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Genesee County Sheriff's Office announces the 2013 departmental awards

By Alecia Kaus

Press release:

Pictured from left:
Sheriff Gary T. Maha, Deputy Chad J. Minuto and
Undersheriff  William A. Sheron Jr.
Deputy Chad J. Minuto has distinguished himself as a professional, dedicated hardworking officer who quietly and consistently provides a high level of service to the citizens of Genesee County. He is a member of the Emergency Response Team, a Field Training Officer and a Drug Recognition Expert.
Deputy Minuto’s reports are clear, concise and complete and he sets an example for others to strive for. Deputy Minuto has volunteered to provide additional police services to the Village of Bergen, and consistently receives high praise from Village officials. Deputy Minuto is a motivated, enthusiastic professional whose work is always a source of pride. Deputy Chad J. Minuto has brought great credit upon himself and the Sheriff's Office and deserving to be named the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office Officer of the Year.
Pictured from left:
Steven C. Sharpe, director of Emergency Communications,  Undersheriff  William A. Sheron Jr., Russell L. Lang, communications coordinator and Sheriff Gary T. Maha.
Communications Coordinator Russell L. Lang has distinguished himself as a member of the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office. Communications coordinator Lang has been instrumental in the successful roll out of the new Harris P25 Radio System. He assisted in negotiations with Sprint / Nextel leading to a $1.4 million award. Communications Coordinator Lang also participated in the Radio Request for Proposal and evaluation process including hosting site visits, preparing specifications, and answering vendor inquiries. He took the lead on scheduling radio installations, inventory management, site visits, and equipment audits for more than 1,500 radios, nine radio sites, and more than 60 supported agencies. Communications Coordinator Russell L. Lang reflects great credit upon himself and the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office.
LONGEVITY AWARDS (years in service)
Correction Officer Melanee E. London -- 10 
Correction Officer Daniel J. Renz -- 10
Correction Officer Caleb C. Chaya -- 10
Correction Officer Brian M. Manley -- 15 
Sr. Correction Officer Peter M. Hoy -- 15
Youth Officer Timothy G. Wescott -- 15
Sr. Correction Officer Robert W. Mattice -- 20
Emergency Services Dispatcher Lynn B. Riccobono -- 20 
Deputy Deborah L. Snyder -- 20 
Deputy John R. Duyssen -- 20
Correction Officer Darrell J. Klein -- 20
Correction Officer Norm T. Itjen -- 20
Sr. Emergency Services Dispatcher James E. Tripp -- 20
Investigator Kristopher A. Kautz -- 25
Investigator Timothy J. Weis -- 25
Sergeant Jonathan R. Szumigala -- 25
Deputy Jodie K. Hebdon -- 30
Batavia Police Detective Paul Caffo
Genesee County Assistant District Attorney Melissa Cianfrini
Community Service Victim Assistant John Huntzinger
Emergency Services Dispatcher Jason W. Holman
Emergency Services Dispatcher Andrew K. Merkel
Sr. Correction Officer Kevin D. Wolff
Deputy Joseph M. Graff
Sergeant Jonathan R. Szumigala
Deputy James M. Diehl
Deputy Howard J. Carlson
Emergency Services Dispatcher Robert H. Tripp
Investigator Kristopher A. Kautz
Sergeant Brian M. Frieday
Deputy Jason E. Saile
Sergeant Gregory H. Walker
Deputy Lonnie A. Nati
Investigator Ronald (Pete) G. Welker
Deputy Frank G. Bordonaro
Youth Officer John K. Dehm
Confidential Secretary to the Sheriff Carolyn A. Della Penna
Deputy Christopher A. Parker
Correction Officer Anthony J. Ridder
Emergency Services Dispatcher Stephen R. Smelski
Investigator William T. Ferrando Jr.


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