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Wasting Federal Tax Money

By bud prevost
Jun 15, 2010, 12:21pm

So, I took the time one fine afternoon to visit a staffer from Rep. Chris Lee's office at the Leroy village hall. I expressed to him my desire to have any mailings from Rep. Lee stopped, and I further requested he explain the need for 3 fully staffed offices. This nice young man went on to speak politically, and bash the current administration, all the while extolling the virtues of his boss. He never really did give me a straight answer. That tells me one day he'll make a fine politician himself.

In any case, after the personal appeal, and a mailed request to stop this waste of tax dollars, I received another self-serving, egotistical "pamphlet" in the mail, in which Rep. Lee pats himself on the back for asking Congress to pass a bill extending tax credits to people getting a US passport. I normally would just toss such "junk-mail", but I took a closer look this time. In small print in the corner, it explained this mailing was produced, and delivered to all for less than the price of a stamp. Really? That seems remarkable given the quality and size of the mailing. So why if this can be done, why is everything else in government so expensive? We're all familiar with the $800 hammers, and the $3000 toilets, and the $300,000 FEMA trailers. What is different? I hope to find out someday.

Republicans and Democrats are equally culpable for the insane waste in Washington, and We the People need to speak up loud and clear! Stop expanding government, and stop burying the citizens with taxes that just get mismanaged anyway.

Tim Howe

One of the many problems is that most if not all politicians come from and have money....alot of it. What we need is someone to get into office that knows what its like to live paycheck to paycheck and really watch where thier $$ goes. Someone who gets physically ill when they look at all the deductions in thier check every week. Someone who if they were elected would have thier new politician paycheck be a huge raise for them and not just a supplement to the wealth they already have.

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John Roach

I called Lee's office and asked that my number be taken off the robo phone calls from him. After being assured there would be no more, of course, I got another call.

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bud prevost

And John, this is just one congressman. Multiply the waste by 535, and you have a lot of money being paid for junk mail. And the worst part is, most of this crap is just self congratulations and ripping on the other side.
Real productive stuff

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Bea McManis

Chris Lee said, at his town hall meeting, that he was NOT a politician and if anyone labeled him as one then he would pack his bags and leave Washington.
Gee, his mailings sure seem to be the stuff politicians do all the time.
I wonder if he is accused of being a politician, he'll really pack his bags and give up his seat?

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