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Man falls out of seventh-story window at 400 Towers

By Billie Owens

A man reportedly fell from a seventh-story window at 400 Towers, located at 400 E. Main St. in the City of Batavia. The patient is on the ground, unresponsive. City Fire Department, police and Mercy EMS are responding.

UPDATE 3:03 p.m.: City fire is back in service. A person on the outside who saw the man fall is being interviewed by authorities. The man who fell has no identification on him. The window screen was not removed, rather, it tore open when he fell.

UPDATE 4:29 p.m.: The victim of the fatal fall has been identified by police as William Hastings. He lived at 400 Towers and was born in 1960.

Tim Howe

No disrespect meant here and this might be kind of morbid, but does our girl Bea have the inside scoop? Were you around when it happened Bea?

About 20+ years ago when i was a kid my grandmother (who lived at the towers) was CONSTANTLY yelling at all of us grandkids to stop playing on the window sill. The screens were very flimsy. Ironically she lived on the 7th floor too.

Jun 12, 2012, 7:56pm Permalink

I realize this man was disabled...but I know that older people have balance problems and suffer a fall or two now and then. Having had a grandmother and great aunt living at the Towers, I thought many times of having some kind of safty device on the windows. Some type of bars maybe...about half way up. Something decorative...not like a jail. Just a thought......

Jun 12, 2012, 11:28pm Permalink
Susan Kennelly

My mom lives on a higher floor at the towers and when I heard about this yesterday afternoon it really freaked me out. I never gave it much thought but I agree with Richard, the higher floors should have something on the windows for safety reasons.. (and as you said.. it doesn't have to look like a jail) Maybe even something on the inside that would prevent them from getting to close to the window. It's something they should think about.

Jun 13, 2012, 12:27pm Permalink

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