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GOP blocks legislation to award seniors $250

By Bea McManis

The GOP does it again.

GOP blocks legislation to award seniors $250

"Barbara Kennelly, president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, said it was a "cruel irony" that while Congress and White House were negotiating a deal extending huge tax cuts to wealthy Americans, "today we're told that providing $250 for America's seniors and their families is considered too generous."

The $250 payment bill is H.R. 5987.


Peter O'Brien

So your angry that you weren't given money that you didn't earn.....

The cost of living allowance is tied to inflation is it not? So why should you get more?

"COLAs are set automatically each year by an inflation measure that was adopted by Congress in 1975. More than 58 million retirees, disabled people and surviving family members receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income checks. The average monthly check is $1,072.

The increase for 2009 was 5.8 percent, the largest in 27 years. It was triggered by a sharp but short-lived spike in gas prices to above $4 a gallon in the summer of 2008. By law, the next increase in benefits won't come until consumer prices as a whole rise above what they were that summer."

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Peter O'Brien

"The measure was brought up under a fast-track procedure in the House that required a two-thirds majority for passage. The 254-153 vote in favor of the bill fell short of that."

Why didn't Nancy do it through normal procedure that only needs a simple majority? Because she is trying to ram though as much legislation as she can even though she doesn't have the support of the people. Not that it would have passed in the Senate anyways...

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Lori Silvernail

This isn't about Bea McManis, it's about ALL seniors living on Social Security.

Imagine yourself one day, 80 years old and unable to go out and find some way to earn a few extra dollars to supplement your lousy stinkin Social Security. It will happen one day, count on it.

Two years without a COLA, rising heating costs, and insane medication costs. What is a senior supposed to give up, eating? Get over your issue with Bea and think about some senior citizen you actually care about...that is, if you have any heart whatsoever.

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John Roach

The lack of a COLA also means federal retirement, such as the Military. did not get an increase for the past two years. Why was only SS considered?

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Peter O'Brien

I have 3 grandparents left and they are doing just fine, because they planned well.

And it wasn't just about Bea, the points I made are valid.

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Lori Silvernail

John, I'm not sure what you're asking. I'm only responding to Bea's original post. I'm all for military pensions being increased, as well.

Peter, well bravo for your relatives brilliance with their planning. Things can change in the blink of an eye, and there's no way to plan for everything that can happen to deplete resources. Get back to me in a couple of years and let me know how they're still thriving and living the good life.

Your first sentence, "So your angry that you weren't given money that you didn't earn....." told me this was personal. I've been around The Batavian long enough to know how many people feel about other posters.

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Bea McManis

Dan Jacoby, on TheAlbanyProject, doesn't give the Democrats a pass on this one. Neither do I.

Republicans voted to raise everyone's taxes
by: Dan Jacoby
Sat Dec 04, 2010 at 11:51:16 AM EST
Two days ago, 168 House Republicans voted against the bill that would extend Bush-era tax cuts for incomes up to $200K for individuals and $250K for couples. Today, Senate Republicans joined their House colleagues.

While the tax cut bill won in the House, it lost in the Senate, because it couldn't get 60 votes for cloture.

Why did it lose? For the same reason Democrats lost the election last month. It has nothing to do with the economy -- it's all about the message. Democratic "leaders" have their heads so far up their asses that they can't devise a winning message.

I humbly submit the following, winning message: Republicans voted to raise everyone's taxes.

We need to shout it from the rooftops. More importantly, we need to shout it to our elected officials. Senator Schumer's DC phone number is 202-224-6542, and Senator Gillibrand's DC phone number is 202-224-4451. Call them on Monday and demand that they start spreading the winning message.

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Bea McManis

Posted by Lori Silvernail on December 9, 2010 - 9:28am's about ALL seniors living on Social Security.

Two years without a COLA, rising heating costs, and insane medication costs. What is a senior supposed to give up, eating?

Thank you for getting it.
Every year, especially in the northeast, there are seniors who have to make tough decisions on where their money will be spent. Many of them not only receive social security, but also pension checks.
No one can say with absolute confidence that a catastrophic disease won't deplete their savings. It happens. Insurance only covers just so much, then you are on your own.
Granted, that $250 won't go a long ways, but it might make the difference in the decision making process. Housing? Food? Medicine? Heat? Which is most important?
In this "only for me" generation, there is callous disregard for those who 'earned' their benefits by working their entire adult life.
Perhaps they will refuse social security when the time comes, but I doubt it. At that time they will tell you that THEY earned it. Ironic isn't it?

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