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Elba Volunteer Fire Department exploring money-making options, but Onion Festival is history

By Billie Owens

The nearly 80-year-old Onion Festival held in Elba every summer is already just a memory.

Proceeds from it helped pay for Elba's fire equipment and supplies. Now what?

"We are going to look at other money-making options," said Elba Fire Department President Ken Miller this morning. "But without rides, without a car raffle, can you call it the Onion Festival? We haven't decided 100 percent what we're going to do, what we can do. But the festival is done."

What, if anything, will take place there in mid-August has yet to be decided. Miller said the board of directors for the all-volunteer fire company will meet and discuss the situation in a couple of weeks.

More and more, ride operators are skipping the small-town events that last a couple days, like the one in Elba, and sticking with bigger venues where they can turn a profit after they pay for insurance, wages and others costs of doing business. The result for places like Elba is fewer attendees -- not enough to buy tickets, only sold locally, to raffle off a new car.

Other little fire companies are facing similar circumstances.

Assemblyman Steve Hawley has introduced legislation to allow charitable organizations holding raffles to accept checks and credit cards and to allow them to advertise raffle tickets online, thereby boosting sales and reaching more people. Hawley is also going to introduce a constitutional amendment to allow nonprofit organizations more fundraising flexibility.

Cheryl Wilmet

Maybe Stafford and Elba could combine their festival/carnival and split the proceeds. Bigger event could help the ride companies earn more. Just a thought.

Mar 21, 2016, 1:22pm Permalink
Brian Graz

With Darien Lake Amusement Park so close by, the need for small town carnivals with rides is a has-been. Too little revenue for the amount of work for the FDs. Town of Batavia has the right idea, a beer tent, band, food, and a local raffle [car or guns], that's the money makers.

Plus EFD has always been noted for it's Beef on Weck, so instead of a Sunday Chicken BBQ, have a Sunday Roast Beef Day, eat in or take out; Hot Roast Beef Sandwich w/gravy and FF, or Beek on Weck w/FF [keep it simple].

Just some thoughts.

Mar 21, 2016, 6:01pm Permalink

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