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August 10, 2012 - 9:28am
posted by Timothy Walton in batavia, downtown, motorcycle rally, WNY Round Up Rally.

School Street, along with Jackson Street will be closed for the weekend.

City workers have closed School Street, along with all of Jackson Street for today, Saturday and Sunday, in order to make room for motorcycles and street vendors participating in this weekend's Round Up Rally. The rally, which last year hosted more than 2,500 bikers, was moved downtown in order to increase the number of vendors and bikes who could attend. 

April 2, 2011 - 8:03am

A few motorcycle enthusiasts have found a way to bring thousands of riders to Genesee County this summer with a Round-up Rally on Aug. 12, 13 and 14 in the Clarion Hotel's south parking lot

Dave Kasinski proudly wore a shirt that reads, “It’s In Our Blood” with a silhouette of him, his brother and his son standing next to their bikes beneath the words.

Kasinski used to ride motorcycles during his college days but the hobby faded when it came time to raise his family. A few years ago, he took hold of the handlebars again and hasn’t looked back.

“When my son Sam went off to college, he ended up getting a motorcycle and so did I, so we could go riding,” Kasinski explained with a smile. Soon, his brother was riding along with them, too.

The trio has gone on trips to meet up with fellow bikers before -- that’s how they came up with the idea to host a similar event in Genesee County.

“That’s the thing, we’ve done it,” Kasinski said. “We pick two or three events a year and we just take a ride. That’s the whole fun part about owning a bike. No one wants to just ride around and around their own hometown forever.”

So in an effort to bring other riders here, Kasinski – with some help from the chamber of commerce – is hosting the Round-up Rally with plans to send riders downtown and throughout the county to check out what we’ve got to offer.

“Batavia has a lot to it – if you look at a map and see how all the streets come from different directions like Route 98, 63, 20, 33, 5 – every direction you could come from. We said, ‘Let’s bring 'em in from all over Western New York!’”

One event, aptly named Cruzin’ the County, aims to get bikers to do just that.

Businesses that aren’t located in downtown Batavia can sign on as sponsors of the event and then they’ll get the opportunity to have their place put on a map handed out to the riders. Places like Alli’s Cones and Dogs in Oakfield, Red Osier in Stafford and the Log Cabin in Corfu have already signed on.

“The map will show all the locations they (the riders) can go,” Kasinski explained. “It will also have an area for the business owners to put a stamp on it once a rider gets there. When riders come back to the Rally with a full sheet stamped, they can enter their map into a big cash drawing.”

The Cruzin’ the County cash winner will be announced at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13.

Riders will also have the option to participate in the Rally Mug Club. Round-up Rally planners are working to create a logo to be printed on coffee mugs. Riders who get the printed mugs can enjoy discounts at restaurants and bars in Batavia. Eight different places will be printed on the mug.

“If you’re not from Batavia you don’t know the places in the city,” Kasinski said. “But if you have a list and a map, and a choice of location, and a discount for having the mug, you’ll try somewhere new.”

On the last day of the Round-up Rally, Kasinski and his crew are planning a Poker Run to benefit a charity.

“We’ll pick a few locations from Cruzin’ the County and we’ll start at the Clarion,” he said excitedly. “Then, riders will go out to each place and get a poker card. At the end of the day, whoever comes back with the best poker hand will win a prize.”

There are still sponsorship opportunities available for the Round-up Rally, and planners hope this first year is a huge success.

“What we’re hoping to see is a little more sponsorship from the members in the city,” Kasinski said. “At minimum, if they would be willing to sponsor a rider they would be recognized for it and the charities we pick would do so well and the Round-up Rally would have an awesome first year.”

For more information, visit their Web site or contact Dave Kasinski at 585-768-7260 or John Kasinski at 716-683-7647.

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