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Vote Today to Maintain High Quality in Batavia's Schools

By Patrick D. Burk

Here is hoping that you all get out and support your school districts today.  Across New York State it is School Voting Day with all district's putting  up Board Members, Budgets and Projects for Voter Approval.  I am looking forward to a very positive result.  I am convinced that the people in Genesee County really do support the education of our children.

In Batavia, two incumbent Board of Education Members are up for Re-Election.  Steve Hyde, who served one year on an unexpired term and Wayne Guenther who has served previously as well as the past three years, are both up for re-election.  Both are wonderful members who deserve your support.  They are thoughtful and they support kids.  They are two very fine members of this wonderful City of Batavia Board of Education that proves time and time again that they support the best of educational programs for all of our children.

We also need to carry the 60% threshold on the Technology Project.  This is on the ballot to enhance the District's current award winning technology program, increase security through technology and establish a wireless system that upgrades our current classroom capabilities.  This project will be paid with sources of revenue other than current tax revenue and state aid.  It also replaces the damaged work station at the Board of Education Office... with some help from our insurance company.

Also on the Ballot is the approval of the Student Representative on the Board of Education.  This is an important part of our local Board of Education and we have had some wonderful representatives on our Board.  It is my hope the Public will approve this once again. 

Last but certainly not least is the budget which reduces the taxes by 2% and maintains and in some cases enhances current programming.  I can tell you that it is a solid budget and well thought out.  I think it once again is very progressive in nature and insures that our positive educational system is maintained.  Your support is much appreciated.

Reminder that Pagent of Bands is this weekend in Batavia.  What a wonderful program for our city and our students.   Please also remember Ron Davies in your thoughts and prayers...what a wonderful teacher.... It saddens me to here of his passing as a result of a long fight with cancer.  My heartfelt sympathy to his family and his life partner.



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