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2019 general election

November 2, 2019 - 5:41pm
posted by Billie Owens in 2019 general election, news, Genesee County Democrats.

Press release from the Genesee County Democrats: 

“Yard signs, parade floats, and social media posts have ensured the names of local candidates are in the public eye as they geared up for the 2019 elections but none of that matters if we don’t vote,” said Erica O’Donnell, City of Batavia Democratic chair. 

While national elections take the spotlight, municipal elections have a bigger impact on residents' daily lives. Supervisor and council positions set policy, create and facilitate budgets, and make decisions on the enforcement of public safety.

"Local elections are important because these are the people that make decisions that directly affect how money is spent and how things are run where you live," said Michael Plitt, Genesee County Democratic chair. "Usually our turnout is low for municipal elections but we'd like to see a big turnout."

“We have an amazing group of candidates this year," O’Donnell added. "They are honest, hardworking, and dedicated to ethical and moral integrity. They are not in the pockets of any county heads or organizations.”

Voting will be at County Building 2, located at 3837 W. Main St., Batavia, on Sunday (Nov. 3) from noon 'til 5 p.m. for ALL Genesee County residents. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, polls open at 6 a.m. at your usual voting locations.

October 15, 2019 - 10:36am

Above, part-time Batavia City Court Judge Durin Rogers, left, and Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer.

Submitted photo and press release:

New York State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer has given an enthusiastic boost to Judge Durin Rogers in his effort to succeed retiring Judge Robert Balbick as Batavia’s next full-time City Court Judge.

Senator Ranzenhofer has represented Batavia and Genesee County since 2008 and has been a practicing lawyer for more than 35 years.

“This coming November 5th you have an opportunity to elect a Batavia City Court Judge with proven judicial experience, integrity, judicial temperament and commitment to the community," Ranzenhofer said. "It is for these reasons that I proudly support Hon. Durin B. Rogers in his effort to become your next full-time Batavia City Court Judge.

"I have known Judge Rogers for many years now as an attorney and colleague practicing law throughout the GLOW region and most recently as (part-time) judge of the Batavia City Court…He is well respected on and off the bench and I have had the opportunity to appear in front of Judge Rogers on the bench and opposite him as deputy county attorney for Genesee County. I found Judge Rogers’ approach in both capacities to be professional, knowledgeable, reasonable and fair.”

Senator Ranzenhofer also stressed Rogers’ community service, saying: “In addition to his service as a public attorney, he has served the legal community and its members as a past president of the Genesee County Bar Association bringing the 'People’s Law Series,'…to provide low cost legal education and seminars to the residents of Genesee County.

"...Judge Rogers has and will continue to be a fair judge and listen to all sides before making well-reasoned decisions…Please join me in supporting Judge Durin B. Rogers as your next full-time Batavia City Court judge."

Responding to the Ranzenhofer endorsement, Rogers said: “I truly appreciate Senator Ranzenhofer’s comments and his support. Over the past many years, the Batavia City Court has become a well-respected part of our system of justice.

"I have worked with Judge Balbick over the past four years and we are always considering ways to improve the court’s ability to meet Batavia’s evolving needs. I am committed to carrying on those efforts in the years to come if elected as Batavia’s next full-time judge.”

October 14, 2019 - 10:52am

Submitted photo and press release:

Patrick Burk proudly endorsed Batavia City Court Judge candidate Ben Bonarigo earlier this week.

Burk stated, “I do not take this endorsement lightly. There is something to be said about community, why we live where we live, and how as citizens we serve in that special place. That is why I’m endorsing Ben Bonarigo for City Court Judge. What is needed in our City Court is a judge that has decades of caring and public service.

"Additionally, Ben has the legal expertise and knowledge that is required to make sound and fair judgments from the bench. There is no one who has more experience, more public service or more compassion for his community than Ben. Our community deserves the best and Ben is truly exemplary of the qualities needed for this position.”

Burk is currently serving his 13th year on the Board of Education for Batavia City Schools. He is school board president. He is also the executive director of 56 Harvester, the local nonprofit theater organization.

“I truly appreciate Mr. Burk’s endorsement” Bonarigo said. “He is well known and respected as a champion for the education of our children in this community, and deeply cares about their future. We all need to do the best we can to serve our children and families for the future of Batavia.”

October 8, 2019 - 11:00am

Submitted photo and press release:

William R. Joyce, (above left) director of Genesee County’s Veterans Service Agency and a prominent advocate for veterans throughout the GLOW Region, has endorsed current part-time Judge Durin Rogers in his quest to become Batavia’s next full-time City Court Judge.

“As the director of the Genesee County Veterans Service Agency, I participate in the Veterans Treatment Court and I have seen Judge Rogers approach on the bench," Joce said. "Judge Rogers always appears to be just, fair and balanced, unbiased and impartial. His demeanor is perfect for the position.

"Judge Rogers always thanks every veteran for their service…is always on time and this is extremely important to those appearing before the bench…I have experienced Judge Rogers' handling cases in Veterans Court with knowledge, fairness, compassion and an open mind. Judge Rogers does not rush to judgement but instead listens to all sides before rendering a decision.

"...The Veterans appear to respond to Judge Rogers’ approach and they walk out of the courtroom with a full understanding of their responsibilities going forward.”

Joyce also praised Rogers’ dedication and commitment to his family and community in making his endorsement.

“I know Judge Rogers’ wife [local attorney Paula Campbell] as well," Joyce said. "They are great family people who are well known in the community.  Judge Rogers is a family man, dedicated and devoted to his family as well as to community involvement.

"Judge Rogers has volunteered for many civic boards and has helped so many people in his community…I fully support, highly recommend and endorse Judge Rogers as the next full time Batavia City Court Judge as the most qualified candidate.” 

Following the endorsement, Judge Rogers said, “I am extremely honored to have the support and endorsement of this amazing man who not only fought for our country, but today fights for the rights of those who have and continue to serve our nation. I look forward to continue to work with Bill and the Veterans Treatment Court…”

Rogers has been serving as the part-time City Court Judge for more than four years, following his unanimous appointment by Batavia City Council. He is seeking election to the full-time City Court position to succeed the retiring Judge, Robert Balbick.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5th. For further information, please contact the Committee to Elect Judge Rogers by visiting its Facebook page at @electjudgerogers (www.Facebook.com/electjudgerogers); by visiting www.electjudgerogers.com;  or by email at [email protected]

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