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January 6, 2021 - 5:40pm
posted by Press Release in news, batavia, Washington, D.C., violence.

Statement from Batavia City Council President Eugene Jankowski Jr.:

“I fully support peaceful protest as allowed by our constitution and condemn any form of unlawful violence or destruction of property. I understand that many in the country are frustrated, but there are safe and legal ways to address a grievance in our system and government.

"Forcing your way into the Capitol building is the wrong way to go about it. We don’t always have to agree with each other but we should learn to get along with and respect each other. Hopefully as a nation we can learn from this and strive to do better.”

January 6, 2021 - 5:33pm
posted by Press Release in steve hawley, news, Washington, D.C., violence.

A statement this afternoon from Assemblyman Steve Hawley about violence in the nation's capitol today:

"We have our First Amendment for a reason, violence is never acceptable regardless of what you believe politically. We are a people of one nation, regardless of political beliefs."

February 11, 2009 - 12:13pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in politics, Nation, Washington, Whig.

We often receive press releases from distant sources or from businesses that kind-of-sort-of have a tenuous at best connection with our region. For the most part, they end up in my trash bin, because they just don't have anything in them that would appeal to our readers.

Not so today.

We received a news release from a fellow from Buffalo, representing another fellow from Washington, D.C. They wrote to us to inform us of the up-and-coming modern Whig party.

From the release:

Founded by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Modern Whig Party has quickly attracted 20,000 members to go along with 25 state chapters. On the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, this grassroots political movement will announce the official modern revival of the historic Whig Party. Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, with Presidents' Day officially celebrated February 16, 2009.

The Whig Party is intimately intertwined with Lincoln's legacy. This vaunted president helped build the Whigs into a mainstream, common-sense movement and in fact served as a Whig legislator. While Lincoln joined the newly formed Republican Party after the demise of the Whigs, he always maintained the rational mentality of his longtime party.
Through the hard work and motivation of recently deployed service members, the Modern Whig Party was organized to be a home for those voters who place common-sense, rational thought ahead of ideology. Like the original party of Lincoln, the Modern Whigs cater to those who subscribe to mainstream values across the political spectrum.

During the organization phase of this movement, the Modern Whig Party already is recognized as the fastest-growing mainstream political movement in the country. Thousands of moderate Republicans and Democrats have signed on. With an executive committee and national headquarters in Washington, DC, the Modern Whig Party is recapturing the longtime ideals of Lincoln as they build toward being a true party for the rest of us.

Contact: Mike Lebowitz — 571-251-1490, [email protected]

The Modern Whig Party
2141 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite C-2
Washington, DC 20191

For a little bit of background, here's a nugget of info from Wikipedia on the original Whig party:

Considered integral to the Second Party System and operating from 1833 to 1856, the party was formed in opposition to the policies of President Andrew Jackson and the Democratic Party. In particular, the Whigs supported the supremacy of Congress over the executive branch and favored a program of modernization and economic protectionism. This name was chosen to echo the American Whigs of 1776, who fought for independence, and because "Whig" was then a widely recognized label of choice for people who saw themselves as opposing autocratic rule.

My dictionary tells me that the word "Whig" is likely a truncation of the Scottish term: "Whiggamore," which was the nickname given to a band of 17th century Scottish rebels who fought against British hegemony. Cool.

October 11, 2008 - 12:13pm
posted by Charlie Mallow in nation and world, Washington.

There is a lot of frustration that I see with the way this financial crisis is being handled in Washington.

Our government is taking steps to turn our country to socialism. I had thought that both Democrats and Republicans had agreed that we wanted to live in a capitalist country. What I see is a sellout from both sides of our system, for votes. These people want to make it look like they are doing something to solve the financial crisis so bad, that they are willing to do the worst things possible.

In what was our economic system, when you made a mistake, you were allowed to fail. That was the risk of success. That fear kept the system in check. There is now no downside to greed. LET THEM FAIL! It’s the American way or it was…

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