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Trial for accused burglar of Holland High Lift reset for June 14

By Billie Owens

Michael L. Jackson -- accused of burglary, grand larceny, criminal mischief and tampering with a witness -- was in Genesee County Court this afternoon after his attorney, Public Defender Gary Horton, requested a hearing to reschedule the trial.

On Sept. 3, Jackson posted a $10,000 bond and got out of jail. His trial was set for April 19. Because of a case-schedule conflict, Horton asked Judge Robert Noonan to reschedule Jackson's case.

The judge agreed to the request and it is now on the calendar for 9:30 a.m. on June 14. District Attorney Lawrence Friedman had no objections for the People. At trial, the People will be represented by Assistant District Attorney William Zickl.

The scruffy-looking, sleepy-eyed defendant sat alone in the gallery, wearing a striped, short-sleeve polo shirt and faded, baggy jeans with tattered hems. But he was well ahead of his appointed time. 

According to the Grand Jury indictment, Jackson is charged with a count of burglary in the third degree, two counts of grand larceny in the third degree, and two counts criminal mischief in the second degree. He's also charged with tampering with a witness in the fourth degree.

Now an Oakfield resident, he's accused breaking into Holland High Lift, 10033 East Road, Bethany. He allegedly stole a 42-inch Viewsonic flatscreen television, a Samsung 22-inch flatscreen television and a Sony digital camera. He also allegedly stole a 2005 Ford Supercab 250. Jackson also allegedly damaged an office window, a display case, light fixtures, drywall, a motorcycle, computer equipment and an overhead door. He also allegedly damaged the Ford truck.

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