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United Way's 2019 campaign total is $351,676 and will aid 27+ GC programs and agencies

By Billie Owens

Press release:

The United Way of Genesee County announces its 2019 campaign total as $351,676. Through these donations, subsidies have been granted to 27 programs within Genesee County; to include numerous additional agencies who will receive funding via donor designations.

During the 2019 campaign celebration breakfast on June 28th, the following were honored for their dedication to the United Way:

  • Top Hat Award (for the highest workplace campaign) -- O-AT-KA Milk Products
  • Agency of the Year (for being the phoenix of agencies) – YWCA
  • Barber Conable Award (for exemplary commitment to the community) -- Genesee County Employees and Government
  • Volunteer of the Year (for her 13 years of unfaltering loyalty) -- Theresa DeMars

Acts of Valor awards were given to these Knights in Shining Armor, as they came to the aid of the United Way to find a solution for an immediate need that had been brought to the United Way’s attention:

  • Julie Gill from Home Depot
  • Gregory and Joan Post from Greg Post General Services
  • Jaylene Smith-Kilner from Habitat for Humanity
  • Tim Adams and Steven Foster from the Red Osier Landmark Restaurant

Liberty Pumps and the employees of Genesee County were the second and third highest workplace campaigns this year. Whereas, the late Rick Ensman and Bill and Barb Schreiber were the highest individual contributors.

The United Way of Genesee County is extremely grateful to all who participated in this year’s campaign. The lengthy list of workplace and individual donors is heartwarming and proves that so many are invested in the wellness of our community.

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