someone in need and buy a gift for him or her.

The online Angel Giving Tree program allows customers to adopt an Angel at jcp.com/angel and conveniently shop for them online at jcp.com, in JCPenney stores or at any location they choose. In a few easy steps, customers can visit the site to request an Angel by location, age range and gender. An Angel who matches the criteria will be e-mailed to the customer along with a list of needed items. The confirmation e-mail will
also include a link to view drop-off locations in the customer's area and ship-to addresses for online orders.

In collaboration with FedEx Ground, Angel Giving Tree gifts purchased through jcp.com can be shipped free of charge to any one of the 1,200 Salvation Army collection centers nationwide -- putting the entire selection, shopping and delivery process at the customer's fingertips.

"We appreciate this opportunity to inspire the American public to make a better Christmas for the millions of children and seniors living in poverty," said Major George Hood, national community relations and development secretary for The Salvation Army. One small gift can bring joy to a Salvation Army Angel this Christmas."

"In a year when so many need help, the new online Angel Giving Tree program will extend our reach and make it easier for our customers and associates to give back this holiday season," said Mike Boylson, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for JCPenney. "By leveraging the strength of jcp.com, we are helping to modernize an American tradition -- the Angel Tree program -- and create an innovative way to help families in need in our communities across the nation. Launching this program with The Salvation Army allows us to elevate our support for a cause that is extremely important to our customers and associates, underscoring our focus on the 'Joy of Giving' this holiday season."

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