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Genesee County Emergency Services

August 27, 2015 - 8:10am


Members of Genesee County's rope rescue team trained at Indian Falls -- the site of many such real-life rescues over the years -- with a new rope system, called a Vortex.

The $25,000 system (including LED lighting) features a more sophisticated, and more effective and efficient, pulley system, making it easier to keep the ropes clear of obstructions and requiring less exertion of force to raise a patient lifter, making it easier for a medic to accompany the patient up the side of the cliff. 

Top photo: Christina Marinaccio and Jamie Call, the first team to descend and ascend with the new system. Marinaccio and Call are both city firefighters and volunteers (with Le Roy and Stafford, respectively).

To find out how you can do interesting things like this, help save lives and serve your community, visit ReadyGenesee.com.














August 24, 2014 - 2:09pm

Genesee County Emergency Services and the Town of Batavia Fire Department conducted a confined spaces drill yesterday at the Muller Quaker Dairy plant.

Nationally, from 80 to 100 people die every year in confined space accidents and even rescues can be difficult and dangerous.

Photos submitted by a reader.

June 14, 2012 - 12:46pm

During the rescue of Brandon C. Smart, 34, of Batavia, and Michael C. Hayes, 24, of Rochester, yesterday at Buttermilk Falls, Le Roy, a member of Genesee County Emergency Management Services, D.R. Roblee, had his camera and took several pictures. The Batavian requested copies of those pictures and Tim Yaeger, director of emergency management, agreed to share them.

If you're unable to view the slide show below, click here.

September 4, 2011 - 9:41am

Fifteen volunteer firefighters from five companies in Genesee County are headed east this morning to assist in relief and recovery efforts in one of the hardest hit areas of the state from Hurricane Irene.

The volunteers gathered at the Emergency Servcies Training Center on State Street Road at 6:30 a.m. to be briefed on their mission by County Coordinator Tim Yaeger.

The group then headed to the Thruway to make it to Schoharie County by noon for a 72-hour deployment.

"They're in bad shape down there and now they've got more rain coming," said Yaeger, who was among the state's emergency coordinators dispatched to the region right after the storm hit.

The firefighters will be relieving other volunteers who have been working in the county since the storm hit last week.

"There's still places that are getting drops by Blackhawk helicopters of food and water because they're still isolated," Yaeger said.

Yaeger said it's amazing what these guys have signed up for with no pay. They will likely be sleeping on cots, living on pizza and pumping sewage out of basements during their 12-hour shifts.

They might also be called upon to deliver relief supplies to residents isolated by storm damage or just help with general clean up and recovery.

"And they're offended if I don't offer them a chance to go," Yaeger said. "These guys have been waiting for this for a week."

Darien Chief Dale Breitwieser couldn't make the deployment, but he was at the training center this morning to see off the three volunteers from his department.  He said it's events like this where you see that volunteers are a special breed of person.

"There will be volunteers there from all over the state and they'll all pull together," Breitwieser said.

Besides Darien, participating departments are Bergen, Town of Batavia and Stafford along with staff from Emergency Services.

Yaeger is not joining this group, though he may be deployed later today to Green County where a village of 700 people in the Town of Plattsville was wiped off the map. The town supervisor lost his house and his gas station and now he's trying to help his town through the devastation, Yaeger said.

The Albany Times Union has a photo slide show of the damage in Schoharie County.

January 18, 2011 - 6:37pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Genesee County Emergency Services.

Genesee County will receive a $29,195 state grant to help authorities deal with pets during major emergencies.

Acceptance of the grant was approved by the County Legislature's Public Service Committee today.

In 2010, the Office of Emergency Services drafted an emergency response plan for the county that would cover a range of contingencies for natural and man-made disasters. Part of the plan involves dealing with pets' safety because people often won't evacuate a dangerous location if it means leaving pets behind.

While voting in favor of the grant acceptance, committee Chairman Jay Grasso expressed concern that the government was spending money on pets in current economic conditions.

"Don't get me wrong," Grasso said. "I love my dogs. They won the dog lottery with me. But in these tough economic times, I just don't understand spending money on pets."

The grant is funded by the NYS Division of Homeland Security.

It will be spent on the purchase of mobile pet-sheltering equipment and training.

The emergency pet plan is being developed in conjunction with regional emergency partners Wyoming and Orleans counties.

December 14, 2010 - 10:14am
posted by Howard B. Owens in Genesee County Emergency Services, Reverse 9-1-1.

The Office of Emergency Services will test the reverse 9-1-1 system at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

If you receive a call, no response is necessary.

The test will be coordinated with the Sheriff's Office and the Emergency Dispatch Center.

The test will also include test alerts through the NY-Alert system. Anybody can sign up for alerts through nyalert.gov.

NY-Alert provides individuals with messages either via phone, text, RSS, fax, pager or e-mail of incident-specific emergency messages or impending road closures and weather issues.

The service is free.

September 12, 2010 - 12:15pm


If you're fascinated by big fire trucks, Home Depot was the place to be on Saturday. Multiple volunteer fire departments from throughout the county, along with Mercy Flight, the Sheriff's Office and Genesee County Emergency Management Services were on hand to let the public tour their equipment and learn about local emergency services.

Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Yaeger said the Sept. 11 event was a way to remember the 343 firefighters and all of the civilians who lost their lives nine years ago and highlight emergency preparedness in Genesee County.

Yaeger also hoped the event would help with recruiting more volunteers, whether to the firefighting services, the Red Cross, Ameri Corps or other community organizations.

Within the firefighting services, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer Yaeger said. It's not all about rushing into burning buildings.

"You may feel that you’re not going to be a qualified interior firefighter, but you can be the driver of the apparatus," Yaeger said. "We need to get that truck there so we need those drivers there."

Volunteers are also needed to help prepare and get equipment ready and serve in management positions.




August 23, 2010 - 4:42pm


Family members, friends and fellow firefighers gathered at the Corfu Fire Hall this morning for a memorial service for William Dix, who died Wednesday at his business, Jay E. Potter Lumber. He was 56.

Dix served the local firefighting community, and the community of Genesee County, for 40 years.

"He will be with us wherever we go," said Betsy Abramson during a short and dignified graveside service in Alabama following the memorial service. "Everyone who knew Bill so intimately, please, please, tell these precious little ones what a wonderful grandfather they had."

August 22, 2010 - 9:28pm


Hundreds of Genesee County's firefighters were in Corfu this evening to pay respects to William Dix, who died Wednesday.

Dix served as a deputy fire coordinator with Genesee County Emergency Services for 22 years as well as past chief of the East Pembroke Fire Department and most recently as commissioner with the East Pembroke Fire District.

Services for Dix will be tomorrow (Monday) at 11 a.m. at the Corfu Fire Hall with burial to follow in Alabama.

August 19, 2010 - 6:57am

william_dix.jpgGenesee County's firefighting community lost one of its highly regarded members early Wednesday when William Dix passed away while in his office at Jay E. Potter Lumber on Maple Avenue in Corfu.

Dix, a deputy fire coordinator with Genesee County Emergency Services for 22 years, was in his fifties.

In a statement, Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Yaeger said, "DFC Bill Dix will be deeply missed by his family and his fire service family, his dedication to his business and the fire service was never ending. Bill was always there when you needed anything, including a friendly smile and a handshake."

Dix was found dead early Wednesday morning after family members became concerned that he hadn't returned home from the office. His death is not considered suspicious. The cause of death is pending an examination by the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Besides his duties as a deputy fire coordinator,  Dix was also the past chief of the East Pembroke Fire Department and most recently a commissioner with the East Pembroke Fire District. The East Pembroke resident logged more than 40 years in the fire service.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

October 20, 2009 - 3:34pm
posted by Billie Owens in weather, corfu, Genesee County Emergency Services, FEMA.

New York is appealing last month's decision by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to deny disaster assistance to five counties, including Genesee.

The state's formal appeal asks President Obama to overturn FEMA's denial and provide aid to Genesee, Columbia, Delaware, Rensselaer and Sullivan counties for damages suffered from storms that occurred from July 25 through Aug.16.
Damage, debris and response costs in the five counties exceed $7 million, according to a press release from Tim Yaeger, coordinator of Genesee County Emergency Services.

“The...counties are reeling from this summer’s flooding and storms, which have caused severe damage and hardship,” Gov. Paterson said. “The repetitive nature of these events has strained local governments’ ability to implement the recovery process and placed a severe fiscal burden upon the state and its local communities.” 

FEMA maintains that Genesee and the four other counties sustained infrastructure damage that was "not of the severity and magnitude" to warrant a separate disaster declaration (from a storm system that hit Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chenago, Cortland and Erie counties).

But the state argues that New York had the wettest summer in 138 years and the third wettest in recorded history. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration reported rainfall greater than 200 percent above normal for July.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture calculated soil-moisture content in excess of 500 percent above normal range in the five counties named in the appeal. This super-saturation of the soil resulted in "immediate significant rises in creeks and streams for even minor rainfall amounts."

“A failure to provide this desperately needed support to some of our most impoverished counties will leave them vulnerable to increased damage from even moderate future flooding events," Patterson said.

Corfu's damage assessment was found to be $246 per capita for Genesee County. That's well in excess of the per-capita threshold for aid established by federal law and cited in FEMA’s own preliminary damage assessment.

Damage and debris/response costs for all 10 counties affected by the summer storms is estimated at more than $60 million.

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