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Christmas lights 12-11-08

By Brian Hillabush
Dec 11, 2008, 9:01pm

 The Batavian will be posting at least one photo of a house in Genesee County decorated with Christmas lights each day until Christmas.

Our first post is a fantastic example of a well decorated home. The house, located on at the corner of Eugene Street and Fordham Drive in Batavia, had lights on all sides of the house and must have taken hours to set up. It is well worth the short drive to check this one out.

Brian Hillabush

I was going to head out there last night but forgot where he lived. I'm going to hit it up soon.

As far as tips, I'm still learning myself Abbie. I've been shooting mostly sports for the last year and last night was my first attempt at shooting christmas lights. I'm sure I'll get better as I go out more. Here is an interesting blog I found today that will hopefully help my next batch be even better.

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Steve Ognibene

There is on on Vine St. around the chase/fisher park corners that is really nice for a small property.
Has a sleigh running along the side of the house.

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Brian Hillabush

Thank's Steve, I might go check that one out. I'll be doing this for the rest of the month.
There will be a really nice feature on lights that I am either doing later tonight or tomorrow when I get up.

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