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June 3, 2019 - 2:36pm

Press release:

The Batavia City School District (BCSD) is excited to continue offering the Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Program for young students in the 2019-2020 school year.

UPK provides an opportunity for four-year-old children, at no cost to their families, to be involved in developmentally appropriate educational classes that, following the regular school calendar, meet Monday through Friday during the school year.

Since its implementation, the District has provided a half-day program, with a choice of either morning or afternoon sessions.

Children who are residents of the District and who are 4 years of age on or before Dec. 1, 2019, are eligible to apply.

Applications are available at the District Business Office in the administrative wing of Batavia High School (260 State St.). They also can be downloaded from the District’s website, www.bataviacsd.org, where, under the “Parents” tab, there is a link labeled “Registering Your Child For School.”

That page contains general information as well as a link, in the left column, specifically for UPK registration. (The direct link to UPK registration is here.)

The application should be returned as soon as possible to secure your child’s spot!

If you have questions about the UPK program please call the Curriculum and Instruction Office at 585-343-2480, ext. 1003.

June 18, 2018 - 2:41pm


This morning the Class of 2029 participated in their “Moving Up” ceremony. This celebrated the young classes completing Pre-K to first grade at Jackson Primary and moving up to second grade at John Kennedy School.

Kia Evens, principal of Jackson primary, was host for the event that took place in Batavia HS auditorium and was attended by the Class of 2029's parents, guardians and family members. 









March 24, 2017 - 7:30am


Batavia High School hosted the district’s annual Music in our Schools Concert last evening.  

Students from Jackson Elementary, John Kennedy Intermediate, Batavia Middle and High School, performed a collection of songs in honor of Mr. Jeff Langdon. 


Music Department Director Jane Haggett and Principal Paul Kessler gathered student musicians in honor of Mr. Jeff Langdon’s dedication, devotion and years of teaching music at John Kennedy Intermediate school to perform a collection of songs demonstrating his contributions to their musical development. 

For more pictures go to: Steve Ognibene Photography




May 21, 2013 - 8:57am
posted by Kathie Scott in Batavia School District, budget proposal.

It’s not the residents who decide… it’s the residents who vote who decide! Be one of the decision-makers on the Batavia City School District's proposed budget and propositions; exercise your right to vote.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Batavia High School and John Kennedy Intermediate School. Read or review the information provided below… all the whos whats, wheres and whens… and make your mark!

Decisions for May 21:

Item #1: Two Board of Education positions, for three-year terms beginning July 1, 2013, and ending June 30, 2016.

Proposition #1: The 2013-2014 School District Budget of $41,981,241, which is a 4.73-percent increase in the budget and a tax levy increase of 2 percent.

Proposition #2: "To change the current transportation eligibility distance requirements for K-12 students to the following: Grades K-1 -- no distance requirement (transportation upon request); Grades 2-8 -- greater than one mile; Grades K-12 -- outside city limits. 

Proposition #3: To vote upon a bond resolution for $3,841,000 to fund a capital improvements project that was adopted by the Board of Education on March 26, 2013. 

Read or Review Details Using These Links:

  • To see Superintendent Chris Dailey and Business Administrator Scott Rozanski’s presentation of the proposed budget and propositions, as well as all Business Office documents pertaining to the proposed budget, click here.
  • For summarized details about the vote, see the District’s budget newsletter, here.
  • To read articles by the two Board of Education candidates, click here.

Vote at these Schools on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Note: streets are listed alphabetically, not geographically.)

Vote at John Kennedy School (look for signs for the appropriate entrance for voters) if you live in Election District #1, which includes all residences north of Main Street/Route 5:

City of Batavia -- Allanview Drive, Allen Street, Alva Place, Bank Street, Batavia City Centre, Belvedere Lane, Bogue Avenue, Bryant Street, Burke Drive, Buxton Avenue, Carolwood Drive, Chandler Avenue, Charles Street, Chase Park, Clinton Park, Clinton Street, Columbia Avenue, Crescent Court, Dellinger Avenue, Denio Street, Dennis Drive, Douglas Street, East Main Street (odd numbers), East Avenue, Eleanor Place, Ellicott Avenue, Ellsworth Avenue, Elm Street, Eugene Street, Evergreen Drive, Fairmont Avenue, Farwell Drive, Fisher Park, Fordham Drive, Garden Drive, Gateway Drive, Genesee Street, Grandview Terrace, Harrold Square, Hart Street, Hillside Drive, Holland Avenue, Holmes Avenue, Hull Park, Hutchins Place, Jefferson Avenue, Jefferson Square, Kingsbury Avenue, Lacrosse Avenue, Lewis Avenue, Lewis Place, 8351 Lewiston Road, Lincoln Avenue, MacArthur Drive, Main Street (even numbers), Manhattan Avenue, Margaret Place, Miller Avenue, Mix Place, Montclair Avenue, North Lyon Street, North Spruce Street, Naramore Drive, New York Place, Noonan Drive, Norris Avenue, North Park, North Pointe Drive, North Street, Northern Boulevard, Oak Street, Olyn Avenue, Park Avenue, 140-175 Park Road, Pickthorn Drive, Porter Avenue, Prospect Avenue, Raymond Avenue, Redfield Parkway, Richmond Avenue, Ross Street, Seneca Avenue, Soccio Street, State Street, Summit Street, Thomas Avenue, Tracy Avenue, Trumbull Parkway, Union Square, Union Street, Vernon Avenue, Verona Avenue, Vine Street, West Main Street (even numbers), Walker Place, Washington Avenue, West Avenue, Wiard Street, Willow Street, Woodcrest Drive, Woodrow Road.

Town of Batavia -- Arena Parkway, Bank Street Road, Bennett Heights, Clinton Street Road (4950-5133, even numbers: 5138-5268), Colonial Boulevard, Commerce Drive, Constable Drive, East Main Street Road (odd numbers), Federal Drive, Lewiston Road (all but #8351), North Bennett Heights, 8200-8330 Park Road, South Bennett Heights, Seven Springs Road (even numbers), State Street Road, Stringham Drive, Terry Hills Drive, Veterans Memorial Drive, Violet Lane, West Main Street Road (odd numbers).

Town of Stafford -- Clinton Street Road (even 5172-5292), East Lake Road, Horseshoe Lake Road, Main Road (odd numbers), Northwest Lake Road, Prole Road, South Lake Road, Seven Springs Road (odd numbers), West Lake Road.

Vote at Batavia High School if you live in Election District #2, which includes all residences south of Main Street/Route 5:

City of Batavia -- Adams Street, Apollo Drive, Birchwood Drive, Brooklyn Avenue, Buell Street, Cedar Street, Center Street, Central Avenue, Cherry Street, Chestnut Street, Clifton Avenue, Colorado Avenue, Cone Street, Court Street, Court Street Plaza, Crossman Avenue, Davis Avenue, Dawson Place, Dewey Avenue, East Main Street (even numbers), Edward Street, Elizabeth Street, Ellicott Place, Ellicott Street, Elmwood Avenue, Evans Street, Florence Avenue, Franklin Street, Ganson Avenue, Garfield Avenue, Goade Park, Graham Street, Hall Street, Harvester Avenue, Highland Park, Howard Street, Hutchins Street, Hyde Park, Jackson Avenue, Jackson Street, James Street, Jerome Place, Kibbe Avenue, Law Street, 1-480 Lehigh Avenue, Liberty Street, Linwood Avenue, Madison Avenue, Main Street (odd numbers), Maple Street, Masse Place, McKinley Avenue, Meadowcrest Drive, Mill Street, Morse Place, Morton Avenue, Oakland Avenue, Orleans Avenue, Osterhout Avenue, Otis Street, Pearl Street, Pollard Avenue, Pringle Avenue, Prune Street, River Street, Riverview Parkway, Roosevelt Avenue, South Jackson Street, South Lyon Street, South Spruce Street, South Swan Street, School Street, South Main Street, Spencer Court, Sumner Street, Swan Street, Thorpe Street, 1-3, 4(A,B,F,G), 6 Treadeasy Avenue, West Main Street (odd numbers), Wade Avenue, Walker Avenue, Wallace Street, Walnut Place, Walnut Street, Warren Street, Watson Street, Webster Avenue, Williams Street, Wood Street.

Town of Batavia -- Agpark Drive North, Agpark Drive West, Alexander Road, Batavia Bethany Townline Road, Batavia Stafford Townline Road (even numbers), Broadlawn Avenue, Creek Road, Donahue Road, East Main Street Road (even numbers), Edgewood Drive, Ellicott Street Road, Fairway Drive Haven Lane, 4640-8901 Lehigh Avenue, Lovers Lane Road, Pearl Street Road, Putnam Road, Rollin Circle East and West Rose Road, Shepard Road, South Main Street Road, Treadeasy Avenue, Valle Drive, Victorian Drive, West Main Street Road (even numbers), Woodland Drive, Wortendyke Road.

Town of Stafford -- Batavia Stafford Towline Road (odd numbers), Fargo Road, Main Road (even numbers), and Sweetland Road.

Questions? Call the District Business Office, 343-2480, ext. 1002.

September 29, 2011 - 5:57pm

The list of consolidation options  for the Batavia City School District briefly got a bit shorter Wednesday, when officials announced the elimination of Option 3, which would have stuffed too many kids in too few classrooms.

Now the number of proposals is bigger than it's ever been.

After unveiling Options 5a and 5b in a news release Wednesday, officials introduced a tentative "Option 6" (above) at their meeting Wednesday night at Batavia High School. The as-yet unofficial plan would build an addition (highlighted in blue) at John Kennedy Elementary school, allowing that building to accomodate all of the district's elementary students. John Kennedy would then become the only elementary school in the district.

Including sub-options 2a, 5a and 5b, there have now been eight announced ideas on how to realign the district and get rid of the Washington Avenue administration building.

"Financially, we're not the only ones in this situation. It's school districts around the country," said Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Jim Jacobs today. "Looking at many different options and seeing what fits best...is a big decision."

Jacobs presented "Option 6" Wednesday night, and further explained it today.

"If we were to create Option 6: if (John Kennedy) was (to be) a K-4 school, we'd need to add 20 classrooms. If it was a K-5, we'd need to add something like 30 classrooms," he said.

Jacobs' rough rendering (above) shows what the project could look like.

"Amazingly, the site can support it," he said.

The addition would be a capital project, meaning it would need voter approval. Jacobs calls the plan viable, but won't yet say if he personally supports it.

"We would have to sit down with the architect, and go over program and space needs, and administrative needs," he said. "Those details need to be worked out, to actually put a dollar amount on what the addition could cost us.

"This option takes us away from our neighborhood concept, and it puts us in one location," which are both downsides to the plan, Jacobs said.

It's unclear when or if "Option 6" will become an official consolidation option.

Meanwhile, options 5a and 5b, released Wednesday, were constructed entirely from parent suggestions at recent public meetings. Option 5a would move half of Batavia's K-4 into Jackson School, and the other half into John Kennedy School, along with pre-K. Administrators would move into Robert Morris School, and fifth-graders would move into the middle school.

Under Option 5b, administrators would move into Jackson, and K-4 students would go to Robert Morris. All other facets remain the same as 5a.

Both 5a and 5b preserve the idea of neighborhood schools, though each plan eliminates one of the current elementary schools.

The final public meeting on the consolidation process will be held at 6 p.m. next Tuesday night, Oct. 4, inside Jackson Elementary School.

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