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Curious volunteers wanted for City's Zoning Board of Appeals

By Billie Owens
Nov 11, 2015, 1:10pm

Press release:

Why in the world is there a business sitting next to two private homes in the City? Why do the City’s code enforcement officers allow one property owner to build onto a structure and yet deny another? If these are the kind of questions you find yourself asking as you drive through the City of Batavia, you may be the perfect person to fill an opening on the City’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).

The ZBA needs City residents who are curious about and interested in zoning regulations as it relates to buildings and structures.

The ZBA is responsible for hearing and determining appeals of refusals of building permits or certificates of occupancy when the denial is based on zoning requirements. The ZBA has the authority to change the application of the zoning regulations relating to buildings and structures and helps to address practical difficulties and unnecessary hardships to ensure proper zoning in the City.

The board meets once a month and requires a time commitment of approximately 12 hours per year of its volunteers. Residents interested in applying can obtain an application from the City Clerk’s Office or can visit our website at and download a Committee/Board Volunteer Application under Documents.

Applications are due to the City Clerk’s Office by Nov. 30.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the City Clerk’s office at (585) 345-6305 or:

Office of the City Manager

One Batavia City Centre

Batavia, New York 14020

Phone:   (585) 345-6330

Fax:     (585) 343-8182

E-mail:   [email protected]

Ricky G. Hale

Why do you have to be a city resident? I would think that if you own property in the city, own a business in the city, employ people in the city, spend most of my day in the city, and pay (a whole lot of) taxes to the city; I ought to be eligible. But because I live just outside the city, I am not.
That's okay, I don't want to be on the crummy board anyways. Most of the city's rules and regulations are all a bunch of b/s.

Nov 11, 2015, 4:05pm Permalink
Tim Miller

They should allow property owners and business owners as well as residents. All of those can be adversely affected by zoning changes.

(Sorry, but you don't buy rights to determine how a city is run just by spending time or money there - need more skin in the game than that)

Nov 12, 2015, 11:21pm Permalink
Kyle Couchman

Ricky is right... If you own property or a business that should entitle you to eligibility. As for the rest of Ricky's rant, well you get the Govt you deserve Ricky, if you have issues with the rules and regs or think the board is ineffective, and then just don't try then YOU are part of the problem. If you feel strongly enough to speak then you should also be willing to do as well. To say it's not worth it and just do nothing is an abdication of responsibility and what empowers gov't to roll right over you and other who know the system is broken but want someone else to take the action to "Fix" it.

Wanting beneifits without working for them, isnt that what we criticize people that use social services for?

Nov 13, 2015, 7:07am Permalink

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