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Tompkins County Legislature

December 26, 2017 - 3:56pm

Batavia City Council, in an effort to get a "head start" on the task of finding a new city manager, has called an executive session for 7 p.m. Wednesday at the City Centre Council Board Room.

Officially designated as a special business meeting, the session will not be open to the public, Council President Eugene Jankowski said this afternoon.

"This will be completely an executive session, since there has been no gathering of Council to discuss the next step (in light of Jason Molino's resignation on Dec. 18)," Jankowski said. "Our thought is to get a head start on everything that needs to be done to find a successor -- which procedures to follow, Jason's exit plan and the best direction to take."

The Tompkins County Legislature formally appointed Molino as the new Tompkins County Administrator on Dec. 19, effective Jan. 29.

Jankowski said Molino will be an "integral part" of Wednesday's informational meeting, which he said was proper since this deals with a "personnel matter."

"I just talked to Jason about an hour ago, and he said that his concern is that the city is left in proper hands when he leaves," said Jankowski, adding that he wasn't sure of Molino's last day on the job in Batavia.

(The Batavian has just learned that Molino's last day as city manager will be Jan. 12).

The council president said it was imperative that all council members "get on the same page to weigh all of our options."

Those options include whether or not to hire a job search consultant, whether or not to appoint an interim city manager, and whether or not to focus on the city manager appointment and put the vacant assistant city manager position on hold.

"Hopefully, as a result of the executive session, will be able to discuss the situation publicly at the January 8th meeting," Jankowski said. "As of right now, there are a lot of unanswered questions."

December 20, 2017 - 8:56am
posted by Mike Pettinella in news, Jason Molino, Tompkins County Legislature.

Updated - Dec. 20 - 9 a.m.
From Tompkins County Legislature

Legislature Approves Appointment of Jason Molino as County Administrator

The Legislature, by unanimous vote, confirmed the appointment of Jason Molino, currently City Manager of the City of Batavia, NY, as Tompkins County Administrator, effective January 29, 2018. In a second unanimous vote, the Legislature approved an annual salary for the position of $130,000 for 2018, which falls above the position’s current salary range.

The action also indicates that the County Administrator will be eligible to receive the same fringe benefits and annual salary adjustments as those provided other management staff as negotiated and upon ratification of the County’s CSEA White Collar union.

A credentialed local government management professional by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) with diversified experience in public administration, Mr. Molino has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Fiscal Officer of the City of Batavia since 2006 and for two years before that as Assistant to the Village Manager for the Village of Port Chester, New York.

Legislature Chair Michael Lane congratulated Mr. Molino on behalf of the Legislature, and said that, among the things that had impressed the Legislature was that, after applying, he had taken the time to attend some of the meetings of the Legislature and its committees. “This is a feather in his cap,” Lane said.

“Thank you for the warm welcome,” the new Administrator said. “It’s an honor to be selected.” Molino added that he has watched Tompkins County government from afar over the years, and that “it’s a pleasure to be part of this team.”

Budget, Capital, and Personnel Committee Chair Jim Dennis, who chaired the search committee, remarked, “I’m pleased with the work of the committee and the people involved in it—another good process that the County has had to pick people for very important jobs.”

Other Administration changes:

Chair Lane announced that long-time Deputy County Administrator Paula Younger, who has served as Interim County Administrator since mid-November, has received an opportunity for another important role and will be leaving county government in early January. “I think it will be wonderful for our government and Tompkins County, as well,” he said, telling Younger, “We certainly appreciate what you have been doing for us every day.” County Attorney Jonathan Wood will assume Interim Administrator responsibilities from the time of Ms. Younger’s departure until Administrator Molino comes on board.


Tompkins County Legislature officially voted to hire 11-year Batavia City Manager Jason Molino as its new County Administrator tonight.

Molino confirmed the appointment as he returned from Ithaca with his family.

In a published report, Legislature Chair Mike Lane acknowledged Molino’s strong background in budgeting, labor relations, and management oversight, and was confident that county personnel "would work with him to keep them on a course for success."

Molino is expected to continue to serve as Batavia's manager until the end of January.

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