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January 7, 2013 - 10:18am

Law and Order: Man arrested by Batavia PD accused of using holding cell as bathroom

posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, crime, Oakfield, alexander, Darien.

Maurice G. Leach, 36, of 212 State St., Batavia, is charged with menacing, 3rd, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and criminal tampering, 3rd. Police officers Eric Hill, Thad Mart and Chris Camp responded to a report of a male subject hitting a woman outside 212 State St. at 8:39 a.m., Sunday. During the investigation, Leach allegedly became combative and when officers attempted to place him into custody, he allegedly resisted arrest. While at police headquarters, Leach allegedly urinated and defecated on the floor of the holding cell. Leach was jailed on $50,000 bail.

Edward R. Freida, 41, of 47 Tracy Ave., Batavia, is charged with criminal possession of a weapon, 3rd. Freida was allegedly found in possession of a switchblade knife during a routine search of his residence by a probation officer. Because Frieda has a prior conviction for criminal possession of a weapon, 4th, the charge is elevated to third degree. Freida was jailed without bail.

Jessica L. Polk, 36, of 202 Bank St., Batavia, is charged with harassment, 2nd, and endangering the welfare of a child. Polk is accused of pushing and grabbing a child during a domestic incident.

Ann M. Schlegel, 35, Lawrence A. Atkins, 35, and Leon D. Atkins, 16, all from Medina, are charged with petit larceny. The trio is accused of attempting to steal $337.31 in merchandise from Kmart at 5:54 p.m., Sunday.

Scott Dwayne Kingdon, 46, of Sparks Road, Pavilion, is charged with criminal contempt, 2nd. Kingdon is accused of sending e-mails to a person in violation of an order of protection.

Nathaniel L. Beglinger, 21, of Peaviner Road, Alexander, is charged with criminal mischief, 4th. Beglinger is accused of recklessly causing damage to a building in Darien, causing more than $250 damage, at 12:35 a.m., Dec. 1.

Dennis J. Saporito, 25, of Culver Road, Albion, turned himself in on a bench warrant out of Batavia City Court for alleged driving while ability impaired. Saporito was arraigned and sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Robert Lee Ealey, 26, of Phelps Road, Rochester, Ealey was taken into custody by Rochester PD on a bench warrant issued by Genesee County Court and turned over to the Sheriff's Office. Ealey was held pending arraignment today.

Adam M. Miller, 20, of Oakfield, is charged with criminal mischief, 4th. Miller is accused of damaging property with a value greater than $250 at 4 a.m., Jan. 1, in the Town of Shelby. Miller was arrested by State Police. No further details released.

Doug Yeomans
Doug Yeomans's picture
Last seen: 5 days 9 hours ago
Joined: Feb 13 2009 - 8:28am

From Maurice's facebook page:

About Maurice
Wise men shall inherit glory. But shame shall be the promotion of fools.

Hey Maurice, does sharting on the cell floor make you feel like a fool?

Before anyone has a fit about it, his wall is wide open to the public:

Doug Yeomans
Doug Yeomans's picture
Last seen: 5 days 9 hours ago
Joined: Feb 13 2009 - 8:28am

Ann M. Schlegel, 35, Lawrence A. Atkins, 35, and Leon D. Atkins, 16.

That's a great way for a father and son to spend quality time together!

Lawrence Atkins: - Ann Schlegel and His son's FB pages can be found in his friends list.

Mr Atkins is a convicted felon (DIN 12B0118) and can't vote but he had this to say on his wall:

Lawrence Atkins
November 7, 2012 via mobile
2k13 time muther f-bombs (edited on request) its been a great night for me I don't know about u. Thanks for all of you out there that voted for Obama. And for all u fools that wanted the other side. One thing for sure two things for certain sucks f-bombing being you lol.

I wonder what he's so happy about? Did he get an Obama phone?

I sure hope his son doesn't follow in his father's footsteps. Man-up, go to work and don't be the fool.

Lawrence was busted in a drug raid on April fools day in 2009:

Gabor Deutsch
Gabor Deutsch's picture
Last seen: 2 years 11 months ago
Joined: May 24 2008 - 4:16pm

"Some people call me The Space Cowboy, some people call me The Gangster of Love, and some people call me Maurice because I poop and pee in the holding cell of the fuzz". -Steve Miller Band ?

Beth Kinsley
Beth Kinsley's picture
Last seen: 2 months 2 weeks ago
Joined: Aug 22 2008 - 9:43pm

Thanks Gabor. You've taken a perfectly good song and ruined it for me. That song will never be the same again.

Gary Spencer
Gary Spencer's picture
Last seen: 1 year 8 months ago
Joined: Feb 18 2009 - 6:57pm

Oh come on Doug!
Lawrence went to "Pimps-R-Us" (just ask Ann) and he likes Budweiser!
Because you deserve what every individual should enjoy regularly!!

Rich Richmond
Rich Richmond's picture
Last seen: 6 days 1 hour ago
Joined: Mar 29 2011 - 4:50pm

From the flavor of the previous posts, Maurice is getting his face rubbed in it, as it should be......I am speaking figuratively of course, although for one of his ilk both are appropriate responses.

Kyle Couchman
Kyle Couchman's picture
Last seen: 2 years 1 month ago
Joined: Dec 25 2009 - 8:54am


Richard well who knows if he resisted being restrained to be removed from the cell to clean it he might well have gotten some on his face "accidentally of course" lol

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