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Absentee ballot criteria expanded for June Primary and Special Election during COVID-19 pandemic

By Billie Owens

Press release:

Absentee Voting during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Because of the continued safety concerns of voting during the COVID-19  pandemic, the Governor has signed an executive order to expand the narrow absentee criteria for the upcoming June 23rd Primary and Special Election to include the potential for contraction of COVID-19.

This order was also requested and supported by the bipartisan NY State Election Commissioners’ Association. This will give all Genesee County registered voters the option of requesting an absentee ballot.

To vote by absentee ballot, you need to fill out an absentee application. To get an absentee application;

  1. Call our office at (585) 815-7804 – Please leave a detailed message. Our staff is working from home half of the week for social distancing safety, so you may not be able to speak directly, but we will make sure your call is returned within two business days.
  2. Print application by going to our website. Go to the dropdown "departments" and go to "elections." Application is half way down on left side of Elections homepage. Address to mail back application is on the bottom of the instruction page.
  3. Email request to:

During these difficult times our mission right now is to keep the public, candidates and poll workers informed of any changes and to advocate for the safest election process for both the voters and our election workers.

Genesee County Board of Elections Commissioners -- Dick Siebert and Lorie Longhany

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