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Learning Batavia

By Chelsea O'Brien

So, as Peter and I have time, we've slowly started to explore Batavia. We're both from the Hilton/Spencerport area, and do not really know the good places to go and who to call when we need stuff.

One of our first discoveries was Main Street Pizza last summer, and we love getting pizza from there. We order a large and bring it home to eat it for days. The coupons in the penny saver are great, too.

We've been shopping at Neptune Gardens for a while now, for all of our fish. While some supplies are limited, the fish we buy from there generally last and are quite healthy.

This past Wednesday, I got out of work early, and we decided to go out for a bite to eat. We hit up T.F. Brown's. It was terrific. Peter got corned beef and cabbage, and I got a personal pizza, and we got wings for a starter. We'll definitely be going back.

This morning we wanted something quick and easy for breakfast, and so we debated between Settler's and Miss Batavia, and chose Miss Batavia. We were in an out in less than an hour and the food was great! We both got great meals, with good portions and prices. We'll be back, and even will recommend it when we have people in town.

I think as we explore more, I'll post about our experiences. Many of our ideas about where to go comes from local advertising, such as The Batavian. We also got a few ideas from the place mat ads at Miss Batavia. While we may not know a lot of people, I'm hoping the more the explore, the more we find places to go where we might be able to meet more people.

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