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Local Census committee reports possible scam

By Billie Owens

A notice from the (U.S. Census) 2020 Complete Count Committee about a possible scam:

At our last meeting there was a discussion about a number of individuals receiving postcards for the 2020 Census, with some saying it seemed to be a pre-census survey.

Susan Perry from our regional Census office states there is NOT A POSTCARD relating to the 2020 Census currently being mailed.

Additionally, It also seems to be unrelated to the American Community Survey (ACS), which occurs each year, as those recipients would be receiving a lengthy form, not a postcard.

However, LOCAL CANVASSING IS CURRENTLY OCCURRING to confirm addresses but those are done in person, and individuals conducting the survey should have appropriate identification.

Perry is not aware of the canvassers leaving any postcards when residents are not at home. Perry said she believes they instead return in person at a later period to conduct those surveys.

The initial correspondence for the 2020 Census will be a LETTER that will be mailed out in March. This letter will have the website and phone number which you may use to fill out the form, as well as a secure 12 digit code to verify your identity.

When asked what the letter and subsequent postcards will look like, the Census Office is not sure if they have a public image of it to be released beforehand as that may actually encourage more fraudulent materials being sent out.  

If you or your representative receives one of these POSTCARDS, send it to:

Derik A. Kane, Senior Planner, CNUa

Genesee County Department of Planning
3837 W. Main Street Road
Batavia, NY 14020-9404

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