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Weather update: A tough walk home

By Brian Hillabush


When Eric Herrmann's shift ended at Graham Manufacturing, he called his wife Heather for a ride home. The problem was, the family vehicle was trapped in the driveway and was not going to move.

Unable to get a ride, Herrmann decided to take the walk to his Clinton Street home. I noticed what looked like a snowman walking, so I stopped and took his photo for The Batavian. And of course, I gave him a ride home so the poor guy didn't freeze to death.

Route 77 will close temporarily north of Thruway near the Pembroke interchange

By Philip Anselmo

Update at 2:13pm: Route 77 (Alleghany Road) is still closed off in the Corfu area.

Emergency crews will temporarily close down Route 77 (Alleghany Road) north of the Thruway to clear a tractor trailer that was in an accident there, according to the Genesee County sheriff's dispatchers. Crews need to be able to get in and get out with the tractor trailer. The road should be opened back up shortly after the vehicle is removed. 

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Today's coverage keeps coming

By Howard B. Owens

We've had so many posts so far today that some of our earlier posts have flowed off the home page.

And we've got more posts coming from Brian Hillabush and Philip Anselmo.

If you're just hitting the site for the first time today, or might otherwise have missed some coverage, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "next" link on the pager to see any coverage you might have missed.

Also, we continue to welcome any weather pictures or stories you might want to post.

Weather update: Rain, shine or snow - the mail is on its way

By Brian Hillabush

Nothing stops the United States postal service.

Even with massive amounts of snow, the mail is still on its way. I would guess that some carriers might be a little behind schedule because of the conditions, but they are out there.

Weather update: Fighting a losing battle

By Brian Hillabush

 As you drive around, all over the place, you are going to see a lot of people out there shoveling their driveway in an attempt to either get their car out, or fight off the massive amounts that will be on the ground within hours.

Here we see June Weinert of Walnut St. trying to get the snow cleared out so she can get her car out of the driveway.


This gentleman's name is Martin Cross and he's trying to stay ahead of the snow fall in his Law St. driveway.

Weather update: Outpatient closures

By Philip Anselmo

We received the following notice of closures at the United Memorial Medical Center:

"Due to today’s severe winter weather the following outpatient services of United Memorial will be closed today:

  • Batavia Family Care

  • Tountas Family Care

  • Tonawanda Seneca Family Care

  • Byron Family Care

  • The Corporate Health Center

  • All services at the Jerome Center including laboratory and medical imaging

  • Pembroke Diagnostic Center

  • LeRoy Diagnostic Center

  • Cardiac Rehab Services, EKG, Echo and Stress Testing"

Thruway near Pembroke is a hot spot for speeding tickets... but probably not today

By Philip Anselmo

A special section in this Sunday's Democrat & Chronicle will run down the details on speeding tickets: what to do when you get pulled over and what to do once you've got the ticket. Folks in Genesee County may want to pay close attention. Pembroke, it turns out, ranks third in number of tickets issued for the Thruway.

Pembroke, Genesee County, is the No. 3 spot on Interstate 90 for speeding tickets, according to a Democrat and Chronicle analysis of state Department of Motor Vehicle records. Last year, State Police issued almost 5,000 tickets resulting in convictions along the stretch of the Thruway in Genesee County; 1,738 were issued in Pembroke. Pembroke Town Court allows most speeders to plead to a lesser violation by mail.

Somehow, I don't think speeding will be a problem there today. Here are the current conditions at the Pembroke interchange:

Weather Update: Plow troubles in Alabama

By Brian Hillabush

 Driving through Alabama, I just noticed a man working on his snow plow in front of the Alabama post office.

I stopped to talk to him and found out that on day like today, the worst possible thing could happen .... he ran into electrical problems with the plow.

Drew Klotzbach, owns Alleghany Farm Service and takes care of clearing some of the area businesses in Alabama. That is, once he gets the plow fixed.

Weather Update: Snowy roads in Alabama

By Brian Hillabush

First post from the road. Haven't seen any accidents and nothing has come over the scanner yet, so that is a good thing. Based on this photo taken on Rt 63 in Alabama, it is strongly advised to stay at home.

There will be more updates from around Genesee County to follow.

Traffic cameras have a direct eye on travel conditions around Rochester

By Philip Anselmo

Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle has posted a Google map studded with camera icons that each represent a traffic camera posted around the city of Rochester. Each camera refreshes the picture every few minutes. This is a useful service for folks commuting in and out of the city this morning and afternoon. Although, in the next hour or two, I imagine every camera will be showing about the same thing: white, and conditions around the city and on the roads back to Batavia should be about the same: crummy.

Oh yeah: Don't forget to check out our post from earlier this morning with a pair of live updating cameras posted at the Thruway interchanges with Route I-90 in Le Roy and Pembroke.

Christmas lights 12-19-08

By Brian Hillabush


Today's featured home is on Roosevelt Ave. in Batavia. I believed it was the one recognized by the jaycees earlier in the week.

Lots of variety and color. Well done.

Genesee County storm coverage today

By Brian Hillabush

It is almost 8:30 a.m. and I am awake, which is a very rare thing.

The first somewhat heavy snow is starting to come down, so I'm going to go grab my camera and head out in a few minutes. My goals for today are to find out what is going on around town and update everybody on The Batavian.

Wish me luck and check back often for updates.

Mostly good news for Genesee County nursing homes in Medicare ratings report

By Philip Anselmo

An article in the Buffalo News this morning states that 14 of the 81 nursing homes in Western New York received one out of five stars in a ratings report released by Medicare. Twelve of the nursing homes received the top rating of five stars, including two in Batavia.

From that article:

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services assigned nearly 16,000 nursing homes across the nation a star rating — from a low of one star to a high of five stars — based on health inspection surveys, staffing information and quality-of-care measures. Consumers can view the ratings, as well as the individual measures, at the agency’s Nursing Home Compare Web site at . The agency, which released the ratings Thursday, plans to update them monthly. “Our goal in developing this unprecedented quality rating system is to provide families a straightforward assessment of nursing home quality, with meaningful distinctions between high-and low-performing homes,” the centers’ acting administrator, Kerry Weems, said in a statement.

We checked the listing and found that the Batavia Nursing Home on State Street and the Veterans Home at the VA Medical Center on Richmond Avenue both received an overall rating of five out of five stars. The Genesee County Nursing Home on Bank Street received a total of four stars. Le Roy Village Green received two stars. That was it for this county.

As for specifics, the Batavia Nursing home received five stars for both Health Inspections and Quality Measures, yet a paltry two stars for Nursing Home Staffing. Ratings for staffing are based upon the number of licensed nurses available on staff and their hours of availability. New York holds an average of 173 resident nurses per facility, according to the report. Batavia Nursing Home has a total of 61 who spend a total of 25 minutes with a resident per day, compared with the average of 36 for the state. Despite the below average rating for staffing, Batavia Nursing Home was still granted the status of "much above average" overall.

The Veterans Home on Richmond received four stars for both Health Inspections and Quality Measures, and five stars for Nursing Home staffing. Please follow the links above to see the details of all the homes in Genesee County, and to check out the ratings for other nursing homes in the region.

Storm front moving into Western New York

By Howard B. Owens

As the satellite image above shows, a large storm system is moving into Western New York. You can follow the progress of the storm on,

WBTA reports that all schools in Genesee County have already announced they are closed today in anticipation of heavy snow and gusting winds.

The National Weather Service reissued its winter storm warning at 3 a.m., with an upgraded prediction of up to 10 inches of snow. Snow could fall from one to two inches an hour during the morning hours, and the heaviest snow fall could be accompanied by thunder. The warning is in effect from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.  While the morning and afternoon storm might dump as much as 10 inches of snow on the region, the evening snow showers could add another three inches.

We encourage you to be safe today.  You can post your own storm updates and information on The Batavian.  Of course, we'll be covering conditions throughout the day. You can also turn into WBTA for storm news updates. We imagine the Daily News will also offer updates.

UPDATE 8:20 a.m.:  The current radar map shows snow falling on the entire region, but we haven't heard yet of a single flak falling.  Have you seen any snow yet?

UPDATE: 8:39 a.m.: Below are web cam images from the I-90 Pembroke Interchange and the I-90 LeRoy Interchange. It looks like the first one shows snow and the second one does. Well, I managed to surprise myself -- thought I was grabing still images from the web cam, but actually the images are refreshing right on our page. As I look now, at 8:46 a.m., big flakes can be seen on the LeRoy cam.

But look at this image from Alden

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