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St. Paul Lutheran School celebrates National Lutheran Schools Week

By Ethan Thompson

Every year St. Paul Lutheran School in Batavia celebrates “National Lutheran Schools Week”. It is a week dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of Lutheran schools across the nation. This year St. Paul chose to make their theme “Numbered with the Saints.” So every day this past week they have had events that had to do with numbers and math. Yesterday the children invited their grandparents to come to the school to see what their usual day is like and also performed a play for them. Today was “The Math Olympics”. Each of the fourth and fifth grade students ran a different station which had to do with some kind of math. Then the younger children teamed up and went around to compete in each “event.” At the end of the day the team with the most points won a prize of treats and goodies.

The video below gives a quick glance at what the afternoon was like.

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