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Smoking tax revenue down in NYS

By bud prevost

NEW YORK (AP) -- New Yorkers have set a record low smoking rate for the state as reports show a slight rise in cigarette smoking nationwide.

A state Health Department spokeswoman said Friday that only 16.8 percent of New York state residents say they smoked in 2008, the lowest adult smoking rate on record for the state. Last year's state smoking rate was 18.9 percent.

The spokeswoman says officials credit the reduced smoking rate on a state cigarette tax hike last year, laws against indoor smoking and a campaign to stop smoking.

A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey released Thursday showed just under 21 percent of Americans currently smoke cigarettes. That's a slight increase from the 19.8 percent who say they smoked the year before.


I have a good idea Guv. Let's give a carton of cigarettes to all school age children. This may encourage them to form a habit, and NY will benefit from the increase of tax money coming in. ( this is sarcasm for those that need an explaination)

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