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Watch Contest

Graphic Arts students competing in watch design contest want your vote

By Billie Owens

Graphic Art students at the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership have been busy designing wristwatches using Adobe Illustrator.

They were placed in teams to work collaboratively on the designs for the Graphic Arts Watch Contest.

There is quite an array of styles -- sleek and modern, retro, kitschy, sporty, glitzy, with nods to space aliens, Pringles, Alice in Wonderland, and more. Creativity unquestionably is channeled into each timepiece.

To determine the winning design, Graphic Arts instructor Doug Russo is asking people to look at the watch designs posted in a survey and choose ONE that you like best and would buy if you could. When you've selected your choice, click on the circle below the design you like.

Then submit the survey online. You must provide your email address to submit the survey.

You can only submit the survey once.

If you are unable to submit the link form, you can still look at the designs and email Russo back with your choice at:   [email protected]

The survey link is here.

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