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Police incident reported on Washington Avenue in the city

By Billie Owens


Multiple city police units are on scene and officers have guns drawn after a gun was thrown out of a car at 317 Washington Ave. No further information.

More T/K.

UPDATE 5:24 p.m.: According to Sheriff's Office Sgt. Andrew Hale, a suspect vehicle in a string of recent burglaries "all over" was spotted by a marked Sheriff's patrol car traveling on Washington Avenue with two occupants. Sheriff's Investigator Christopher Parker, working patrol, turned around and followed the vehicle, which turned into a driveway randomly in an attempt to elude the Sheriff's unit. (By coincidence, it happens to be the residence of County Manager Jay Gsell.) One of the occupants threw out a 22-caliber semi-automatic pistol in an attempt to ditch the weapon. It was never pointed at anyone and no threat was made. The occupants did not attempt to flee. Two brothers, one age 19 and the other age 14, were transported to the Sheriff's Office for questioning. If charges are brought, more information will be released by law enforcement, Hale said.

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