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Royal Rangers host pinewood derby

By daniel cherry

Today at 8:30 am was the annual Outpost 42 pinewood derby. Jimmy Left and Daniel right on the top photo placed 1st and second in adventure Rangers class.The second image is the wegh in.The cars must be 5.5 ounces or less.Whew lucky ours were less.The 3rd picture down is prims class.The last image is "the finish".The cars are moving at lightning speed.Thanks to all who made this possible for the children and young adults .We do appreciate it...dan

Dave Olsen

Some good lookin' cars, one kind of looks like a pick-up truck. I remember doing this with my dad and again with my son in Cub Scouts, good fun.

Mar 21, 2010, 9:31am Permalink
George Richardson

I was a cub scout den leader for one year. I made them call me Akela. They were wild animals who peed out of the window of my son's treehouse. The worst one was the son of a Texas State Trooper. The annual Scout Parade down Congress Ave. made it all worthwhile, but one year was plenty.

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daniel cherry

Mr Olsen thanks for the comment.These cars are different from the pinewood derby for scouts.The ones for scouts have nails to hold on the wheels.These have wooden dowel axles with screws.Make it a little more challenging..dan

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