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Logan is on the lam and Alexander owner is looking for him

By Billie Owens

This photo was taken of poor lost "Logan" a couple years ago sporting a smart Christmas kerchief. His owner, Vicki Manns, said he looks pretty much the same these days, even though he's a whopping 14 years old. Lucky for him.

What's not looking lucky is Logan's chance of survival if he's not soon found. The Alaskan malamute-husky mix is blind and very nearly deaf. He requires three different medications: one for hip dysplasia; one to balance the pH of his urine; and another for his thyroid, which also staves off potentially deadly seizures.

Logan got out of his pen at 10453 Brookville Road in Alexander yesterday, July 3, at about 11 a.m.

"I was mowing his pen and, unfortunately, I left the gate open and forgot I left it open, and out the door he went," Manns said this afternoon.

Manns has contacted and informed people at the Genesee County Animal Shelter as well as the Wyoming County Animal Shelter.

"I am completely lost without him," Manns said emphatically. "He's my comfort, my companion. He kind of saved me. ...from bad relationships, and I saved him."

Logan and his sister had a nice home until a motorcycle accident killed their owners. They were split up and Logan "went to live with the bad side of the family" and they abused him, according to Manns. The final straw came when his new male owner claimed the dog swiped a candy bar from one of children in the family and he threatened to shoot the dog.

A relative took Logan to a rescue facility in Orchard Park (Erie County) and surrendered him, and he was adopted at age 6 by Manns.

Her new BFF loved the outdoors and brisk walks, and Manns discovered his favorite treat and indulged him -- with carrots.

Logan is "not a repeat offender" with a history of running off and he hasn't been on the lam in a "really, really, really long time," Manns said, because he's too old to get around much anymore.

But nonetheless, he's off somewhere and Manns is at sea emotionally this Independence Day.

So if you see Logan, please phone or text her at (716) 435-0854.

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