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2020-21 academic year

January 16, 2021 - 12:12pm

The Batavia City School District is asking families to make a final selection of which learning model — in-person hybrid or 100-percent remote — they want for their children in preparation for the start of the second semester of the 2020–21 academic year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a Jan. 13 statement from the district, Superintendent of Schools Anibal Soler Jr. requested that families submit changes to their students’ learning modalities by Jan. 22. He said that this deadline will afford the district enough time to make adjustments to academic programming and transportation services before the semester begins Feb. 1.

“It may not change our numbers a lot, but at least we know moving forward that that is the final in-person hybrid and the final remote rosters that principals could use to kind of lock in the rest of their year,” Soler said at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting.

Families that would like to select a different learning method for the semester should complete the second semester Learning Model Form for each child in their household who seeks the change. Requests for changes can also be made via phone call to students’ respective schools. Those who do not want to modify their students’ academic format do not need to take action.

This survey process aims to strengthen the teacher-student experience for both in-person hybrid learners and remote learning students. The statement said that this learning model selection will allow teachers and administrators to plan more effectively for a stable end to “a difficult and fluid” school year.

“We don't want to burn out our teachers because they've already flip-flopped so much in the way that they teach,” Board Member Tanni Bromley said. “So if they can have a consistent roster, it would be easier for them to decide how they're going to move forward.”

The district’s in-person hybrid students shift between receiving face-to-face and at-home online instruction based on the cohort they are in. All remote-only learners complete their classes entirely in a virtual setting. Board members said at Monday’s meeting that some families have switched between these models multiple times throughout the first semester.

“Consistency for the student is probably best, too, in that if a parent chooses one, then it would be best to kind of ride that out,” Board Member Shawna Murphy said. “Get them through this year and hopefully we won't even be dealing with this next year. But the flip-flopping for the kid isn't good either.”

As of Jan. 15, BCSD reported that 92 individuals, on or off campus, among its students, teachers and staff members are currently testing positive for COVID-19. The district’s statement noted that it may need to transition to 100-percent virtual instruction for all students if an issue related to COVID-19 arises during the second semester. 

BCSD previously switched to fully remote instruction from Dec. 7, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021 because of staffing shortages related to a rise in positive COVID-19 cases among its students, teachers and staff, and throughout Genesee County. An influx of family requests to move children from hybrid to remote learning was cited as a challenge the district faced in the days leading up to this switch.

“All of our teachers are feeling burned out,” Soler said. “I mean it is tough to navigate this virtual and remote, and it's just a harder year. So our teachers are working like maniacs. They're planning. They're trying to prepare.”

Changes to instruction methods will take effect Feb. 1 and remain in place for the duration of the school year. However, according to the statement, a student’s school may contact parents and guardians at any time during the semester to suggest a modification to the child’s learning format to accommodate their academic needs.

In terms of exceptions to learning model commitments, Soler said he wants families to understand “that if there's a situation that comes about, that they would need to go through their principal first, prior to seeking approval to change, but that only extreme extenuating circumstances would be considered.”

A mandatory quarantine period does not alter the second semester learning method of an in-person hybrid student who tests positive for COVID-19 or has been in close contact with someone who receives a positive test result.

“If that child is quarantined, then he has to go out,” Board Member John Reigle said. “If they test positive, they're out for a certain period. But that person committed to in-person [instruction]. Once they're cleared, they can come back.”

Board members expressed optimism at Monday’s meeting about the sense of normalcy and ease of mind that the second semester learning model selection can potentially bring to everyone.

“To kind of know what's going to be happening for the rest of the school year in February, I think that's a good thing because it's kind of getting back to normal,” Murphy said. “Regardless of what you choose, it's going to stay the same.”

The next board meeting will be livestreamed at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 25 on the school district’s Board of Education YouTube channel.

December 21, 2020 - 3:47pm

Batavia Middle School -- Grades 6-8 -- Celebrating Academic Success

First Marking Period -- 2020-21 Academic Year

High Honor Roll

Grade 6: Phoebe Beal, Brock Bigsby, Ryan Bigsby, Mallory Boyce, Jeffrey Burton, Genevieve Clark-Scott, Parker Cohen, Eliana Cossitt, Augustin Crawford, Andrew Davis, Anna DiRisio, Luciana DiRisio, Teegan Frens, Thomas Gaylord, Ty Gioia, Lillian Gray, Troy Hawley, Grady Hemer, Jenna Higgins, Nathaniel Kinsey, Connor Krumpek, Gavin LaCarte, Connor Malone, London Martin, Tallulah Mattison, Casey Mazur, Emma McJury, Ayden Midkiff, Emma Moore, Jonah Motyka, Vy Nguyen, Aiden Reimer, Brielle Ricks, Aubrey Sputore, Trey Tyron, Gretchen Weicher, Landyn Wood.

Grade 7: Alexander Allen, Dakota Cook, Brandon Currier, Ava Darling, Cole Davis, Elijah Fancher, Lila Fortes, Emma Godfrey, Elizabeth Grazioplene, Gianna Grillo, Landon Hamilton, Andrew Hunt, Tabitha Jett, Miah Jones, Kyleigh Kabel, Anthony Lecointe- Naegely, Kailyn Lee, Parris Martin, Adrian Martinez, Nathan Mayeu, Harold Mellander, Sydney Parker, Julia Plath, Gretchen Redder, Marley Santos, Ella Shamp, Drew Stevens, Gianna Strollo, Isaac Varland, Gavin White, Nora Wood.

Grade 8: Ava Anderson, Cameron Baiocco, Waquez Bazile, Madeline Bellamy, Aubrey Bisher, Kylee Brennan, Brooke Callahan, Lila Callan, Jeremiah Childs, Allison Debo, Maddison Dennis, Ariana DiSalvo, Nicole Doeringer, Lillian Emerson, Kahler Evans, William Fulton, Cameron Garofalo, Samuel Grillo, Faith Guiste, Ava Higgins, Kelsey Kirkwood, Mia Pellegrino, Jake Phillips, Jesus Reyes, Kayla Richenberg, Campbell Riley, Lylianalynn Santos-Baez, Andrew Smith, Bridget Taggart, Trevor Tryon, Alyssa Turner, Allyson Wormley.

Honor Roll

Grade 6: Arianna Almekinder, Elana Andrews, Chase Antinore, Addison Arroyo, Maddison Bartz, Vivienne Bellavia, Travis Bisher, Carly Brokaw, Alyssa Burgess, Keaton Corcoran, Logan Desautels, Trevor Felker, Nathaniel Gibbs, Aliyah Green, Kylie Heath, Gillian Hildebrant, Donavan Hill, Kaden Jackson, Ryan Kendall, Chase Knapkewicz, Leilah Manuel, Makayla Marr, Adyson O’Donnell, Mya Odom, Madelyne Rapone, Lilyana Rodriguez, Savannah Sanders, Zackery Sumeriski, Autumn Umlauf, Kate Woodward.

Grade 7: Yaomy Acevedo, Mazey Arroyo, Emmeline Bateman, Alora Becker, Maggio Buchholz, Matthew Burns, Aaden Calleto, Keegan Delcamp, Payton Dickinson, Gage Draper, Darleigh Driffill, Branden Flanagan, Miseal Flores, Anri Helsdon, Emma Kilby, Emma Martino, Bella Moore, Lakoda Mruczek, Bryce Nicometo, Serenity Olavarria, Jose Osorio Rodriguez, Cecelia Paliani, Bob Parkhurst Jr, Kaylynn Peyman, Jadyn Radam, Ethan Rambach, Noah Richmond, Xavier Schramm-Sample, Ella Smith, Helaina Staley, William Stevens, Chastin Styer, Mikaylah Sweet, Adriana Volpe, Annabel Wasiulewski.

Grade 8: Abigail Bestine, Allison Bisnett, Matthew Boyce, Bronx Buchholz, Yannis Ciornei, Isabella DeVay, Hanna Dun, Emerson Fitch, Dwaine Graham, Dillon Hale, Thomas Haworth, Jakob Hutchins, Talyn Kennedy, Kassandra Kesler, Anthony Kopper, Javion Krupinski, Abbigayle Leone, Damien Marucci, Brady Mazur, Jaiden Michael, Alexandra Morrill, Jameson Motyka, Bridgette Nordee, Jayla Odom, Madeline Ohlson, Samuel Pies, Tristen Post, Makenzie Rich, Isabelle Scott, Madilyn Underhill, Payton Vickery, Myles Wahr, Jay’Dah Williams, Zebadiah Williams.

Merit Roll

Grade 6: Enrique Bazan, Jay’lee Blackmon, Haiden Brooks, Keagan Calmes, Maxamillyn Chase, Isabella Cheruiyot, Jericho Childs, Jeremy Cooper Jr., Camden Demena, Adeline DeWitt, Brooke Diehl, Brody Ditzel, Kaylub Dunn, Meg Gahagan, Corbin Hanney, Madilyn Jones, Alexander Jursted, Gabrielle Lawlis, Parker Lazarony, Paisley Loranty, Luis Ortiz Carbajal Jr, Carmelina Pellegrino-Scott, Gunnar Pietrzykowski, Nina Pontillo, Aubrey Reinhardt, Trey Rodriguez, Khloe Rozell, Langdon Sage, Kenedi Smith, Frankie Tomei, Karizma Wescott.

Grade 7: Rylan Bohn, Leland Duval, Luke Gutman, Louis Heglund, Aaron Hosek, Nodia Jackson, Sophie Koladzinski, Gracie Lathan, McKenna Mazur, Caydence McQueen, Jessica Morrill, Andrew Perl, Esayas Reinhardt, Jorge Reyes Barranco, Roy Ricks, Kendra Sanders, Amiiya Santiago, Madeline Smith, Dominic Southall, Jacob Stabler, Elaina Stringham, Mimi Weicher, Ariel Whelan, Blake Wimett.

Grade 8: Nolan Barnes, Joshua Barone, Aiden Bellavia, Zoe Bradley, Sofia Branche, Brecken Capone, Brady Carney, Hannah Carney, Carson Crane, Roan Finn, Greyson Fix, Grant Gahagan, Trishelle Gibson, Leo Gray, Kate Hernandez Rivas, Sonny Kasmarek, Karissa Kendall, Owen Kilby, Cooper Konieczny, Madden Legler, Judith Newton, Yadiel Rosario, Riley Stephenson, Gavynn Trippany.

August 12, 2020 - 4:35pm

Press release:

St. Paul School of Batavia, a small Christian school on Washington Avenue, is taking registrations for this Fall for Preschool 3- and 4-year-olds to Grade 5.

Preschool runs three days (M/W/F) or five days per week -- your choice -- from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

Kindergarten to Grade 5 will be "in classroom" learning five days a week from 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Bussing is available from all local surrounding school districts for elementary grades.

Forms can be found online at stpaulbatavia.org or you can call 343-0488 or email the office at [email protected].

Please note that the buildings will be closed for maintenance and cleaning from Aug. 13-18.

If you have questions or would like a tour, please email Principal Jason Clark, at [email protected] any time.

We have limited our class sizes to accommodate for proper social distancing.

Our School Reopening Safety Plan is in place and a copy can be found on our website.

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